Burnley 1 Newcastle 0 – Monday 30 October 2017 8pm

Elliott 5 – Without doubt a good shot stopper, but there’s more needed from a goalkeeper, especially in the Premier League. Distribution was shocking all night long. Didn’t provide us with any confidence at the back.

Yedlin 7 – Brightest player, provided a decent outlet going forward. Sadly his final ball, like the rest of his teammates, was awful most of the night.

Lejeune 6 – Got a real test tonight and struggled to impose himself but did ok all round.

Lascelles 6 – Had an ok game but looks more comfortable next to Clark in my opinion. Still looked steady though.

Manquillo  5 – Really struggled defensively and offered little going forward on his right foot. Always prefer to have a left footer at left-back.

Shelvey 5 – Had a really quiet night and struggled to cope with the pressure he was put under by the Burnley midfield. Was constantly picking up the ball far too deep to have an impact on the game.

Diame 3 – Pretty shocking. Doesn’t ever really look like he knows what he wants to do with the ball. Incredible that he manages more than 70 minutes really. Memories of Geremi away to Scunthorpe tonight for me, not good enough for me at all.

Atsu 6 – I write this most games but he huffed and puffed to no avail. Found it hard to get any time on the ball, and when he did, the end product was predictably poor.

Ritchie 6 – An ever willing runner, can’t say anything wrong about his performance. The usual hard graft.

Perez 4 – Rafa can talk all day about how good he thinks he is but I’m not going to be persuaded. Useless again. To blame for the goal, too weak, not good enough. Just a shame the alternative is Diame…

Joselu 6 – We have come to expect a certain level from Joselu, which usually isn’t good enough, but he gives the team something. Just not a lot! A few half chances but never looked like he would take any of them.

Hayden 6 –  Should have started, quite bizarre that he didn’t really.

Murphy 5 – Put on to run at the defence and provide some pace (I assume), didn’t do either, still waiting for him to show us what he can do. Can’t see him getting a chance to do that any time soon.

Gayle N/A (Not on long enough) Says a lot about his fitness levels that he could only manage 5 minutes or whatever.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0


Burnley: Hendrick 74

Possession was Burnley 47% Newcastle 53%

Total shots were  Burnley 12 Newcastle 12

Shots on target were Burnley 5 Newcastle 5

Corners were  Burnley 5 Newcastle 3

Referee: Mike Dean

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Manquillo, Ritchie (Murphy 79), Shelvey, Diame (Gayle 83), Atsu, Perez (Hayden 76), Joselu

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Clark, Gamez, Saivet

Crowd: 21,031 (Newcastle 2,500)

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  • Phil Yare

    6 out of 10 is far to high for joselu who is looking like the worst striker we’ve EVER had. I would’nt have give him 2 out of 10 tonight. put it this way, if he played against newcastle every week i’d be over the moon. he scored 1 bumbled goal against west ham and a shockingly fortunate goal against liverpool.
    lets look at his abilities
    heading – 0
    pace – 0
    shooting 0
    hold up play 0

    his sidekick perez is not far off. how many goals do newcastle concede when perez loses the ball…but then again perez always loses the ball

    manquillo is truely awful. he has taken the santon role of being another square peg in a round hole, but he is worse than santon and actually looks like an ex mackem reject.

    • Phil Yare

      and sorry I missed out diame. but only because I have no words to describe him

    • Wor Lass

      I thought that was one of Manquillo`s better games!

  • Stevie

    If Joselu scores 5 goals this season I’ll be surprised. Not even getting into goal scoring positions or making runs of any sort. To rank him above Perez is just an indication of how anti Perez this site has become. Not to blame for the goal (that was Lejeune) and was actually the closest to scoring (in any way that requires technique). Not saying he was great, but not the worst.

    I still think this is a relegation battle. Two lucky goals (a rebound off Joselu’s ankle against Liverpool and off Merino’s head against Crystal Palace) flatter our position. We must have the worst attack in the Premiership. No wonder we don’t want the ball…

    • Bleeding Black & White

      Totally agree. Atsu got into the positions that Joselu should have taken up. He’s not an instinctive striker and doesn’t gamble into space in the box. He runs and works, but didn’t hold it up well, tonight, either. Perez was fouled in the lead up to the goal, had Shelvey run past him, instead of supporting and Lejeune was caught out of position. Murphy looks too nervous to settle into any rhythm and Gayle was given no time to make a difference. We’ll struggle to score goals with the players we have. The defence look well drilled and were unlucky, with that one mistake and I think Manquillo stopped the Iceland winger, for most of the game. Elliott made a great save, second half, but his distribution is slow and poor. It was a fascinating contest, with defensive tactics on show from both. Not great for the neutral who wants fast flowing, attacking football, but it’s how many teams play now. I think a draw would have been fair.

    • fistsofsteel2

      ….I’d be surprised if that waste of space ever scores a goal again. The few goals he’s scored for Newcastle were down to luck more than ability.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Is Rafa taking the proverbial playing Joselu, and Gayle, ahead of Mitrovic?

    What’s Mitro done? Has he ate the Benitez family dog? Had an affair with Rafa’s mum?

    Rafa’s stance on a young, promising striker with more prescence, and ability, than Joselu and Gayle combined is very puzzling.

    I hope Mitro goes in the transfer window and starts banging in goals left, right, and centre for a new club – and he will.

    • Carbine

      Raffas playing politics me thinks, he wants a quality striker so he can’t afford Mitro banging a few in so he is left out. Moreover if we are in the top 6 Ashley is more than happy as things are, so we go with very ordinary players perhaps happy with a draw

      • pedrodelgardo

        Rafa is trying to win points.

  • Whitehurst

    Was at the game last night and I don’t want to sound like a stuck record….but we’re a number 10 and a decent striker from being quite a decent outfit!! Solid at the back…..it’s just about the last 3rd. I like Perez’s endeavour and Joselu’s commitment….however, they just aren’t “cutting the mustard” in terms of reaching the next level required in the Premiership. Far too sluggish in attack….need to be more decisive and quicker in attack! Reiterate what we already pretty much know….oh to have a Morata type player, someone who can play as the lone striker, hold up the ball and knows where the net is. At present alas, we can only dream of buying such a player who will cost in excess of £35m to play this role. Also a top class holding player wouldn’t go a miss too!! Really missed Merino last night!! ☹️

    • Down Under Mag

      We don’t have a bad first choice team apart from the front threat as you said. I think Joselu and Perez put in the effort and do a good job with what they have to offer but they just don’t offer the threat needed. Can’t help but think that it will make such a difference having a more potent finisher up front, oh to have snatched up Batshuayi from Chelsea on loan before he started scoring this season. Not sure if Mitro could do much in the current setup though which defeats a lot of fans arguments about him playing, he is just too immobile for me and can’t play as a physical presence without getting himself sent off. Will have to wait and hope Rafa gets some cash to spend in the summer to push us on as we aren’t far short of being a better side than some would give credit for.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I wouldn`t give any player more than 5, they were pure Shyte,
    the the 3 Amigo`s Perez, Joselu & SloMo were a 1 and need to be benched then sold in the next window.

    • Peaky Magpie

      We would have been better off giving big Daryl a bash this season.

      • Paul Patterson

        Fully agree, he’d be a better option than Joselu.

  • Leicester Mag

    I worry if the takeover fails we are 2 key injuries away from free fall, especially given the negativity that would accompany it. Best keep fingers crossed because organisation alone won’t see us home.

    • Peaky Magpie

      You’re right and the bench didn’t look too brilliant last night either.Mitro & Aarons need to be involved at the weekend.But, they won’t be.

  • Damon Horner

    See the scapegoat(s) are largely identified.

    The teams not perfect but on balance we’re doing fine and will lose games.

    • Paul Patterson

      Agree in principal, but Diame, Joselu and Perez were painful to watch and have cost us again. We got away with it against Palace but not last night.

      • Damon Horner

        Really is harsh to judge against Burnley, we play similar ways to eachother and they’ve been doing it a lot longer than we have, comparatively, would you say Barnes, Hendrick (accepted he scored) and even Defour looked a lot better than our aforementioned counterparts? Marginally if so, the game seemed equal with neither attack excelling.
        The game itself was going to have the quality absolutely throttled out of it from the start, tackles and dispossession was rife on both sides.
        I think it’s clear we don’t have a great side, we probably all agree on that but it’s not going to work well if we take apart the very players we’re going to be relying on, whether we like them or not, Rafa might even have them on a training plan so we could see a bit more (more Perez and Joselu).
        As long as we take the bad with the good and survive this season, we can take the expected summer budgets of current or new regime and then really kick on.

        • Paul Patterson

          Yep, I just think that at this stage of the season, we’ve seen enough from Joselu, Perez and Diame to see what is obvious, in that they are holding us back big time.
          Even with Perez on last night we could’ve been ok IF we had a decent striker, NOT a great striker, just a decent one. Instead we have Joselu. Mitro must start on Saturday. A lot of wrongs can be righted if we beat Bournemouth.

  • Soldier

    We`ll never score goals with those two up front, it`s as simple as abc

  • steve pearce

    Far too generous!

    A big fat 3 for every man on that pitch in a black and white shirt. Nothing up front, nothing at number 10 and a goalkeeper who plays by the hoy and hope system. The worst performance so far this season and only our sale will provide the funds to fill the gaping gaps that were all too apparent in our line up.

    Must do better!

  • Dav

    An interesting comparison to Ryder’s ratings in the Chronic who largely blames the defence for our inability to score a goal.
    With Diame, Perez and Joselu on the pitch we effectively started the game with 8 men and had precious little strength in the middle of the field.
    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Rafa as much as anyone but I’d give him 2/10 for yesterday’s team selection, tactics and substitutions. He simply has to look beyond his favourites to come up with a winning formula for Saturday.

    • Paul Patterson

      The team was fine last night all the way up until the trio of Diame, Perez and Joselu.

  • 1957

    SloMo always reminds me of Des Hamilton and Fumaca, although neither of those had as many chances in the first team. I’d never thought of Geremi…

  • Shocking ratings, maybe we watched different games or you’re just clueless.