Whoever first said that “there’s never a dull moment around here” must surely have been talking about Newcastle United…

Another week has generated another bout of mass hysteria from the media, who seem intent on adding two plus two and coming up with the $28billion of global assets controlled by Amanda Staveley and her company, PCP Capital Partners.

Whilst a change of ownership, to the right investors, would be most welcome, perhaps it might be more prudent to refrain from getting caught up in our latest drama just yet.

Truths, half-truths and lies, always seems to be the stock-in trade of the press where Newcastle United are concerned, and this episode appears to encapsulate that.

Yes, Amanda Staveley was at the game against Liverpool, she probably did speak with the likes of Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop as she was in the Directors Box and no doubt enjoyed some of the hospitality, so, obviously, she is about to buy the Club.

Never mind the fact that she was sitting next to Margaret Aspinall, the Hillsborough campaigner who was at the match as a guest of Rafa Benitez, and that Staveley and Benitez know each other from the failed DIC takeover at Liverpool, where the would-be investors were keen to keep Rafa.

With Mike Ashley looking to either dispose of the Club or bring in some outside investment, this, to me, is starting to look like a nicely worked piece of opportunism from the owner and his associates.

Purely coincidentally, ‘Ashley’s fixer’ Barnes was at the game, as was ‘The Bishop’, no doubt with his ‘PR and crisis management’ hat on. Oh, and Ashley’s favoured mouthpiece just happened to be broadcasting the game, against a team with a huge global ‘brand’, live to an audience of millions around the world..

And in case you weren’t watching, @PeteGravesSky tweeted, an hour before kick off. Another base covered.

“Confirmed. British businesswoman Amanda Staveley is watching #nufc v #lfc today. Famous for her links with middle Eastern investors. 🤔”

Just in case the story was cooling by the middle of the week, Graves tweeted an update..

“Staveley met Barnes/Charnley/Bishop. Unplanned but positive chat. 3 possible clubs BUT likes #nufc! Long way off & not moved since Sun yet.”

“Unplanned”? By who?!  You could argue that it was very well planned by the Three Amigos.

Apparently there is no such thing as bad publicity.  In which case, Mike Ashley and his team have generated a week’s worth of publicity for the cost of a match ticket, a vol-au-vent and a glass of wine.

The world now know that Ashley is open to offers and are led to believe that there is genuine Middle Eastern interest..

We can but hope that the plan comes together – but forgive me if I’m not getting too excited just yet.

As has always been the case over the last 10 years, there can only ever be one real winner in all this. But if it gets him out of our Club, it’s a small price to pay.

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  • Leicester Mag

    Amen to your final line. Ashley is rich beyond comprehension and need already. More money is not going to make a jot of difference, he’ll still be an amoral shell of a human being. 10 years of stagnation and counting.

    • Leazes Ender

      Will he ever get bored of buying teetering bits of the High Street retail chains? He’s the equivalent of the footballer with too much money and doesn’t know what to do next so he gets a tattoo then another and another.

      Swill eight pints and make another deal, pee off as many people as he can for a larf…..eureka ka ka …. ‘property speculation’….yes ‘ulrika ka ka…. get swindling accountants to use loopholed laws to avoid your dues……. repeat.

  • Dutch

    If I were Amanda I surely would not be comfortable paying 300 million plus for a club who is under investigation with HMRC and potentially in a position to be demoted or docked 12 points.

    • Paul Patterson

      I’m sure she is fair more astute than Ashley and will have every I dotted and T crossed before any deal with anyone is signed.
      I also think she won’t be attending meetings in her underpants and chucking up in the fireplace either . .

      • Jimblag23

        It wouldn’t be as much of an eye sore if she did though.

    • Leazes Ender

      3 million plus?

      • Dutch


  • steve pearce

    No – there will be maybe millions of winners as every Newcastle fan on the planet will rejoice as we will finally be rid of the fat stinking bag of southern pus. On the subject of the HMRC raids I thought that they said there would be no further action and anyway if we had new owners surely retrospective action would be taken against the old one – which would suit us all just fine!

    • Guest 2

      Plenty of action to come from HMRC. The club appeal against the warrants was thrown out – which means the investigation and likely court case is to come.
      FA can and most likely will take action against the Club – “Premier League reserves the most serious penalty of deductions and large fines for any indiscretions that have been deliberately committed in order to gain a competitive advantage, financially or otherwise”.
      Ashley may walk away after a sale but the Club will suffer from his actions.

  • Alex

    The winner will be the one who buys the club, opens his / her eyes, puts a bit of investment in……………….and then realises they have one of the biggest and best clubs in Europe on their hands.

  • Stephen

    One question I have never found an answer for.
    Why did Mike Ashley buy Newcastle United?
    The story is he was originally asked to be part of a consortium buy out and carried on alone when everyone else dropped out.
    Apparently without due diligence which at the time I didn’t believe, however some of decisions made over the last decade make me think perhaps he did.
    Most of us wouldn’t spend a tenner unless we were sure of value for money.

  • Mike

    smoke and mirrors as long as he is making money cant see it

  • Dutch

    Alex. The point I’m try to make is if Amanda or any purchaser takes over, we still have to face action from the FA if found guilty of any offence. Investment is ok and needed but would you invest 300 million plus on a team relegated to Championship due to HMRC investigation.

  • GDubz

    He has on numerous occasions in the past postured to sell the club, created a false story around people being interested in buying us so he can then point to that as being the reason for not bringing in more players.
    After the unrest of the summer window he is already setting his stall out for January.
    There is NOTHING in this Amanda Staveley story nor the 4 parties who have signed disclosure statements. Its MA getting his spin ready for January. I just hope Rafa can stomach one more window so we keep him until end of the season and stand a chance of staying up. Without him at the helm, the tactics, the connection with the fans, the team work rate and belief he generates… we are fodder in this league.