Alan Shearer says that he, and indeed, all Newcastle fans, ‘have every right to be pleased’ about the potential sale of Newcastle United.

The number nine legend believes it is rubbish when ‘some people say we have to be careful what we wish for’ when it comes to whoever might replace Mike Ashley.

With a ‘world class manager’ and ‘big fan base’, Alan Shearer says that ‘simply treading water’ is not fair on the supporters and that fans just want to see their team try and ‘compete’.

Summing it up, Shearer declares ‘We can either sit still and continue being stale or we can dream and hope for better things’.

Alan Shearer talking to Coral:

Newcastle fans have every right to be pleased about a sale.

There was some big news earlier this week for Newcastle fans, when it was announced that Mike Ashley has put the club up for sale.

I have heard some people say we have to be careful what we wish for, however, at the moment we are a stale football club.

Outside of the top six in the Premier League, Newcastle are the best supported team. Globally we have a big fan base and we have a world class manager.


Newcastle fans don’t expect to be challenging for the Premier League.

All they want is to feel their side can and wants to compete. Simply treading water with no ambition is not fair on their loyalty.

At the moment we have an owner who does not want to be there and does not understand this football club. He is not prepared to spend his own money and invest in the team.

He has openly apologised on television for undermining previous managers. This is nothing but good news for the club.

Ashley seems to enjoy antagonising the fans and going against what the club stands for, so the fans have every right to be delighted by this news.

Onwards and upwards

We can either sit still and continue being stale or we can dream and hope for better things. The fans deserve that.

The club is crying out for success. People outside of Newcastle may not see how big they are. The fans are passionate and desperate for success.

We had hundreds of thousands of fans lining the street when we were beaten in the FA Cup final. You can imagine the support if we were successful.’

  • Steven05

    It’s not a coincidence that what he said sounds like Bobby

    All we hear in the media is that Newcastle fans think they should be in the champions league and winning titles. I don’t know a single Newcastle fan who thinks that way

    All we ask for is hope and pride

    I feel sick at the thought of this takeover falling through, and emotional about it going through

    I’m not alone

    • Peaky Magpie

      You are certainly not alone my friend but won’t fully believe it until it fully happens.

  • Leazes Ender

    I think we should be in the Champions league and winning titles.

    • Steve McClaren

      I predicted 8th in my first year, I was a bit off.
      But I saw the quality on the training pitch and truly believe I’d of delivered top 4 within 2 years.

  • steve pearce

    Careful Big Al – you’ll end up in front of the Pundit’s Union kangaroo court and be sent to watch Scumderland as a punishment!

  • Leicester Mag

    If this falls through the odds are that it will revolve around Ashley’s wallet and ego. If and hope it is if, it does go wrong can anyone stomach years more of being the unwanted toy of this amoral shell ? It’s hope that gets you in the end.

    That said there’s always MMMs plan B and the wood chipper

  • Alan Pardew

    Mike is a strong character who has been a success in his whole business life and is a genius in that world — but when you come to football the logic doesn’t quite fit.

    He loves football but he sometimes can’t understand how it works and it confuses and upsets him, and when he is upset he does things that aren’t brilliant for the football club.

    • Steve McClaren

      Mike rolls the dice and you’ve got to commend him for that.
      Sometimes it comes off, like you experienced when you finished 5th.
      Under me we were unlucky with injuries and I still believe I would have kept them up.
      Judge me at the end of the season I asked, but mike decided to go another direction.