Interesting to look at the Premier League relegation odds after the closing of the summer transfer window.

Only three matches played so far by each team but already there are pointers to how each are going to do, with many going for last minute action in the transfer market to improve their chances of survival.

Then we have Newcastle United! Only one signing in the final 34 days of this summer transfer window, but how do the bookies see it?

These are the Premier League relegation odds for each club, the odds generally available from various bookies:

10/11 Brighton

6/4 Burnley

7/4 Crystal Palace

7/4 Huddersfield

2/1 Swansea

5/2 Bournemouth

7/2 Newcastle United

4/1 West Ham

4/1 Watford

8/1 West Brom

9/1 Stoke

20/1 Leicester

40/1 Southampton

The Premier League table below shows of course Huddersfield as joint second in the table with seven points. They started the season as hot odds-on favourites to go down but they have impressed many, both scoring goals and so far keeping three clean sheets.

Brighton have become the new odds-on favourites to go down but the bookies see it as a close run thing with no stand outs at the minute – they have nine different clubs on odds of 4/1 or less to go down.

Interestingly, despite the doom and gloom on Tyneside after the transfer window disappointments, the bookies have Newcastle as only seventh favourites to go down – the much improved display and win against West Ham playing a large part in that no doubt.

The next three matches could tell both fans and the bookies a lot more about what Newcastle supporters can look forward to this season, as before the next international break kicks in – Newcastle play Swansea and Brighton away, as well as Stoke at home. All three of those clubs also featuring in the relegation betting.

Premier League Table after three matches:

9 Man Utd (GD +10)

7 Liverpool (+5)

7 Huddersfield (+4)

7 Man City (+3)

7 West Brom (+2)

6 Chelsea (+2)

5 Watford (+2)

5 Southampton (+1)

4 Tottenham (+1)

4 Burnley (0)

4 Stoke (0)

4 Everton (-1)

4 Swansea (-2)

3 Newcastle United (0)

3 Leicester (-1)

3 Arsenal (-4)

1 Brighton (-4)

0 Bournemouth (-4)

0 Crystal Palace (-6)

0 West Ham (-8)

  • Peaky Magpie

    Think those odds are close enough.Would love to see Swansea & Palace go down,with Everton ( yes I know that won’t happen but I have a deep dislike for the blue half of Merseyside).

  • Geordie-7676

    Fair reflection if you ask me, although despite their great start, i do expect Huddersfield to be dragged back down there once the adrenaline and novelty of being top flight starts wearing off. Couple of defeats on the bounce and they will be up against it.

    I see Palace as being doomed, unless either De Boer makes a miraculous turn around, or they replace him sooner rather than later (Who with would be the biggest question – they would need a seasoned, successful relegation battler, and right now there aren’t that many available that have already been there in recent history, or those that would go). Despite their transfer business, i still see Swansea being there, and i have already put money on Watford taking one of the three spots (I did that before a ball was kicked).

    Brighton and Burnley would then be my next picks for a long hard season. Brighton have a great manager (As we know) but not enough real quality, with Burnley being of the same ilk.

    Provided we keep Rafa, i think we will be among the relegation group, but towards the top end. Lose rafa, and we are doomed.

    • mentalman

      A lot of promoted clubs do the same as huddersfield particularly the ones who’ve never been in the premier league before and can play without any pressure what so ever, come the Christmas period when it becomes a slog they seem to drop off.

      The problem with palace is they have bought players to play the big sam way and thats all they can do, they are struggling with a manager who wants to play actual football. They either need a massive squad overhaul or a new manager, in fact they probably need both which is going to be expensive and risky in january.

      Hughton is a great guy but not a great premier league manager, he has shown with a few teams he’s a championship manager, i may be wrong and it’s been a case of wrong team at the wrong time for him in the past but i think he’s going to take another one down.

      • Geordie-7676

        Provided he takes our place in the bottom 3, then despite my affection for the guy, i will be more than happy.

  • Steve Pearce

    This is only of interest to the mugs who throw their money away by betting. Can you please publish something more positive or consider changing the title of these pages to The Makems as they would appreciate all this negativity!

    • Geordie-7676

      1. So now everyone who enjoys placing a small bet every now and again are mugs?

      2. In what way is this negative? It is all fact…..those are the odds that the bookies are giving. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is negative.

    • Wor Lass

      Actually, Steve, I feel quite buoyed up by the fact that so many clubs have been given worse odds than us!

    • HarryHype59

      Aye, with a £11.5m net spend, top six is a cert! Meanwhile back on planet reality NUFC face season long struggle not to be in the bottom three! Viva the Rafalution!

  • Mrkgw

    Ashley out!