Sunday was supposed to be a new dawn for Swansea fans, the return of past hero Wilfried Bony and a first look at ‘wonder kid’ Renato Sanches.

Sanches started and Bony was a second-half substitute but after crashing to defeat, the home support had well and truly seen their balloon popped.

A bit like West Ham supporters two weeks earlier, the Swansea fans tended to focus more on the shortcomings of their own side, rather than dishing out praise for the victors.

However, some did give praise where it was due and the pace in the Newcastle team was picked up on, plus one Swansea fan said that it had felt like they were playing with a man down, such was Newcastle’s dominance.

Swansea fans comment after defeat to Newcastle via their top Jack Army message board:

‘Newcastle looking more like the prem team, us the floundering championship team.’

‘Tammy is the only player who looks like a class act …on our side.’

‘Early days, but not impressed with the wonderkid yet….’

‘Only Fabianski has deserved to wear that shirt today.’

‘They honestly look like they have 12 men and I’m not saying that the ref is on their side, it just seems like they’ve got more people on the pitch than us..’

‘Disgusting performance. Why wouldn’t you stick a man on Lascelles?’

‘Stay away from social media lads, those gormless Geordies are gunna act like they won the league.’

‘This might not be a popular conclusion, but, even though none of the players excelled today, the majority of the blame for today’s loss must be with the manager.

The formation deprived us of width and gifted Newcastle the wide areas. We don’t have the players in the squad to be an attacking force with a flat back four, its as simple as that.

Add to that a midfield 4 each playing out of position and we were always going to be in trouble.

If we had played one of the top teams we would have conceded a hatful.’

‘Sanches should have been subbed earlier. Abraham needed to put his foot through the ball. Ultimately, fast team beat a team lacking ideas. Must hope Clement can see the problems and adapt by next week.

Disappointing bringing Narsingh on at 85, needed 10 to 15 minutes.

Geordies…but they deserved something from the game. Nobody other than Fabi could be classed our MOTM. Phenomenal save..’

‘Fast team beat a slow team lacking creativity. Right now we are worse than Middlesbrough were last season.

Swansea – fewest shots, most shots against.

Middlesbrogh last season – fewest shots, not many shots against.

Something has to change or soon we’ll be rock bottom in the league table.’

‘I thought we looked disjointed and amateur today – reminded me of the dark days before PC reinstated Leon (Britton) – lacking pace passing accuracy and ideas.

Sad to lose face to the Toons, worrying to face Spurs next……..’

‘Our footballing philosophy has to be more forward looking – literally!

We too often look backwards and sideways – we almost never seem to fly forward when there is space ahead of us … it makes us boring to watch even when we do win .

Newcastle are very average – what does that say about us?’

Merson predicted that Premier League class would be the difference in this game.

Thing is he meant us but it was Toon who showed what class there was and we looked like a shoddy Championship outfit posing as a Premier League team.’

‘For all of Newcastle’s frailties they exposed ours far more than we troubled them .

We looked disjointed with no plan and with no leader on the pitch .

All the new found optimism I had has disappeared in the space of 95 minutes.’

‘As the game progressed it felt that this was like an end of season kick about with what seemed to be no real effort or pace from our lot.

Newcastle were made to look like the team that has been in the Premier league for six years against an average championship team with no idea.’

‘Toon had 16 shots, we had 10. They got 8 on target, we managed 4. And they achieved this with just 38% possession.

Therefore it begs the question, just what did we do with our 62% possession? We passed it backwards then sideways then backwards then sideways then continued to do it repeatedly.

Meantime Toon, as will other teams, just sat back and watched us pretend to be a footballing side. As soon as we tried to be incisive and go forward, they pounced and took the ball off us.’

Newcastle will not have an easier away game all season.

The lack of creativity was painstakingly obvious yet again today, it’s going to be another long,frustrating season for us yet again.’

‘I am almost speechless, all I can say is that game goes down as one of the major anti-climaxes of 65 years of supporting them.I was expecting so much more.’

‘Alfie is obviously a very fair player but he should have gone down – reckon there would have been a red card for Ritchie if he had.’

‘Perhaps I’m being a bit naive but I don’t like cheating in any shape or form.’

‘It’s sickening to watch grown men fall over and feign serious injury on a football pitch when hardly touched.

All credit for Alfie not making a fuss.

I want real men in my team, not a team of diving, cheating, cry baby actors!’

‘It was a stonewall red card ,with the ref in perfect position to see the studs up high foot.

Surely you do not have to go to ground squealing like a stuck pig for the ref to apply the correct disciplinary decision. It was dangerous and reckless play, with contact. Should have been red not yellow.

‘It was always going to be a tough game today with the way Newcastle set themselves up, but the reality of the situation is the team is not playing the same standard of football that we got accustomed to early on in our premier league days, and the past couple of seasons has been tough to watch at times.

I think what we have to consider now is that the team is going through transition and hopefully things will improve as Clement puts in place the style he wants this team to play, but I think we are a ways off seeing enjoyable stylish football being played.’

  • Paul Patterson

    Back in your box Swansea fans.
    Seriously some opposition fans need to wind their necks in and show some respect.
    We won fair and square, worry about your own club and stop spiteful comments.

    • Wor Lass

      Paul, most of thse comments are reasonable and more critical of Swansea. One or two are pants but you only have to read through an average thread on here to find stuff that`s equally pathetic. At the end of the day, we`re the ones laughing, feeling good and looking forward to the next game.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Oh here we go with the whole “Geordies Are Deluded” lazy unfounded meme that exists within football circles.

    • DC1964

      I agree, it’s wearing a bit thin now!

      • Paul Busby

        It was thin when they said it originally. Just a joke now.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Like I commented on another article “The Great Divide”, If you want to see true delusion in football look no further than “Arsenal Fans T.V” on You Tube.
        Arsene Wenger has consistently delivered top four finishes for years which other fans would be over the moon about.
        Not this ungrateful bunch of ingrates like Claude, Troopz etc who think Arsenal have a divine right to be challenging for the title when in reality they are nowhere near that !

        Football fans want to see these fellas in action before they pass judgement on Geordies.

  • alex carr

    To be fair your always gunna get a few knackers commenting but most of the above comments were pretty fair and complimentary.

  • Andy Mac

    I should point out that these comments are from the Jack Army site rather than the other mob. However there was still an underlying current of “We’re the PL team, they’re the newbies” coming across from those comments. Which of course is nonsense as we’ve spent more time in the top league than they have and merely had a year off thanks to Fatso.

    They are a long way from Rodgers passing side or Laudrup’s cup winners and judging from yesterdays performance they’re as likely to struggle this season, without Gylfi and Llorente, as they did last. In fact I’d be more confident of our survival this season even with the Fatman holding us back.

  • anyobrien

    Aye not so clever now…. Swansea? I remember when they were a two bit 4th division team with no fans now there a massive forward thinking epl power house…. Lmfao and do me a favour.
    What they forget is our fit 1st 11are no mugs and when they are organised and drilled every day by a very very good manager we are not to be taken lightly…… Hwtls…… Plus do I smell team spirit and a bit of a siege mentality?….. Yes I do.

  • gallowgate26

    ‘Newcastle were made to look like the team that has been in the Premier league for six years’… Ooh you’ve been in the PL for six years? Still amazes me when recent League 1 teams go on like this. Do they not realise that we’ve been in the PL for like 23 out of 25 years! Who do they think they are!?

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      I remember Wigan Athletic fans used to give it big’un despite being a lower league team for years.

      • glassjawsh-got-banned

        and also now

  • Steve Pearce

    What’s the odds on Paul “Sideways” Clement being sacked before Christmas? His system seemed to be a midfield diamond formation that was meant to bore us to sleep by passing the ball sideways. Sanchez was no way near match fitness and Bony looked like he’d eaten all the pies before the game even started. Stoke, Brighton and Liverpool next and I hope they at least can play a recognisable form of football and can give our lads a good game. Its hard for we fans to judge our team’s potential when they are either playing a team that was set up to injure our players (thank you Harry “Killer” Kane), were just abysmal or played a totally alien kind of game. Roll on Saturday and roll on a decent game!

  • Down Under Mag

    I actually think we have some decent players and are set up to be tough to break down while maximising our counter attck football. Having said that I don’t think West Ham or Swansea are particularly good guides of where we are in the league. We may have required a few more top players to be brought in but Rafa’s signings are looking OK so far and what is painfully evident is that so far, the so-called best league in the world has an awful lot of mediocre teams playing in it. I think we can stay competitive as long as we retain the fighting spirit and organisation.

    • Lofty

      You’re right Down Under, mediocre apart from the usual top six of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal. The other 14 teams fight for survival every year, apart from the very occasional gate crashers. Any of those teams outside the top six could finish 7th or 20th. It makes it the most competitive league in the world, not the best in my opinion.

  • ghostrider

    This is what happens when owners throw money at clubs to buy in any player that appears to want to come…or in Wilfy Bony’s case – come back.
    Paying 8 million for a loan of a player they will never own.
    Bony is a mercenary and Swansea will soon know it.

    You don’t have to have a team of big names to work as a unit with a trench mentality. You just need a team of players with that ethos instilled and a manager to add in the rest.
    That’s us as it stands and long may it continue.

  • Georgia Peter

    I’m Pleased I’m a gormless Geordie and not a thick sheep 5h4ggin* Taffy.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Theyve spent money but wasted it whilst losing their best players. Even then last season they almost got relegated.

    What people seem to be missing is this is a well oiled hard working Newcastle team thats United having come through the Championship. They are battle hardened and some teams in this league are in for a shock.

    Take a step back and look at the 4 matches and we havent been outclassed. Spurs needed 10 men. Huddersfield could have went either way and it was a player not used to the Prem not taking one cost us but he learned from it. Things arent as bad as made out. Id take team work and graft over expensive names any day though thats not saying this team didnt need investment it needed plenty.

    But we have men in our team and love how they hunt the ball in packs and are comfortable without the ball. Our game intelligence since our relegation has come on leaps and bounds.

    These two results and the way in which we have secured them will set us up for the season.

    • Paul Smith

      I agree apart from the Huddersfield game. They looked far better than us. OK we only lost by 1 good strike but they we were chasing shadows and even our best players like Ritchie were totally anonymous.

    • Sing in the Leazes

      Yes! I’m loving the way we hunt in packs too. Loving how everyone was on the same wavelength.
      Rafa has changed us and just like every other country at the euros except for England we play with intelligence now.

  • MadMag83

    All fair comments apart from the gormless Geordie remark, so why pick that out? To make Swansea fans look bad? You need to let