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Classic Sunderland fans comments – At what stage do Newcastle fans feel sorry for them…?

4 years ago

At what point do you feel sorry for Sunderland fans?

The answer for most Newcastle supporters is no doubt ‘never’.

However, after their latest pathetic performance, laughing at them is a bit kicking something that died a very long time ago.

A lucky 1-1 draw at home to QPR kept them second bottom but even rock bottom Bolton are now showing signs of life despite having to cope with promotion and a transfer ban throughout most of the summer, the Trotters beating Sheffield Wednesday today.

The fans are deserting by their thousands and despite the club announcing today’s attendance as 26,066, most of their supporters appear to think this is fantasy, with more like only 18,000 inside the Stadium of Light today.

Sunderland fans commenting via their Ready To Go (down again this season) message board:

‘I went today. First time since the Leeds match and it was quite a surreal experience.

Stadium about 1/3rd full and very quiet.

They scored and there was no real anger around where I was in the East Stand, we equalised and their wasn’t the unbridled joy that a goal usually brings either.

In fact a lot of people didn’t even bother to get off their seats to celebrate.

We could have done with winning today with the other teams down the bottom as well. Draws not good enough now.’

‘I don’t know how to describe it but there’s part of me hates Sunderland at the minute. There’s certainly nothing to like in going to the match or even supporting them at the minute.

Sad really.’

‘I’ve been infected since the 70s and still get the horrible feeling in the guts, when we concede and elation when we score.

Always will and with a bit of luck, we can survive Grayson’s management and not go down again.’

‘Be about 18k in reality.

‘Mags at work criticise our attendances. nowt against people who go but its stupid to spend so much money and get nowt for it. It is good to see fans stay away for once. weve been too loyal for too long.’

‘The club includes every ticket issued, including freebies, in their attendance. The reality is folks get free tickets but still don’t go.’

‘I’m surprised so many people go to watch that rubbish.

The mags are obsessed by attendances. They always have lots of them turn up but they’re usually mindless sheep who just follow the crowd.’

‘The stay away brigade waiting for Murray to resign.

Heard it all before.’

‘Sick of the sight of them and haven’t bothered to look for a stream for the match lately.

I’ve give up with the lot of them until things change within the club. More important things to spend money on.’

‘What the hell are you on about? Just can’t give credit can you?

Newcastle have excellent crowds yet they’re mindless sheep following the crowd!’

‘Even season ticket holders have stopped going. If the club continue to stick with Grayson, it will only get worse.’

‘Should be even less, no home win in 10 months man.’

‘Just really like Simon Grayson’s demeanour, not an ounce of arrogance about him.

Always seems to talk common sense in interviews.

I really think we’ve ended up with the ideal manager to develop our youngsters and guide us on to better times.’

‘I’m down to checking the scores casually now…’

‘I’ve been today, first time in ages. I felt virtually nothing.

Steele nearly messed up late on with a shot straight at him. I think I’d have probably laughed had it gone in.’

‘He’s damaged him like. Never seen someone so inept.’

‘Just checking the result wondering what to do with 2 season tickets.’

‘I can’t remember when we have been this bad. Wake me when the nightmare is over!’

‘I went shopping with our lass today. That’s how much I care atm.’

‘I always have felt, it’s always mattered, but lately I can’t get close.

Today I felt nothing at all at either goal and it’s awful. I loved this club.’

‘Walked around Durham checking my acca every now and then.

Speaks volumes when I’d rather be stood in Marks and Spencers deciding which bunch of flowers would look best on the dining table instead of listening/watching.’

‘It’s that bad people can’t even be bothered to boo.’


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