Ayoze Perez has been at Newcastle since the summer of 2014, when he was signed from Tenerife for a fee in the region of 1.5 million pounds.

The Spaniard going on to make 115 appearances and score 23 goals so far.

However, he divides fans like few others in the Newcastle team, with some thinking that he works hard for the team and creates space for others – which justifies his place in the team, whilst others believe that his lack of end product should see him dropped and replaced by someone else (possibly play Shelvey further up, or Ritchie moves inside allowing Murphy or Aarons a chance).

Either way, what cannot be denied about Perez is that the lad has talent, but needs to show it more consistently to warrant a place in this Newcastle team.

So far he has started every game of this Premier League season and contributed one goal and one assist, which in a 4-2-3-1 formation where the number 10 has to play a crucial role in both goals and assists, quite simply is not good enough.

I did see one video, which showed how Perez creates space for the other attackers, but personally speaking I believe Joselu does that much better than Perez. It is Ayoze Perez who should be taking advantage of the space created for him, by getting into goal scoring positions more often.

In our most recent game against Palace, Perez was awful, he lost the ball at every opportunity and did not link up well with the rest of the front four. It was no coincidence that Newcastle played a lot better when Perez came off, replaced by Diame who was busy on the ball and put himself about, making me think that he should start next week against Burnley.

Perez’ performance on Saturday was such a shame because in the previous game against Southampton he was actually very good, scored a nice goal and offered a threat in the time he was on the field. West Ham at home is also a performance that stands out with Perez – but apart from, that I feel he has been very average this season and though he wins the ball back well and presses the opposition defence, he offers nothing on the ball at the moment and maybe it is through lack of options that he is consistently starting.

Now, here is the conundrum part, because Ayoze Perez in his three years at Newcastle has shown some signs of quality. They indicate that this lad has some serious talent…think back to some of the goals he has scored and it’s hard to say that he doesn’t have talent – strikes against West Brom away, both Chelsea and Barnsley at home, were all excellent finishes.

We all must remember that he is only 24 and will hopefully continue to improve under the guidance of Rafa; I just feel that for now he may need to spend some time on the bench because currently he isn’t producing the goods, luckily for him and us the fans, the rest of the lads certainly are.

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  • TheNutJob

    His potential has never came to fruition, if an additional midfield player had of been added to the squad in the summer neither Perez or SloMo would have got a sniff at the starting 11.
    you can`t question his work rate but he goes down like a drunk in the Bigg Market on a weekend binge

    • Rich Lawson

      Odd flashes of brilliance,but you never know how he’s going to turn up on the day ? We need players who will put in a 100% every game and not disappear and I don’t think he is physically up to the prem’,replace in Jan’ a must.

  • uncle dave

    Just a thought – he gets picked by Rafa because he does the job he’s asked to do?

    • Damon Horner

      Simple as that. We have conceded less goals than all but the top three, this is in part down to how effective the front players are at nullifying attacks before they start. He isn’t in the team for his goals and assists primarily.

  • ghostrider

    Let’s get something into serious perspective.
    Perez might not have been pulling up trees in terms of how we think he should be but then again he isn’t doing as bad as is being made out, although his stats don’t show offensive mindset in terms of chances.
    However, as has been said, he works hard for the team and Rafa’s set up means that his overall attacking end product will naturally suffer, as will most, due to the way we are set up in many games.

    His biggest irritation for me is not releasing the ball when he goes on an attacking run, which generally sees him lose the ball.
    If he could just fine tune that he would look much better.

    Now here’s the key.
    We are not by any stretch of the imagination, a top team.
    We are a team that’s making it’s way back into the premier league under a different style and manager.
    Perez can be seen as a part of that effort to hold the fort, so to speak and can look less effective as is but could prove much more effective if the team was set up as attack minded, with the quality to actually be just that.

    95% of players can look less than effective in any position if the set up demands a change to their style.
    Just remember that Perez was lauded when we got him and can actually thrive as team/squad confidence grows.

    Of course we could do better but then again we can say that about the entire squad.
    The thing is, it’s horses for courses.

    When we start paying top dollar for top players we can then demand that bit extra.
    For what we get from the players we have, considering their cost, I’d say they are giving us value for money in terms of effort and application and desire.
    Basically they’re following the script set out for them, including Perez.

    Let’s keep walking before we start the jogging.

    • Damon Horner

      Agreed. Chances create goals and we are a team that neutralises games rather than out-create our opponents, if we have less shots he would naturally score less but the way we are setup Rafa places great emphasis on being clinical, he has often said in interviews we need to take our chances because they will be few, Perez shouldn’t be accountable for that defensive approach.

    • Mark Spark

      Ive had my disagreements with you,but that is a very good post and sums up my feelings about Perez,and put much better than I do as well

  • Viru leckworth

    Only 24? Don’t they peak at about 26/7?
    I don’t consider him a kid anymore, but he is still learning. A bit of an enigma yes and a poor display against Palace but a bargain considering what we paid for him.

  • Damon Horner

    Think the lad’s doing ok, he was a £1.5mil signing, are you expecting 30 combined goals and assists? we will improve on him as Rafa enhances his squad but with his efforts aligned with other members of the team we sit 7th, I’m happy with that this season.

  • Soldier

    work rate isn`t enough in the premiership unless of course you`re satisfied with a mid to lower league position, which in the past the owner has been very happy with.
    to many people on these forums see it as criticism of players where in fact all fans like myself want is progression.
    most only see the odd match on sky or bt or go by opinions voiced in the press if Perez or indeed Diame was the answer then why is Rafa determined to sign another attacking midfield player.
    the answer is simple, he doesn`t think the current one`s he has are good enough to take the club to another level.
    progress or die that`s the premier league

    • Mark Spark

      Sorry,you are incorrect about his work rate.The last opta stats I can find released at the start of oct has him 2nd in ground covered behind Ritchie

      • Mark Spark

        Also your dig about criticism of players,try making it genuine and based on fact in future and I wont call you out on it

        • Soldier

          do you actually go to the games, i guess not, your ignorance is only matched by your stupidity.

          • Mark Spark

            you havent responded to my point,maybe you just cant read?

  • steve pearce

    Sell him to the Makems for 50p in January as he’ll be the best player in League One next season,,,,,

  • Albert Stubbins

    A better player when he was younger. Like Benjamin Button who go younger Perez has gradually become worse over the years imo. No longer able to hold the ball up at all, Taking less and less wind to blow him over as the seasons go by, when last season it looked like he frequently had the boots on the wrong foot, now it appears he also has the wrong size to magnify the debilitating effect, A player who becomes confused the more options he has, please don’t give him any time or space on the ball as he will breakdown in front of you faced with the prospect most professionals love and the ball invariably winds up in Row z. Shouldn’t get anywhere near the first team, spent more time on his a*** than a toddler learning to walk last Saturday. Embarrassingly poor performance in a career of mediocrity and false promise. Cannot deliver on big stage and will never get quicker or stronger. The curious case of Ayoze Perez. The player who gradually became useless right in front of your eyes!!

  • Salty

    Considering Rafa was chasing players like Praet and Cairney over the summer (and probably others we don’t know about) then clearly he does not fancy Perez long term. Diame was bought for the Championship because Rafa didn’t think Perez could handle that campaign. He ws right about that even if Diame pulled up no trees (in fairness i don’t think Diame is an ideal 10 either)
    Perez seems a great kid, good professional and a credit to the club and himself. But my is he frustrating. I struggle to find many strengths. Not a great finisher (poor first shot at Southampton and got lucky with the rebound), no pace (don’t think i’ve seen him sprint or if i have it’s very slow), zero body strength and weak ball retention. Mor importantly he just doesnt play the 10 position very well- it should be the pivotal position for a counter-attacking team as Rafa has set up, he should be the outlet ball for aquick break between defence and attack. Too often he hides- just watch how many times he takes up position between bigger players where he can’t receive. If the ball goes right he takes up position on the left where he cant receive and then vice versa. And take a look at the gap between him and Joselu on the pitch- doesn’t play close enough which isolates Joselu who isn’t the best striker we wll ever have but feeds on scraps.
    No, Perez night be a lovely lad but expect him to be the first player replaced in January, expecially if the takeover goes through.

  • George

    Perez is not a great player, he lacks pace and his finishing is poor. He is lightweight and could do with some upper body work to build him up.

  • gallowgate26

    It’s not just that he lacks pace and strength (relatively important in England), he often wants an extra second on the ball that he doesn’t get here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to mainland Spain and did very well somewhere. I just can’t see it working out long term for him here, which is sad but I think Rafa is only playing him as the alternative is Diame (who actually turned the game somewhat against Palace).