Burnley fans saw their team rise to seventh in the table on Monday night.

One goal against Newcastle in a game of few chances, enough to take all three points.

Burnley fans were stressing about losing Sean Dyche potentially to Everton but there is nothing quite like winning  football matches to lift the spirits.

Like Newcastle supporters nine days earlier, when you come away with a late winner then that tends to erase the memory of much that went before.

Many of the Burnley fans insisted they had enjoyed the game, though difficult to believe that many neutrals stuck with it.

The away allocation of tickets was quickly snapped up despite the Monday night TV move, the travelling support getting plenty of positive comments on both numbers and support to the team.

Burnley fans comment via their top Up The Clarets message board:

‘Atmosphere was poor.

Newcastle fans were great. Decent noise and a great following.

Not sure what’s gone wrong atmosphere wise. Very poor. Disappointing that there wasnt more recognition of Dyche tonight.’

‘Chill folks! Not many grounds in the country where you can say the home atmosphere is great!’

‘We are/were one of them though.

Got a bit tedious when we spent half of game mirroring anything Newcastle sang.

The only time we got going properly and got that gritty atmosphere going ….. We bagged a goal.’

‘Its Monday night, hardly anyone gets fired up for the game in the pub beforehand anymore. That edge between rival fans is no longer there,the football is functional rather than exciting. It usually takes a dodgy ref or a pantomime villain in the other team to get the fans going now.’

‘Thought the Newcastle fans showed us how to make a lot of noise tonight.’

‘But at home they make less noise than us!’

‘Had to laugh at the Geordies after the final whistle with reference to their thoughts about our little ****hole town !!

Err not noticed that we had beaten them had they ? Sounding a bit like the ‘mighty’ Leeds with their claim to be a superior club Ah bless!

Great win though.’

‘Thought atmosphere was very good for the first 20 minutes until it became another game of Chess. Think it’s general in football these days. Needs something reactive on the pitch to activate home support.

Geordies were good, some of the best supporters in the country.’

‘You didn’t hear a cheep out of the Newcastle fans after they went 1-0 down.’

‘Absorbing. like a chess game.

Newcastle were no mugs and have some good players. They were undone by the best move of the game and I was not bored in the least.’


Scrappy but that’ll do

We were the better side.’

‘I wish we had Shelvey. Wasted in this Newcastle team.’

‘At £80k a week, he can stay there.’

‘Everyone should watch that again. Some of the skill sets we showed were in the Barca mould. Not the finished article I admit but we have great back up on the bench for when injuries hit.’

‘I was thoroughly entertained.

Perfect Dyche performance. Final ball was missing at times for both sides but mistakes happen.

And 12 attempts for each side, 5 on target for each side, doesn’t add up to the borefest some folk are painting it to be.

If two of the top name sides play out a game like this it is described as a gripping, absorbing chess match. When two of the lesser lights play it out it’s described as a bore-draw. Unfair.’

‘I thought it was a good game, and though Newcastle shaded first half, thought we were deserved winners on our second half performance.’

‘It was men against boys out there – and we didn’t have our main strike force.’

‘We passed them off the park…yes we passed a premier team off the park.

Whilst our delivery into the box could have been better (bar 1) I thought we were excellent.

We missed Wood (obviously) and playing with one striker limits your touches in the penalty box….but I’m pinching myself this morning —- 16 points from 10 games.’

‘Thought Tarkowski and Cork had very good games in particular.

Another big 3 points. Not a classic game but very hard earned win. Onwards and upwards. UTC!

(And how good is Nick Pope?! He’ll feel hard done if Heaton comes straight back in for him!)’

‘I thought the goal summed things up perfectly. We had two of our centre midfielders in their box. I think our goal might’ve been the only occasion that happened. Well done Burnley, an excellent result.’

‘Excellent win. Expected no better than a draw tonight. Great for confidence.’

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Some of the skills we showed were in the Barca’ mould”. I was also involved in the pub quiz whilst watching (We won !) so sorry, I missed your free flowing,inspirational football in the bits of the match I saw.

    • Wor Lass

      Some of ours were in the Barcode mould!

      • Rich Lawson

        Funny !

  • TheFatController

    A lot of denial in those comments, unless you edited out any that referenced the impending approach for Dyche from Everton.

    Caragher was correct in saying there is no bigger job ever going to be available for dyche than Everton now. How can he get Burnley further than they are now? How can he not do better at Everton? The chance to manage Sigurdsson etc plus with their current emphasis on bringing youth through and scouting talent.

    Everton have had a bad few months but only an idiot would turn down managing a team with everton’s resources and a new stadium coming …Burnley’s only hope is Everton opt for allardyce as the man to keep them up in the short term.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Just been emptying my change jar,87p.Only another 13p to go then i might start bidding for a terraced house in Burnley.

    • Leazes Ender


      • Peaky Magpie

        Cheapest place to buy a house in England,apparently ?

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          it`s about what Hosselu would bring in the current market,
          he`s just another Duck Egg we won`t be able to offload

          • HarryHype59

            True, I wish we had kept Murphy and not bought the Stoke reserve.

      • Peaky Magpie

        Slow news day.I wonder if The Chronicle are making anything up ?

  • Stephen

    “You didn’t hear a cheep out of the Newcastle fans after they went 1-0 down.”

    That’s so true. It was the same at Huddersfield. What’s the matter? Are our fans so depressed by going a goal behind that they can’t rouse themselves to encourage the team to get an equaliser?

    OK, I’m watching from the comfort of my armchair. I haven’t gone to all that trouble and expense to get to Burnley on a Monday night. But isn’t that more of an argument for giving it a go when you’re there?

    For God’s sake, get behind the team and try and have a positive influence on the result.

    • Soldier

      If Newcastle go one chance chances are they lose, our attack is non existant

    • Michael Dobson

      Stephen a was there and we sang just as hard for the 15 or so mins after the goal. Even stayed 10 mins or so to sing about what a $hit hole Burnley was! But a didn’t here you from ya sofa pal so make the effort before slagging us off eh!!

  • Wor Lass

    I know Rich has already referred to it but, “Some of the skill sets we showed were in the Barca mould.” Ha ha ha h……………effing ha!

  • Down Under Mag

    Two sides basically in their first season back in the top flight after promotion and tactically set up to nullify opposition and cancelled each other out…was always going to be tight.

  • Andy Mac

    “You didn’t hear a cheep out of the Newcastle fans after they went 1-0 down”

    As I said last week via SM, we have to learn that supporting is all about being 1-0 down and turning up the volume