After the summer transfer window closed, we asked fans – ‘How happy are you with Newcastle’s summer transfer window?’

Once 11pm passed on Thursday night, it was six players in and 16 out:



Christian Atsu, Florian Lejeune, Jacob Murphy, Javier Manquillo, Joselu


Mikel Merino (loan)



Florian Thauvin, Kevin Mbabu, Daryl Murphy, Emmanuel Riviere, Siem De Jong, Grant Hanley

Loaned out

Adam Armstrong, Matz Sels, Ivan Toney, Achraf Lazaar, Tim Krul


Vurnon Anita, Sammy Ameobi, Yoan Gouffran, Haris Vuckic, Lubo Satka

So just how ‘happy’ were Newcastle fans?

We gave options from 100% happy down to 0%, with 10% intervals all the way down, this is how the final voting looked (1,639 Newcastle fans in total placing their vote):

100% – 2% (of Newcastle fans)

90% – 1%

80% – 1%

70% – 2%

60% – 2%

50% – 5%

40% – 5%

30% – 11%

20% – 15%

10% – 21%

0% – 35%

Taking everybody who voted, on average the ‘happiness’ rating was 19% in terms of Newcastle’s transfer window.

A majority of supporters (56%) were 10% or less happy, whilst it was 82% when you get to 30% or less happy.

Obviously 2% playing it for laughs (or Mackem infiltrators) saying they were 100% satisfied.

The results back up what the general reaction had appeared to be, Newcastle fans had hoped for better in the final days but only one signing in the last 34 days of the transfer window has left supporters fearing the worst this season.

  • Dutch

    This is the most boring story I’ve ever read. FFS change the record. Talk about over kill.

    • Si

      Exactly, we as fans can’t change a thing. Just get behind the players and Rafa and try and make the morgue that is SJP somewhere with atmosphere instead of eveyone sitting down at kick off and keeping quiet.

      • Norman Chambers


      • Geordiegiants

        Yeah just bury your head and forget it isn’t happening. That’s what people do until the bailiffs come knocking.

  • Patrick Church

    Sadly, Rafa is suffering from the legacy of Pardew and McClaren signings but the biggest culprit must be Charnley – that man has no idea of how to negotiate (given that his pedigree is an office junior with no formal training or experience in management) so previous signings were made by throwing huge, long term contracts at players to convince them to sign.

    Fast forward to this summer and Rafa has now found out that he can’t shift the deadwood out cos no-one is prepared to meet the ridiculous wages they’re on. recent accounts approximate we are spending £1.34M a WEEK on wages and, with a maximum of 25 PL squad, how can anyone justify paying potentially 1/3 of that to players who will NEVER play for us again.

    I’m in no way an Ashley fan, the damage he has done over the past 10 years will continue to haunt us, but surely he can see that by trying to keep wages to turnover ratio he is allowing Charnley’s incompetence hamstring Rafa’s ability to move the squad forwards. I doubt Ashley would be so accepting should a Senior Manager in Sports Direct continually cover up his inadequacies by throwing money at them but while he is allowed to ‘sit in charge’ we will forever be weak in transfer & signings (oh how things could have been different if HRMC had slapped him in irons)

    • Guest 2

      Charnley is a moron. But let’s not forget even he has a new taskmaster in the shape of the unaccountable (to all but Ashley) Jason Barnes.

      Charnley hasn’t been inadequate in Ashley’s eyes. He has done and continues to do exactly what fatty asks of him.

    • GToon

      I think you are spot on with your first comment. Rafa saw this as a fresh start but I don’t think Ashley and co wiped the slate clean for him. I think the big test will be in January. I think we finally moved out the players referred to in past weeks so we should hopefully be in state to add to the squad in the next window. I don’t think it will happen but let’s see.

  • Kneebotherm8

    The 2% who said they were 100% happy with our transfer dealings will be the usual suspects on this site.

    • Geordiegiants

      Blobby, Borro and Jabba probably had Pedro and Moncur vote.

      • Danimal

        Even with the ‘Monkseaton three’, the ‘Turncoat two’ and the ‘Jabba one’, that leaves 26 votes unaccounted for. Either multiple votes are allowed or some suppprters of our local Championship teams have learned to use a keyboard.

  • Dixon

    A negative website with negative comments so depressing

    • Toon Barmy

      It is only negative depending on your point of view, if you find this website not to your liking then why do you bother reading it?

      • Dixon

        typical of this site, not of the same view as you so chase him off.

        • GToon

          To be honest when we have something to cheer about we cheer. Most of the people on here, even fleckman, clarko etc have a decent argument to put forward. We might be negative, we might be positive but the vast majority of people on this site are proper fans who have done their time supporting this club through thick and thin and have vastly more knowledge of how to make it successful than our current owner. If you want to write something positive then send it in. There’s a lot of nice articles on here. At the moment “we” are concerned about the transfer window and our prospects this year. Join in mate. We are what make our club special after all.

          • Dixon

            Thank you for that I think we have bought six good players ,got rid of some poor ones and hope we’ll beat Swansea 2 0

          • GToon

            No probs. I think we’ve got six good players, got rid of some poor ones too but needed another two or three. I think if we’d got a keeper, a left back and creative midfielder or forward we’d have done well. I think Rafa wanted this too. If we get a point from Swansea I think we will have done well. We’ll see.

          • Jezza

            Swansea have bought vey well in the window. In my opinion they have done much better transfer business than we have and I would swap our summer signings for theirs in a heartbeat. It won’t be easy for us down there.

      • Jezza

        I agree. The original paper version of The Mag was founded on the back of discontent at the way NUFC was being run back in 1988. A platform for the fans to protest against the regime running the club was at the very heart of The Mag’s origins. If some fans consider that to be negative then they don’t have to use this website. There are plenty other NUFC sites, blogs and forums out there that take a more “positive” viewpoint.