After doing his best to undermine and deflate the spirits of Rafa Benitez throughout the summer, Mike Ashley has now turned his attention to the Newcastle players.

It was 10 days ago when it was revealed that the Newcastle squad were still yet to agree a bonus structure for the new season with Ashley & his minions.

Saturday morning sees an update, still no agreement reached although the Newcastle players have had an offer…

The Shields Gazette reveal that each player will receive less than the average week’s wages if they keep Newcastle United in the Premier League by finishing 17th.

The newspaper reporting that the players would share £1m and with a 25 man senior squad, that would work out at £40,000 each, at the most. The likes of Freddie Woodman and Mikel Merino qualify as Under 21 players, so when the 25 man Newcastle United Premier League squad was announced, that pair are additional.

This Mike Ashley bonus offer of less than a week’s wages (on average) for each player has not impressed the squad, who know that players at other Premier League clubs have been given far bigger incentives.

The Shields Gazette say that each additional position above 17th would see another £1m added to the bonus pot.

Each extra Premier League position sees a club given £1.9m more from the end of season PL TV payout, so if you finish bottom you get £1.9m and if say you end up 17th, a club receives £7.6m.

So if the Newcastle players agreed to the offer, it is obviously a win-win for Mike Ashley if NUFC for example ended up 17th instead of 20th – 20th would equal £1.9m to NUFC/Ashley and no bonus to the players, whilst 17th would give NUFC/Ashley £6.6m extra (£7.6m less £1m for the squad).

As we reported 11 days ago, yes it is ridiculous what players receive these days but it is false economy not to pay the market rate on bonuses, or else otherwise they are in reality not acting as…incentives.

The Mag – 22 August 2017:

It is not only Rafa Benitez who isn’t seeing eye to eye with the club hierarchy this summer.

Tuesday morning  brings news that despite the season now being two games old, the Newcastle players still haven’t been offered an acceptable bonus arrangement for this season.

The Shields Gazette have revealed the news, saying that there is a final deadline of the start of next month by when agreement must be reached.

The local newspaper reports that at the end of last season, the Newcastle players, along with non-playing staff, shared bonuses of £5m for winning the Championship.

With the riches provided by the Premier League, the Newcastle squad are looking for a bonus arrangement which is in line with the top tier.

Apparently a guaranteed giant Sports Direct mug for each player plus a pair of white sports socks per player for every point gained, didn’t impress the United players…

In situations like this it is always the knee jerk reaction of many fans to think of greedy players but that is a daft way of looking at it.

Of course football players get paid crazy amounts of money but realistically, the only way a club can ever have any hope of succeeding is if they treat their key people right and give them whatever is the industry standard.

It isn’t the first time the Newcastle players have been in dispute over bonus arrangements.

Back in summer 2010 (after a Newcastle promotion…), the Newcastle players committee famously went up against Mike Ashley.

The likes of Nolan, Smith, Barton and Harper were the experienced players who represented the squad and wouldn’t bow to Ashley’s will, Chris Hughton backing them as well.

It later emerged that Mike Ashley had allegedly taken it very badly and vowed to get rid of all of the main movers from the club, sure enough Hughton was removed a few months later with United safe in mid-table and none of the players involved got another contract at NUFC.

The divide and rule by Ashley then saw him reportedly push Pardew into appointing Fabricio Coloccini, a player who the owner got on well with and was so weak as a leader, wouldn’t even give TV interviews on behalf of the team/club.

Whilst doubts remain as to whether Jamaal Lascelles is one of Newcastle’s best 11 players, he has certainly impressed with his willingness to speak out and represent the squad as club captain. So you can assume that he must be a key person in this bonus dispute.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    I don’t get any bonus!

    • Guest 2

      Does your job ensure revenue well in excess of 100 million? Thought not.

      • Mayor Vaughn

        Can’t really sympathise with a bonus of 40k at worst, Ashley is a tight, duplicitous liar we all know it.
        After that window i suspect no bonus will be paid anyway.

    • GeordieZebra

      You’re not the barometer! If all our competitive set do then we’ve purposely disadvantaged ourselves as ever.

  • TheNutJob

    Win, win for the Fat lad as he continues to milk the cash cow thus enabling him to stock up on more wallpaper

  • Jezza

    Compare the player bonus to the bonus Fatso will give himself when the television money comes in, or the bonus he gave himself after last summer’s £40 million transfer profit for that matter.

  • Steve Pearce

    Fear not – because the small ripple I am forming as I write this will by the end of the season have become a huge wave that will wash this fat stinking bag of southern pus out of our club!

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Ashley knows the price for everything but the value of nothing…

  • TheNutJob

    The Fat Lads final revenge on the Geordies will be the return of the Silver slimeball when Rafa resigns

    • Leazes Ender

      He’s not coming back.

      • TheNutJob

        I know, i just did it to wind you up

  • Jimblag23

    If they need incentive they should be shot.

  • Guest 2

    More of the same. Repeating the KK saga with Rafa and now the 2010 bonus issue with the players.

    • Alex

      No way, you’re so wrong. Ashley and his ‘board’ have said they’ve learnt lesons from the past.

      Oh, wait a minute………………………

  • Peaco

    We’ll dance on his grave one day

    • Kneebotherm8

      As long as he’s not buried at sea.

      • Peaco

        I would have thought a sea burial would not be good value?

        • Kneebotherm8

          If it was him any price would be cheap.

      • Steve Smith

        With the ice caps melting and sea levels already rising, a sea burial for Ashley may be enough to cause Venice to disappear altogether.

        • Kneebotherm8

          He’d probably create a tsunami if he was dropped in the ocean.fat twt.

      • Jimblag23

        The gulls would think they’re picking at a manatees corpse.

  • Randomer1

    Is it just me who thinks that if TV money = £1.9m / position then giving £1m of that (over half) to the players is fair?
    And the players main complaint is that’s less that other teams get?
    So what are players of other teams getting?! ALL the TV money?! 😱 And you’d wonder why there’s no transfer pot, over half of our total income goes on players wages and bonuses!
    I’m no fan of Ashley but this is getting ridiculous! If I was a pro footballer and already a millionaire I wouldn’t need more money to motivate me to avoid relegation!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Tv money is £7.6m, 1 mill to the players & the rest to Fatso
      the £1.9m figure the players get nowt

      • Randomer1

        True but if they finish 18th, 19th or 20th they don’t deserve a bonus, because they’ll have failed.
        For every position they finish above 17th they get and extra £1m such that if they finish 16th they get around £80,000 each (more than their average weeks wage). If they finish 10th the TV money is £19m of which the players share £8m… and you’d hope fat man gave us a transfer budget of £11m next summer (seems reasonable even for him)…

        Yet they players are complaining… hmmm

    • Steve Smith

      Where an organisation offers a bonus structure, generally up to 15% is seen as fair.

      15% is approximately 7/8 weeks wages.

      • Randomer1

        The only position in question if 17th where they’d get approx £40k each.
        If they finish 16th it’s £80k. I believe the current top earner is Shelvey on £70k so £80k is more than any players weekly wage.
        If they finish 15th is £120k each…

        Sounds like a good deal to me. Yet they’re complaining…

    • Jezza

      The thing you find with multi millionaire celebs, whether they’re sports stars, actors/actresses, pop stars etc is that the only thing that seems to motivate them is even more money.

  • Paul Patterson

    I think some people are missing the point.
    Yes, players shouldn’t need an incentive to avoid relegation but people are forgetting exterior forces.
    If I was offered a £1000 bonus for performing well, yet someone else in another company doing the exact same job was offered a £10,000 for performing well, I’d be looking at myself and thinking, how can I join the other company, not out of greed just the fact that the other company must value hard work more than my current employer.
    On that note, it would be interesting to see what other clubs bonus schemes are..

    • mentalman

      It happens in every business in every industry thats why you strive to improve and go to the companies that pay the bigger bonuses. Unless your at the top company there is always another that pays better.

      The only way around it is an industry wide bonus which is agreed by all

    • Randomer1

      Thats simply not true tho.
      For example; my mate owns a huge bar/restaurant that turns £6m / year… I own a small quirky bar that turns £500k, I can’t afford to pay my staff the same as he pays his, but my staff are still passionate about competing in the same industry and regularly beat his to industry awards… It’s about choosing people who are passionate and committed rather than mercenaries motivated by money.

      • Paul Patterson

        You obviously have got good loyal staff. But most of us are mercenaries, we all look out for better working conditions and that includes pay and bonuses.

        • Stephen Paylor

          i think its all relative Paul, if you have kids and a wife and dependents and struggle then every last penny is important and you do what you need to do. If your earning hundreds of thousands or even millions a year then maybe an extra chunk of money isnt as important as your loyalty, passion and heart.

      • Leazes Ender

        Where do you find people committed to a club whose ambition is nil…?

        • Randomer1

          I mean that’s a fair point like

  • anyobrien

    Tbh I don’t believe they should be given a bonus when you have some one like colback on 70k a week yes that’s right 70k……but if they were promised it you have to deliver.
    I remember when I found d out they get paid for playing for England… I was gobsmacked how nieve of me. Ithought it was a honour and privilege.

    • Jezza

      I know it has been mentioned a lot lately but surely to God Colback can not possibly be on 70 grand a week can he?

      • anyobrien

        That’s what’s been reported and that’s why he won’t leave… Wolves, hull would not match his wages.

  • mentalman

    Do all the staff still get the same as the players?

  • paul mclaughlan

    Those poor darling players having to struggle by on their meagre wages. How will their kids eat without a bonus? It’s not as though they ask for much.

    Ps I’m no Ashley fan.

  • Stan Anderson

    Bonus should be based on performance/results – season ticket holders should get refunds (i.e. A bonus) when results are poor!

    • Biggs Darklighter

      Everybody would be given a bonus if Fat Ashley topped himself.

    • Leazes Ender

      Charnley gets a bonus for withholding funds which in turn leads to relegation…. very strange scheme he’s got there.

  • ghostrider

    Player bonus.
    A player bonus should be the opposite of what’s being bandied about in football for those players in the premier league at the very least.
    The real bonus should be getting their full wage if they win.
    If they draw then they lose 10% of it.
    If they lose they lose 50% of the wage.
    There’s the bonus and it’s based on success or 100% effort in the attempt to achieve it.
    At the end of the season, if they have won something, then share out a extra bonus…but certainly not just for finishing above relegation or being happy to gain a few extra places higher to up the ante in your bank account.

    I’m finding myself getting more and more disillusioned with football as a whole and I especially find myself almost despising some players in the game, who think they’re some kind of gods who should be bowed to.