Interesting what Liverpool fans are having to say about their current position.

By the time it gets to October, Jurgen Klopp will have been at the club for two years and there is now a debate about where the club is, or isn’t, heading under the Liverpool manager.

Klopp has been backed with serious money for transfers but whilst Liverpool fans have enjoyed a lot of his attacking style of football, questions are being asked about other aspects, particularly the defending.

This season Liverpool have already conceded 16 goals in all competitions and the last four matches have produced these results: Manchester City 5 Liverpool 0, Liverpool 2 Sevilla 2, Liverpool 1 Burnley 1 and last night, Leicester City 2 Liverpool 0.

Rafa Benitez remains a very popular figure on Merseyside and now some Liverpool fans think he could be the answer once again…

Obviously Rafa is going anywhere and staying at Newcastle but interesting to see the two side of the argument being put up on Merseyside.

Comments from top Liverpool fans message board Liverpool FC Forum:

‘We need a shrewd tactician at the helm

Klopp really needs to develop this part of his game plan, being able to protect his side from conceding easy goals.

Playing pressing football if you don’t have top/world class players at cb and intelligent players in midfield to protect the defence, we are always going to get into trouble. a midfield that always presses forward without seeing the danger defensively when to protect our back four, we need to have incredible defenders but we don’t.

We need to change and fast, personally Benitez would be the right man to take us back to being a class team.

Benitez never had the owners to enable him to create the team he wanted, with FSG who for all the moaning that they do get do support our managers well (at least in comparison to hicks and gillett) he would be able to do more than Klopp seems capable of.’

‘Whilst I don’t believe that Klopp is a master tactician, why Benitez is considered the first port of call is beyond me.

His time has been and gone at this club.’

‘It seems none of them can coach and drill a team on the basic art of defending.’

‘How can Klopp be considered top class? No team in history sustained success with a poor defence.’

‘That’s a fair and valid question…unfortunately becoming fairer by the week.’

‘I have got a distinct feel of unfinished business with Rafa Benitez.

The man was left in shreds after what Hicks and Gillett did to the club they made his job impossible.’

‘Rafa’s ship has sailed. No chance.

Yes defensively he can tighten things up but sometimes his brand of football got boring.’

‘Only because we had a poor forward line.

Benitez’s defensive know how with Mane Firmino and Salah we would be balanced and lethal.’

‘Who had 19th September in the first “Klopp out, Rafa in” thread sweepstake?!’

‘You have to very careful about wanting Klopp out.

I’m frustrated as anybody with Klopp right now, thinking Hendo can be our cdm and captain fills me with fury, not buying any defenders etc. But if Klopp goes, we genuinely could end up with some tramp like Eddie Howe.

Another thing that I find uncomfortable is going from Klopp football (when it works) to a more pragmatic style. I can only accept pragmatic football if it wins games.’

‘Why do certain fans have a default position that when we go through a bad run, call for the return of Rafa?

Yes he was good while he was here, but he left 7 years ago. Time to move on.

This is not a slight on the man, but we need to keep looking forward. Klopp is the man for now anyway.’

‘This is just Kevin Keegan all over again.

His (Klopp’s) teams are good going fwd but at the back terrible. I think Klopp has made this job even harder for himself with some truly awful decisions that has thrown the plans overboard.

Would like to think he will learn from this but am not convinced he will.’

‘There’s no coaching Klavan or Lovren. Rafa or whoever wouldn’t make one bit of difference.’

  • Rouman7

    The guy is deluded if Rafa got offered job at liverpool he would run back… Newcastle will never meen more to him than liverpool his heart is at anfield his family still live there. Klopp will get it right but if he decided he had enough only one man for me Rafa … would he come defo …

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Spot on

    • Albert Stubbins

      Not a chance- like King Kev did? ask Terry Mac or King Kev where they’d run to first and it wouldnt be libpool. You stick with King Kenny- Rafa loves Newcastle and the fans love him way more than a bunch of fickle scousers ever could- youd only all want rid after three or four poor results anyways!!

  • Jimblag23

    I can’t see Liverpool sacking Klopp, but I can see Rafa taking that job if offered.
    I would rather work in the city my family lives for more money and better backing from my boss.

  • Phil Ratcliffe

    The big problem here is FSG, they won’t kick Klopp out, he has had 2 seasons, 1st he came in late, so didn’t have the players he would have wanted, and after not getting what he wanted in the summer where still left in the same position. VvD, was his main Defensive Target, biggest issue he didn’t have a back up plan. Where now reliant on Lovren, Klavan and Matip, the latter is fitting in but the first 2 are a waste of space and Gomez proved yesterday he is not up to standard as a CB yet. The 1st goal was down to Gomez, he played 4 players on side by stepping back towards the goal keeper and not staying in line with other defenders. So for me until January I don’t expect us to be in any better position than maybe 6th to 10th. I would love to see Rafa come back to LFC, he is the only manager we have won any big trophies under in the last 15 years. Champions League 2005 and then lesser FA Cup win 2006. YNWA

  • Red Bhoy

    Don’t want Kloppo to leave. Really hope he get’s it right. But if it all goes Belly up, It would have to Rafa. proving himself again this season at Newcastle on a shoe string. won us ‘ol big ears on a relative shoe string remember. We need a tactician and there’s no one better!

  • Paul Patterson

    Hands off!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Klopps a Gung ho manager, Rafa’s a master tactician.
    Who would you rather have ?!

    • Jimblag23

      And Pardew is a master ho.

  • Rich Lawson

    You generally don’t go back,if he did he stands the chance of ruining is legacy there and I honestly believe he will see out his contract with us,he has thrived on the adversity at St James’s and made his employer look foolish.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He won`t put up with the Fat lad if he pulls anymore strokes in jnauary

      • Rich Lawson

        jnah !,it’s a long way off,but anything could happen with this club,very few statements (mine inc’) on here apart from ”Ashley out” are very consistent.

  • Steve Pearce

    Herr Klopp will be schiessing his leiderhosen on October 30th and that won’t be from scary halloween costumes. His Reds will be sent crying back to Scouseland and he will be popping into Specsavers after hoying glasses off the dugout wall!

    Rafa has in my opinion craved the Newcastle job since he left Liverpool and I firmly believe that he will finish his career with us. No matter what the fat stinking bag of pus does.

    • Marveauxless

      Yeah, forget playing Champions League football with treble-winning Inter Milan; Real Madrid; Napoli and Chelsea. He clearly wanted to be battling it out in the Championship with Newcastle…

      There is nothing special about Newcastle; a dozen other Premier League clubs could offer Benitez what Newcastle does (and some of them offer a lot more), if any of them were to offer him greater backing in the transfer market he would move in a heartbeat.

      • Steve Pearce

        So why did he stay to see out our relegation season then? He has openly admitted he loves the adoration of our fans and loves our city. He has clearly proved that backing in the transfer market is not everything and has done that by getting us up to fourth with the squad he has been allowed to assemble by financial constraints. He will be here for the long haul and will see out the reign of our hated owner!

        • Marveauxless

          Because of all of the Premier League clubs looking for managers in the summer of 2016:
          -The bigger clubs (Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City) were looking for more recently-successful, “fashionable” managers, plus Benitez has a negative relationship with such clubs having managed Chelsea and Manchester rivals Liverpool in the past.
          -Southampton, Watford, Hull and Sunderland were unwilling to pay the wages of the 13th highest paid manager in Europe
          -The only club that could have afforded him was Everton who happened to choose Koeman instead.

          Benitez would receive adoration from any club’s fans so long as he was successful and he doesn’t live in Newcastle; the only parts of the city he sees are the training ground and the stadium. He cares far more about proximity to his home in the Wirral.

          He made a huge fuss in both January and the summer about the lack of transfer funds because he knows it’s impossible to consistently progress beyond mid-table without it. And Newcastle can’t be considered to be a long-term project if they can’t progress into the top 8.
          If the likes of Everton or West Ham (both of whom may be looking for a new manager very soon and are willing to back them financially) I’m sure he’d have no issue leaving Newcastle behind

          • Steve Pearce

            Are you in love with Steve “The Great Minge Headed Idiot” Mclaren by any chance….

          • Marveauxless

            For the life of me I cannot fathom how you have came to that conclusion based on what I’ve just said…😮

  • Lofty

    Always makes me laugh the old ‘Keenan’s defence was rubbish’ line. In the nearly season of 95/96 we conceded 37 goals, only two more than Manchester United.

    • Geordiegiants

      It’s always brought up, we actually had a very good defence.

  • Donald Dong

    Liverpool deserves where they are now, and they are lucky to have Klopp. The back stabbers who suceeeded in yanking Benitez got what they deserve. Its more than 7 years since Rafa left, aside from the League Cup in which Kenny steers the team into the only silverware, all those people who bad mouth Rafa, including Hodgson, Rodgers have nothing to show for, despite a very healthy budget. For Benitez, his collection of silverware continues, he has since won Coppa, 2 Super Coppa, Europa League, Club World Cup, and even EFL Championship. Klopp deserves more time, because he is a category above Rodgers, and Hodgson, and I believe Liverpool will be fine in the long run with him. Rafa will be better off in Newcastle, again proving those critics wrong.