On Sunday, Southampton fans saw their team score for only the second home game out of the last 11 at St Mary’s.

The Saints coming back twice to level after Newcastle had led 1-0 and then 2-1.

However, after the match, the home supporters still found little to be impressed by when it came to their team.

The Southampton fans scathing about their manager, players, and tactics, the general perception being that they were lucky to get a draw.

Interesting though when reading the comments below, that a decent number of them also were impressed by Newcastle to varying degrees.

Another small point, not sure whether this is just due to the negativity hanging around the south coast, but a few of the Southampton fans were also ready to believe that it shouldn’t have been a penalty!

Southampton fans commenting via their top Saints Web message board:

‘For Newcastle love him or loathe him, Shelvey was very good.

He, more often than not, had space all around him and 2 options for an out ball, either an easy lay off or a tougher pass, both of which he made successfully.’

‘That was hard work. Quite impressed with Newcastle.’

‘Ok, they can’t help Forster being rubbish and maybe we’d have won without that. But we went 2-2 anyway then it was all Newcastle. Never looked like going 3-2 Saints, there’s just nothing about this side. Newcastle probably should have won.

Should we be celebrating holding onto a home point against Newcastle? Our fixtures have been so kind but results have been appalling.’

Looking at the pen again, Long was canny to kick the ball away and sucker the defender into the idiotic foul.’

‘For some perspective, Newcastle pretty much parked the bus and had 10 men behind the ball at almost every opportunity and no Rafa side is every easy to beat.

The first goal was incredibly lucky, after VVDs feeble clearance (when a little more on it and it would have gone to Cedric) the cross then deflects straight to their player, who’s shot FF was saving, that rebound then goes straight to their player again and somehow goes through two of our players and wrong foots FF (who was doing the right thing, getting back and into the middle of the goal).

The second goal was just terrible all round, terrible from the defence and awful from FF.’

‘We were lucky to get a point imo. They had the better chances.’

‘That was clueless. Hanging on at home for a lucky draw against Newcastle, for goodness sake.’

‘Shocking performance.

But I hope the board keeps their cool and doesn’t bring in just anyone off the streets to replace Pellegrino. Even with him in charge, we won’t be relegated.

But if we chop and change all the time, bring in managers who we just fingers crossed, hope are an improvement, we’ll eventually be relegated.’

‘Virgil was solid? He was pathetic. The attempted “clearance” for the first goal just screamed of a half  effort and he completely lost his man for the second.

No matter how he played, he cost us two goals. Forster was also awful – especially for the second but Virgil was garbage.’

‘Not sure where we go from here?

Newcastle are hard working and organised and unfortunately that’s all you need to be to get a result against us.

Watching the first half was like watching two teams who were both playing away. Even in the last 15 minutes once momentum had shifted to us you never got the feeling Newcastle were hanging on, they still fancied their chances and were able to pin us back for the last few minutes.

Newcastle won’t have an easier game all season; bar a ridiculous challenge from their CH they would have flown back north with 3 easy points.

Tactics way off today, we don’t need 2 holding midfielders at home to a Newcastle team who would have taken 0-0/1-1 before kick off. We essentially played 6 defensive players against a team that were happy to sit 8 players in front of their 18yd line.

Far too negative in our approach today, first 20 minutes set the tempo and gave Newcastle hope, a game that should have produced 3 fairly straightfd points has left us glad to grab one consolation point.’

‘A fair result yes, but based on that both sides wouldn’t look out of place in the lower reaches of the league below.’

‘One thing that stood out for me was that when Yedlin fouled Redmond and should have got a second yellow, literally none of our players (even the captain) were in the ear of the ref.’

‘Yes, but to be fair, it looked as obvious a second yellow as you’ll see – sliding in with studs up.’

‘My God that was poor. By the end I was willing Friend to blow the whistle because the only team that were going to score again was Newcastle.’

‘We were fortunate to get away with a draw today.’

‘First game I’ve been to this season (I’ve been working abroad). I’d been warned not to expect much and my low expectations were duly met.

I thought Newcastle looked good. They attacked swiftly and with purpose as exemplified by their second goal.’

‘Disgusting display first half, slightly better 2nd half. Half of this team along with the manager are simply not good enough, and the likes of VVD and Bertrand cannot be bothered.

Newcastle looked more dangerous than us which indicates to me that our level is below them seeing that they we’re the away side which is worrying.’

‘Glad for Gabbi .

That was not a penalty. The ball was going out – there was NO goal scoring opportunity.

Ironic because Shane has been taken out in the box on many occasions this season, and even given a yellow for diving when he was chopped down.’

‘Great work by Long to win that penalty. His dive was perfectly timed.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Pupil v the Master,
    we should have came away with 3pts but for a major error of judgement by Lejeune
    they had more of the ball but we were always a danger on the counter & Jonjo ran the show, Oh for a striker that actually knows what he`s doing.
    the bottom line is we`ll drop points because of a lack of quality up front.
    I have major doubts that the Pie Man will supply any funds in January it`ll be left to Rafa to sell 1st.
    i`d sell all of the strikers & start from scratch

    • lukegte

      Would you play Mitro? I’d play Mitro. And Perez, although he was decent yesterday, could do with a run on the bench. Same for Elliot actually. There are a few obvious weaknesses, but overall I enjoyed watching them yesterday. They look organised and very on board with Rafa’s guidance.

      • Peaky Magpie

        Mitro got to be worth a go at the weekend.Big game against Palace,by no means a given.Zaha a big threat probably against Manquillo.

        • lukegte

          I think Tadic is better than Wilf and our defenders kept him pretty quiet. So long as they continue keeping to Rafa’s plan, we will surely get 3 points. He must give Mitro a game though!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        100% i`d play Mitro

  • lukegte

    I thought it was a great match. Nice to see a lucky decision in our favour for once, and a really good performance. Southampton have some class players but they seem a little out of sorts. So a spot of luck there too. From the sounds of things (on Sky) the away fans did us proud. Well done you lot.

    • Dane Cross

      Was at the game and the atmosphere was superb. We kept nicking their chants which drove them loopy!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I must be living in The Twilight Zone here because I could have sworn a Soton fan thinks they should be getting a guaranteed three points against Newcastle.
    It wasn’t that long ago this club were in the 3rd Division but now seem to have severe delusions of grandeur, And they say Newcastle fans are deluded !

    If someone had said before the game you would go to Soton and get a draw then most would have taken that in a heartbeat, However in the cold light of day you have to say two points dropped here.
    If it wasn’t for Lejeune’s rush of blood to the head we would have taken the spoils with Soton not looking like they were going to score.
    After the penalty they had about a two minute spell where you thought they might add a third but after that it was all Newcastle.

    Fair play to Lejeune who after his mistake fought tooth and nail to get the points for Newcastle and was unlucky not to score himself.
    He won everything in the air and was flying into tackles and got forward at every opportunity so you have to give kudos for that.

    • lukegte

      Given our recent history at St Mary’s and the tables over the past few seasons, I think Southampton fans could rightly go in to a home game against Newcastle and expect to get 3 points. That’s just logic. And on paper, I think it’s fair to say a lot of their players would get in to our first XI. On form however, maybe not so. They don’t seem to get on with Pellegrino. Maybe the players reflect that view hence their current situation.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        You can only say that in a kind of they are our bogey team over the years.
        Yes we haven’t got the best record down there but that is not the point I’m trying to make.
        What I am saying is they are acting as though they are a club that are light years away from Newcastle which couldn’t be further from the truth in reality.
        Lets not forget this club went down to the third tier of football only recently so have no real high horse to sit on.

    • lukegte

      Also, Lejeune was great. Good enough to keep Clarke out?

      • Wor Lass

        Never mind Clarke – can he do us all a favour and keep Clarko out?

    • 1957

      In a way I can understand that attitude, given our woeful efforts down there over the years, it normally is guaranteed points for them. In the PL they have won 18 of 30 (we’ve won 2) and scored 59 goals against us.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Only in a bogey team sense.

    • Wor Lass

      You beat me on the “deluded” fan front. Some of the others are pretty complimentary, though.

      • Danimal

        They’re not deluded. It’s just an accurate reflection of where Fatty has positioned us in the food chain.

        • Wor Lass

          Yeah, but Rafa`s not going along with it and neither are the lads!

  • Alan Pardew

    You look at a club like Southampton, and they’re in a much stronger financial position than us in terms of purchasing players.

  • Paul Patterson

    With a proper striker we would’ve won that game by two or three goals.

  • Leazes Ender

    That’s a measure of how far Ashley has downsized the club…. Southampton fans derision of United just hurts.