The next set of Premier League Live TV games will be announced on Thursday 19 October.

The Premier League released a schedule at the start of the season, stating when they (roughly) intended to release each set of televised matches, with December 2017 and January 2018 games set to be revealed on or around Thursday 12 October.

So it will be a week later than we were originally led to believe AND the 19 October announcement will only cover Premier League Live TV games in early December.

A meeting was held in London earlier today, with the FSF (Football Supporters Federation) and fan representatives of various Premier League clubs, meeting PL Chairman Richard Scudamore.

After being quizzed on the issue of games chosen for Live TV, the FSF report that Scudamore confirmed that no game will be played at 4pm or later on Christmas Eve.

However, all the signs are that there will be Live TV matches earlier that day, though the PL Chairman wouldn’t confirm or deny that.

He did though confirm that the first few weeks of December’s Premier League Live TV games will be announced on 19 October BUT it will be a week later when fans discover what has or hasn’t been decided for Christmas Eve and the rest of December, as well as January.

So Newcastle fans won’t find out until over two weeks time as to whether West Ham v NUFC has been moved to Christmas Eve from the day before.

In addition, the FSF reveal that Richard Scudamore has also confirmed that there are no Premier League matches set to be moved to Sunday mornings or nights, at least for the foreseeable future.

However, he has said that there are set to be an increased number of live TV games to be shown in midweek and on Bank Holidays in the future.

The FSF (Football Supporters Federation) via Twitter:

“FSF led 20 fan reps into meeting with Premier League Chief Executive Officer Richard Scudamore this morning. TV rights, KO times, standing, security.

“At today’s PL/FSF Fans Group meeting, Richard Scudamore commits to no 4pm Kick-off or later on Christmas Eve. 

“December PL TV picks will be announced 19 Oct but Xmas Eve games & beyond take another week to confirm. 6 week notice period to meet.

“Richard Scudamore commits to no PL TV KOs on Sunday mornings/nights. More midweek & Bank Holiday games broadcast. Multiple TV KOs at same time.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    ” I can neither deny or confirm”
    that means a strokes on the cards

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    So a week later than promised with train fares through the roof. No team has every game on Sky or B.T just us. Swansea, Brighton and Southampton all at four on a Sunday away then Burnley on a Monday. The people from Sky have always been hard but never like this, not one Saturday away game before December at 3.00pm
    and probably none all season the Premier League is a disgrace for not doing anything about it. However Christmas Eve is fine as no work for most people.

  • steve pearce

    Another boring egotistical Graham Porter article. Those in the know can enjoy EVERY Newcastle game in the comfort of their own home – but I won’t let on as that would deprive poor Graham of his very reason for existence…..