Crystal Palace fans descend on Tyneside for Newcastle United’s next home match on Saturday 21 October.

The South London club appear to be on a mission to claim the title of worst ever Premier League team, ahead of past exploits of the likes of Derby County and Sunderland.

However, the local media (in South London) have been bigging up the response of Crystal Palace fans, praising them for outsinging Manchester United supporters when getting hammered 4-0 last weekend.

They also go overboard in praising them for being set to provide ‘another sellout crowd at Newcastle United’.

On Tuesday, Crystal Palace announced they had just under 200 unsold tickets remaining for the trip to St James Park, with the Croydon Advertiser (equivalent of the Chronicle) declaring ‘Palace supporters are proving their loyalty once again’.

Well some Palace supporters are proving their loyalty’ but not a lot of them…

In fact rather than a massive following, Crystal Palace are set to have one of the smallest away followings Newcastle supporters will see this season.

A check on the Newcastle United ticket website shows that impressively, there are only a handful of tickets still unsold to home (NUFC) fans. Plus, these tickets are, with only a few exceptions, in the sections where the away fans would normally be.

The stadium plan below shows the few areas where Newcastle fans can still buy tickets for the Palace match and they are in three of the sections usually reserved for visitors.

By the look of it, Crystal Palace fans look to have bought only around 1.200/1,300 tickets so far in the three sections their club did take, even less than Stoke managed to bring for the away game at Newcastle.

Fair play to those that are making the journey but a poor effort overall for a 3pm match on a Saturday afternoon.

crystal palace fans

Croydon Advertiser:

Crystal Palace could be backed by another sellout crowd at Newcastle United

Palace set to be backed by another large following away from home.

They may not have had much to cheer this season, but Crystal Palace fans are continuing to win praise for their support this season.

Palace fans were in superb form at Manchester United on Saturday, despite the result as the Eagles lost out 4-0 at Old Trafford – the Eagles’ seventh defeat in a row in the Premier League this season.

They sold out the away end and outsang their hosts for large periods, showing off their sense of humour with a couple of chants directed towards United fans in the closing stages.

And now, Palace supporters are proving their loyalty once again, with the club announcing that there are fewer than 200 tickets left for the Eagles’ trip to face Newcastle United on Saturday, October 21.

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  • Georgia Peter

    Look oot lads n lasses,” Croydon Boys Club” is coming to Toon to outsing wor lot….Well good luck with that,..! Lets show them some proper supporters eh..!

    • Mumbles

      Just out of interest, what is with the whole ‘Porciestreet’ thing?

      I mean, I get that it sounds like ‘Percy Street’ n all, but why? Just curious!

      • fenhammag

        cuz he’s away for a drink on porciestreet! ha

  • Grahame Johnson

    Palace fans have been canny lads and lasses on their visits up here 2 visits to Manchester then a trip to Newcastle in a short time sums up the madness of the fixture list, 3 trips to London for us in DEC and 2 of them in a row

  • anyobrien

    Mickey mouse club

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    For years Palace have travelled well but looks like thirteen hundred for them on Saturday an all time low for them up here on a Saturday. The only good news is that we have sold all the Palace tickets returned so far just waiting for any extras .


    Fair play to the 3 Palace fans I remember in the corner of the Leazes on wednesday march 31st 1982 for a boring 0-0 …………..

    • Grahame Johnson

      A lot of clubs brought less then 50 in the 80s

    • Albert Stubbins

      Thousands had invaded the home ends apparently. ;)

  • Paul Busby

    They’re going down

  • Toon

    The Mag constantly does the same towards NUFC fans. Sad article

    • Mumbles

      Exactly what I was thinking! The irony is clearly not lost here.

  • gallowgate26

    There were better away followings in the championship, where the likes of Brentford and Burton fans saw it as a prestigious fixture for their clubs and didn’t know when they might get the chance to visit SJP again. The novelty has worn off for clubs like Stoke & Palace.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I’m sorry but I cannot see the point to this article !
    I just don’t get why someone would take the time to write it because it has no bearing or any kind of relevance in the scheme of things.
    It just comes across as petty, Childish, Ill conceived and extremely pointless.
    It’s sad to take an article from a local newspaper which is clearly trying to rally the support during a difficult time and try to galvanise them only for some Newcastle fan to have a cheap shot on the back of it.

    If Palace go on to win this match you are going to look like a right Eartha Kitt !

    • Damon Horner

      Sounds a bit like football snobbery. “you think you have a nice car well take a look at mine!”.

      Like you say it is rallying support and giving rightful credit to their away following who have seen a really poor start. No mention of invasion or a fanbase comparison.

  • Andy Mac

    Presumably thats all the positive news their local rag can come up with ? 7 games 0 points, 0 goals and even Wrighty is distancing himself from the train wreck

  • Danimal

    Why all this nastiness? As real football fans (i.e. not plastic fans of the latest big thing) we should stick together. Cheers.

  • ShieldsCW

    Might not want to downplay the size of the crowd too much. Might be a bit embarrassing when that “tiny” crowd outsings your home fans.

  • Stephen

    Bravo the 1200/1300

  • grumpyoldmag

    Sam how old are you – two? What a pathetic diatribe and I wasted my time reading it because of the click bait title which I assume is mr Jensen’s doing. Well done Mark another click registered for your sponsors

  • Wor Lass

    I must say, I agree with the people criticising you for being petty here, Sam. We pride ourselves on being a big club despite the fact that we`ve won nothing worth mentioning for almost 50 years. Articles like this make us look like the caricature Northerners that we are portrayed as “daan Saarth”. We should be praising the 12-1300 stalwarts who are making the journey North despite the fact that their club is bottom without even scoring a goal, never mind winning a point. And that`s following two long away trips to Manchester recently. A lot of clubs would have had noone interested after all that. This doesn`t make me a Palace fan but a football dan who appreciates dedication to the team. At least you`ve stopped ranting about the Villa bedsheet!

  • Mal

    It’s articles like this that gives toon supporters a bad name. The author needs to get out more. Hopefully Palace fans don’t think this is the view of the majority of us. Their team is struggling at the moment, and they aren’t Sunderland, so as someone below said I don’t really know why you take the time to write such an article.

  • steve pearce

    Eh? – Palace fans are set to provide another sellout crowd at Newcastle?

    No that would be the Toon fans. You state that Palace have the smallest away following which is because their team is utter shyte. I really don’t see the point of this article and you should get behind Newcastle United as they are supposed to be your team – or are you a closet Palace fan?

  • TubbyMunky

    Childish article, written by the kind of pillock who draws attention to others in the hope of drawing attention from their own flaws.