Peter Beardsley felt Dwight Gayle cut a frustrated figure on Monday night.

The former Newcastle great also feeling frustrated on the number nine’s behalf.

Gayle turned out for Newcastle United’s reserve team on Monday night but was starved of decent service on the night, having to feed off scraps.

With the likes of first team squad players Rolando Aarons, Henri Saivet and Jack Colback all also playing, you could/should have expected decent support for the main striker against the Wolves kids – but all three were shocking on the night.

Beardsley says ‘I know exactly where Dwight Gayle wants it’ but felt on Monday he ‘didn’t really have a number 10 to make him a goal’.

To be fair, sadly this is the case in the first team as well.

Whilst Dwight Gayle still has to get going himself in the Premier League this season, it is surely the biggest disappointment of all for both Rafa and the fans, that he wasn’t backed to bring in a quality number 10 in the summer.

Ayoze Perez has an embarrassing three Premier League assists in his years at Newcastle so far and the main alternative, Mohamed Diame, is possibly even less inspiring.

Supporters wait to see if Rafa Benitez will change things against Liverpool – a possible recall for Gayle and maybe even more importantly, possibly shake things up further by putting Shelvey or Ritchie in that number 10 position, to try and give some kind of decent supply line to the main striker.

Peter Beardsley talking to the Chronicle:

“Dwight Gayle likes a certain type of delivery – the type of player I’d have loved playing with because he’s always ready.

“He wants to make his runs and wants the ball – that is what Andy Cole was like, they’re very similar.

“To get the goals he (Gayle) got (in the Championship) and be injured for the time he was, is amazing.

“He will come good again but needs to get his sharpness and get back to normal.

“He’s had a hamstring injury from the start of the season but there will be an important point where he becomes part of the team again.

“I wish I’d have been played with Dwight Gayle – he would have scored goals playing with me.

“I don’t want to sound big-headed but he didn’t really have a number 10 to make him a goal (when playing for the reserves on Monday night).

“I was standing on the line feeling frustrated thinking ‘Let me on there’.

“Obviously I’m 56 now so I know I’m not getting on but I know what Dwight wants and needs and I could deliver it.

“I couldn’t run around now of course but I know exactly where Dwight Gayle wants it.”

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Do we still value “Smell The Glove’s” opinion on anything to do with the club ?

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Only a fool would not listen to Peter Beardsley when it comes to football.

      Nice reference BTW

      • Mike

        ha ha ha thats a joke is it? check his record as a “coach”

      • Malcolm Fisher

        I suppose you are what we have been waiting, the super coach to tell ex pro’s and a manager with a few prestiges trophies in his cabinet where they are going wrong.Step up wonder man and see if you are capable of cleaning Beardsley’s boots.

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          Are you responding to me? I think we agree, if Pedro can pass on his ability, then he’s worth listening to.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Your right about Football in general but when it comes to Newcastle United he has lost all Geordie Privileges imo.

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          That’s pathetic mate

  • Soldier

    Go tell you friend Ashley that because he just ignores the manager,
    In Perez, Joselu & Diame we have 3 players who can never reach a decent standard in the premiership.

  • Peter Stabler

    Does Rafa see the no10 role as a tackling position ? Trying to win the ball back on the blind side when the other players press? It certainly hasn’t been a very creative position lately for us.

  • Steve Pearce

    I know where Dwight Gayle wants it alright – and that’s why he’s so shyte at scoring goals,,,,,,

  • Rich Lawson

    ”He didn’t really have a no10 to make him a goal” Is that not what we’re all saying about the 1st team ? Doh !

  • Mike

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz beardo the coaching expert? or Cashleys ars kisser like Moncur?

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Or the bully of kids ?