Tonight’s Match of The Day running order has now been announced.

Kicking off at 10.25pm on BBC1 this Saturday night, there are eight matches in total.

Here is the Match of The Day running order of matches tonight to see how Newcastle’s rivals got on today ahead of Sunday’s match:

Manchester City v Crystal Palace

Leicester v Liverpool

West Ham v Tottenham

Stoke v Chelsea

Southampton v Man Utd

Everton v Bournemouth 

Swansea v Watford

Burnley v Huddersfield

  • Steve Pearce

    D’oh – what about MOTD on Sunday?

    I already know all the scores and our position in the table – so here’s to squashing the Seagulls and retaining that fourth place. Which should make our prospective new owner or owners very happy…..


    Wow, been looking forward to this with baited breath. Hold on, we were not even playing, who gives a sh*t

  • Stephen

    Man City absolutely fantastic football
    Everything that’s right and wrong about modern soccer
    If you had a son that was a good footballer and was wanted by a lot of clubs would you let him sign for Man City
    I know I wouldn’t.

    • Rich Lawson

      No,I’d put him with a lower league club who would develop him and give him game time,not a team who sign him just so no one else gets him then loan him out before selling him on 2 or 3 years later. Man’ City look great but they (and others )are just buying it and not helping local talent.

    • steve

      Yes, they’ve built the best youth setup in the league over the past few years even if the players do end up elsewhere.