Is Steve Cram the new messiah for Sunderland fans?

In their desperation, some of the Mackems are hoping that Cram can head up a consortium to save the club from Ellis Short, Simon Grayson, relegation, and a half empty ground.

The Steve Cram dream team idea has been put forward by some of their supporters as a lifeline but credit to most of the rest of them for their reaction, as they are finding the only route is to laugh at themselves and the situation.

Losing to a Daryl Murphy goal on Tuesday night means they have only one win from seven and are one point above the relegation zone.

As well as the more challenged Sunderland fans below, there are some other amusing ones exhibiting Gallow(gate)s humour at their shambolic predicament.

Almost makes you feel sorry for them…not!.

Sunderland fans’ comments taken from their Ready To Go (down again) message board:

‘Steve Cram is a lifelong fan and can’t be poor.

A group of like minded souls with money and influence behind him including fan shares and we could have a way out for Short. Wonder if he’s thought about it???’

‘Always mentions us on the tele.’

‘Must have made billions by running in the amateur 80s…….’

‘It’s hundreds of millions you need and I don’t have a clue what Crammy’s bank balance looks like, but I’ll wager anything you like it’s nowhere near.’

‘What about a Kate Adie led consortium.Thoughts?’

‘This is what desperation smells like.’

‘He is a huge Sunderland fan, my Nana knows him well through his parents. This sums up the understanding of finance of the average football fan, Steve Cram couldn’t afford to pay the club’s wage bill for one month let alone run the club.’

(Newcastle infiltrator) ‘We’ve got Steve Cram, celebrity fan…’

‘Steve Cram, Bob Murray and Wee Phillie. If they all chip in they should have enough to buy Short out.’

‘I wonder if Quinny could pull something out the bag again, we are desperate man!!’

‘If we can find 1,500 safc fans, who can afford to spend £100,000 each, we maybe on a winner.’

‘Kate Adie must have some spare change down the back of the sofa?’

‘Spuggy from Byker Grove, your time has come. Put your money where your mouth is.’

‘Are there any seriously wealthy people in the Sunderland area?’

‘What did Billy Hardy do with his boxing fortune? Must have copped for a few quid for getting in the ring with Prince Naseem Hamed.’

‘O Brian’s waste group or whatever they are called. That’s plastered all over the SOL on a match day. He/she must be worth a bit.’

(And another Newcastle infiltrator) ‘Any O’Brien?’

‘Yeah and we could do a charity record to pay great players wages. You know, Frankie and the Heartstrings, Dave Stewart, Futureheads, Toy Dolls and Kenickie. Then a live gig and all the best footballers in the world will come to Sunderland to watch the gig and Crammie can sign them up.’

‘Just goes to show however bad it gets we can still laugh at ourselves. It’s going to be bloody hilarious in the 3rd tier.’

  • Paul Busby

    “Nana knows him well through his parents”

    Inbreds confirmed

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    What about Dave Stewart? Lifelong lads fan.

    The pile he made with the Eurythmics must be burning a hole in his pocket.

  • Drawkcab Deman

    I used to work with a lass who was a neighbour of his. She used to always claim he was such a horrible odious man; so up his own rear end, full of hinself abd ab air of hus own importance, better than everyone – her exact words. As a couple of years went by, the rest of the neighbours disliked him, I actually believed her tbh, never met him, but as he’s a Mackem, I wanted it to be true 😁😀😁

    • Drawkcab Deman

      Sorry typos, I’m eating :-)

      • Georgia Peter

        Got to see ye typing with ya teeth…..LOL

  • Peaky Magpie

    Pasty chomping,track suit wearing idiots.Wonder if the 3 above are still laughing now ?Mind you him in the middle who’s head you can see looks as though he’s on the massive toilet called the SOL.

    • MadToonFan&VitalAshleyDroveOut

      Lol, sure does look like he’s having a chudder, class, or not in his case.

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s about as sensible or as realistic as Alan Shearer leading a consortium to buy us.
    It’s never going to happen.

    • Jimblag23

      It’s even more fictional madness when people start talking about ant and dec buying us 🤦‍♂️

    • Burt Humperdink

      I remember once and actual radio presenter asking Cheryl Cole in all seriousness and as daft as she was even she was flabbergasted at the stupidity of the question.

  • Sean Lynch

    Surely the way to save them from a half-empty ground is for the fans to turn up win, lose or draw.
    Or is that too complicated for the unwashed to understand?

    Alternatively they could just fold as a club and start again at a level that suits their support … say Northern League 2.
    Finally as an idea they could merge with the mighty ‘borough :) bonus being same colours so no need for colour clashes and they can have 2 chants instead of just the one.
    FC Sundurough anyone? LOL

    • fenhammag

      FC borough of sunderland? boroland united of teeside? lol

      • Georgia Peter

        Or,,,,”United 5hyte of South Tyneside” Bit of a ring to it eh…!

  • Jimblag23

    I heard Bill Gates loves cheesey chips and is quite interested.

  • TheNutJob

    Pennywell Skip Rats, Doomed

  • ghostrider

    You’d have to be stark raving mad to buy a football club these days.
    There’s a simple piece of advice I can personally give people but was the same advice given to me many years ago.
    Never open a business on your own doorstep.

    This applies to fans of football clubs who are from the area, who have enough cash to buy into a club.
    It will only end up in tears at some point in time…usually early, as Quinn found out..and he was only an ex player.

    They all walk into it with the old deep blue hero stuff. The messiah. The saviour of doom and the re-igniter of hope.
    It’s a great story for the 5 minutes while it lasts, but the best they could ever hope for is a Steve Gibson like person, not a Steve Cram.

    Unless there’s a Sheikh or similar taking over, I don’t think Sunderland will see the premier league for at best, as long as Leeds have been away but possibly things could get even worse than that.

    Steve Cram will most likely have enough to buy an executive box each season whilst paying his own house bills.
    I think people are getting Cram mixed up with Usain Bolt.

    • Geordie-7676

      Tell that to Dean Hoyle at Huddersfield!

      • ghostrider

        I don’t need to. the man is riding on the crest of a wave. the wave will soon go flat and he will go back to owning Huddersfield town who once gained promotion to the premier league but are now having to pay dearly for the flirt.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          Completely agree. Huddersfields bubble will burst and it wont get back on track. Theyll manage to do well in championship with a strengthened position though. It will be a one season flirt once the reality kicks in.

          • ghostrider

            If they’re lucky, they might escape relegation this season , although I don’t give them much hope.
            However, their downfall could very well be in surviving, because they have set a precedent with their fans now and their fans will EXPECT more big spends.
            Their owner then has a massive dilemma on his hands, because this is where (for a short time) he either becomes a hero, or (for a long time) becomes the miserly devil if he decides to reshape the wage and transfer system.
            It’s one dodgy call.

            There’s a few clubs in the premier league that are nearing their sell by date due to their attempts to play with the big boys.
            Unsustainable wages and finding out who the mercenaries are as well as realising that there is no real contingency plan to arrest a rotten downfall.

    • Burt Humperdink

      Its true, i had this convo with a mate. Say you came into a billion through I dunno floating your company on the stock market would you bid for the toon?

      The answer was a resounding no because we couldn’t think of what the benefits would be. When things go well the fans cheer for the manager and the players. When things go bad they blame the owner more than anyone.

      It doesn’t help that football is in a mess with at least 3 former owners in prison and several others done for fraud. Countless others desperately looking for a way out. Most the big clubs in debt despite winning things. They increase the money through TV deals and then the prices of the players double over night. It’s almost like the only people who aren’t supposed to make any money out of football are the owners.

      • Down Under Mag

        Everyone who has some dosh wanted a football club, but the truth is with the oil money being flashed around and the FFP rules a total joke nobody can compete without seriously hurting the future of the club. The money in football is at an all time high BUT none of it goes to grass roots and the owners only see outgoings these days as the fees and wages are out of control. I think the bubble is going to burst soon as fans are getting sick of it and when it does, perhaps frugle owners like Ashley may have the last laugh. I’m sure that the fans won’t see any joy still but I can still see the point of Ashley refusing to bankroll the club in this day and age and doesn’t want to saddle the club with huge debt that will, in all honesty, be put on him (or the club go insolvent and him lose in investment anyway). Time for the governing bodies to start and tak ea huge look at how it is being run. 200m for a player is just insanity! It can’t be allowed to continue.

        • ghostrider

          Another good post.

      • ghostrider

        Good post.

      • Georgia Peter

        Mate of mine in Cyprus said to me when I was ripping into Ashley, that “in this kind of financing,, That there is alwas a period of nothing going well for some years before the business plan actually kicks in”.
        I so hope he is right. He was a finance director with a very prominent NE firm. so perhaps has a little insight.
        I still dislike Cashley intensely.

  • gordon

    He went to my school (Springfield Comp, Jarra) – he was NOT a popular lad according to my big bro! Distinctly remember him coming back for a visit to be welcomed by a hail of bricks as he walked across the yard

  • Steve Pearce

    Steve Cram put any money he made up his sneck years ago! Yes Mr Cram – remember those snooker games at Mike H’s place at Tranwell Woods when you lived next door? Long white lines along the cushions and all that….

    • Georgia Peter

      Well, well, well…! whod a thowt it. Mister Snow White Cram is actually China White Cram.

  • Mike

    sunderland till i die? all 20k of em? they call use fickle? SMB wot comes around comes around!!

  • Albert Stubbins

    Apparently when approached about being a benefactor he ran a mile, or more precisely 1500 metres!!

    • Sing in the Leazes

      Set a new PB as well

  • East Durham Mag

    Its about time you changed the photos of the great unwashed. Its either these three muppets or the two idiots blubbing.

  • Alreet

    Im so happy i was born and raised in an NE post code. I really couldnt handle being a makem. This isnt just desparate its a tramp with a 2 week old open can of stella.

    Could be worse………….no i cant think of anything.

  • Malcolm Fisher

    Who’s laughing now, who’s laughing now….. Not you poor suckers, oh well as they say what goes round………. it’s come round to bite you hard.

  • Biggs Darklighter

    It’s just getting better and better. Sunderland have a better chance of selling tickets to toon fans who want a laugh than their own

    • Grahame Johnson

      I went to the Leeds game with a fellow mag and a 52yr old life long Leeds fan, at half time people swapped stands never mind seats, the Leeds fan was a good lad my fellow mag forgot where he was and shouted get in when second goal went in I forgot to when shouting go on big Vern

  • Damon Horner

    Sunderland are boycotting their games and they’re being mocked and not taken seriously.

    Do we still think a boycott for less than they’re putting up would work?

  • Georgia Peter

    1500 with 100,000 each, not askin for much are ya lads. By the look of the place. theres not a hundred grand in the whole of 5under1and.