When looking at Newcastle United’s encounter with Liverpool, it is difficult not to take into account the relative resources each manager had at his disposal.

This summer, it was widely acknowledged/reported that Rafa Benitez was desperate to bring in a new first choice striker and number 10.

Having been blocked from making any signings at all in January, Rafa found himself once again undermined by Mike Ashley, only allowed a net spend of £11.5m.

No new number 10 brought in and the United boss having no other option than to go and pick up a bargain buy in Stoke’s £5m reserve striker, Joselu.

So whilst Liverpool had an expensive array of attacking options, on and off the pitch, Newcastle started with a £7m front pairing of Ayoze Perez and Joselu.

Money doesn’t necessarily buy success or results, as Sunday showed, but it does make it very much easier/more attainable.

Just have a look at this comparison, the cost of the 11 Newcastle players that started yesterday, compared to the seven who were left on the bench by Jurgen Klopp.

Newcastle United starting 11 v Liverpool, with transfer cost for each player (as per respected website Transfermarkt)

£1m Elliot

£6m Yedlin

£3m Lascelles

£6m Clark

£5m Manquillo

£12m Ritchie

£3m (loan fee) Merino

£13m Shelvey

£5m Atsu

£2m Perez

£5m Joselu

Total is £61m

Then the same for the Liverpool Substitutes:

£6m Karius,

£5m Klavan

Free Milner

£11m Can

£34m Oxlade-Chamberlain

£37m Firmino

£3m Solanke

Total £96m

The Liverpool subs costing some £35m more than the Newcastle first team and even Firmino and Oxlade-Chamberlain costing £10m more for the pair of them, than the NUFC side.

This is without even taking into consideration players such as Lallana, Robertson and Clyne who weren’t even in the matchday 18, and who cost well over £50m between them.

Newcastle supporters weren’t expecting unrealistic amounts to be spent, with Mike Ashley making out that Rafa Benitez and the fans were wanting to compete with the spending of Manchester City and others.

However, surely the right balance would have been to see at least a couple of more expensive transfers to have happened, especially in those most difficult positions up front.

Rafa Benitez masterminded a very good performance and excellent outcome, considering the options he had available to him, but you can only just imagine what he could achieve if getting proper support in the transfer market.

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  • Peaky Magpie

    A lot of teams have at least one headless chicken but this lot is full of them.Arsenal did them with Oxlade Chamberlain much as we did Spurs with Sissoko.

  • Stephen Paylor

    The wage bill will be a similar story too.

  • ghostrider

    It’s not how much a player costs it’s what quality and effort you get from that player as part of your team build.
    Filling your squad with expensive players on mammoth wages guarantees you nothing.
    What it does do is, it generally guarantees you more entertaining football but not always the end product that entertaining football teases.

    It also doesn’t generally create dressing room harmony due to ego’s and wants.
    Big players wanting more than other players who believe they’re equally as big.
    You need a very good manager/man manager to handle that on top of gelling them all on that match day pitch.

    Our players are worth considerably more than what we paid for them, as it stands.
    They could be worth even more as time goes on…possibly.
    However, what we do have is a manager that can professionally organise along with a dedicated backroom staff….and Martha the 106 year old PG tips brewing magicianette, who can top you up at the table with a hanging tea bag in her hand and a Burco boiler strapped to her back.
    She can’t make coffee for toffee but that’s beside the point. She’s part of the team…she is the caffeine queen.

    Anyway. money gives you a massive leg up if you spend it wisely but it can also be a massive headache if you don’t.
    Everton will fill you in on the details.

  • Geordiegiants

    It’s the wrong time to bring out this article. We drew with them, so in theory they are no better or worse. The thing is though, if we had just one decent number 10 and one decent number 9, we would be a really good team. Those two positions are where the money needs to be spent so we are focked.