Jurgen Klopp endured another frustrating night watching his Liverpool team misfire.

Tuesday saw the scousers away at Spartak Moscow in the Champions League and despite dominating, especially when it came to clear chances, they only came away with a 1-1 draw.

This is now a familiar pattern after struggling to convert chances into goals but last night, Jurgen Klopp was able to field the ‘dream’ attacking quartet of Coutinho, Firminio, Man and Salah together.

Coutinho having failed to escape in the summer and now being fully integrated back into the first team.

Asked about playing the four of them together, Klopp says that he will have to wait and see how they are physically after stepping off the plane on arrival back in England.

The Liverpool manager’s playing style has been widely praised but this season the defending of Jurgen Klopp’s team has increasingly been called into question, with the scousers having already conceded 19 goals in all competitions.

Jurgen Klopp asked if frustrated by only drawing 1-1 away at Spartak Moscow:

“Of course. As I said it already a few times, we in this moment are not the luckiest team in world football, so it’s not that things go easy for us.

“We did really well in creating chances against a very defence-orientated team. We didn’t give a lot of chances away for them; the free-kick they scored with was not a foul, so it’s difficult to change this.

“In defending, if you win the ball clear and there’s still a whistle it’s difficult, but it was a brilliant free-kick.

“We made our equaliser, we scored and we could have created even more chances, that’s the crazy thing. We did enough and we had four or five 100 per cent chances and that’s then disappointing but it is like it is.

“We could have, or should have, won but we didn’t. In the end that’s always our fault, but we will carry on and carry on like this, or even better. I saw a lot of good things tonight, it was not a perfect game, but there were a lot of good things.”

On starting with Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Mane in the same line-up:

“For the next game (against Newcastle), we will have to see how the players are tomorrow morning when we leave the plane, but it’s good when you have all of these players around.

“It’s not lining up the players and then you hope something will happen, they all need rhythm, need to be in a good shape and all that stuff. It was a very intense game.

“For me, it’s never about the names, it’s about how we can perform and in some moments we performed as good as possible and in a lot of moments not. We have to keep on working, that’s how it is – we have to carry on, we have to create, we have to protect, we have to defend and then to score.

“Obviously we didn’t score often enough tonight and that’s a fact, but let’s go on.

“Why you couldn’t score is a really good question, it’s a big question. So because of being a little bit of being unlucky in one situation, good goalkeeper saves, I saw a lot of good saves from both goalkeepers, and wrong decisions in the decisive moment, that’s how football is. But again, how I said before, the only way you can change it is really to do it again, do it again and do it again – and that’s what we will do.”

  • TheNutJob

    If that lot start scoring the chances they create then someone`s in for a paggering

    • Wor Lass


  • anyobrien

    There due to hammer someone

  • Kneebotherm8

    Just hope thar aaall tired oot after their long trek to Moscow and back.

    • Rich Lawson

      Yes,flying in luxury to foreign places and having to play up to 90min’s of football on these wages,what were they thinking giving them a game a mere 5 days later ? Outrageous !

      • Kneebotherm8

        They’ll still be complaining about playing 2 games in 5 days/ long haul to Russia and back, Newcastle having a full week off etc……etc ……………..but that’s only if we beat them,so I hope Klopps coming out with all these excuses on Sunday after the game.

        • Rich Lawson

          Are these people not supposed to be professional athletes ffs ?

          • Kneebotherm8

            They’re all professional athletes,us included,the margins are fine and in defeat a manager has to make an excuse as to why it happened.
            It’ll not be the first,or last, time a manager has used these types of excuses when losing a game.

          • Rich Lawson

            It’s become the norm,but what do they train for if not this sort of circumstance,just annoys the hell out of me when I have three 12 hour shifts out of 72 hours coming up for less than they earn in an hour !

          • Kneebotherm8

            Totally agree with you,I’m not justifying what they say and it annoys me too,but we all know this is the type of jargon used by a lot of managers looking for excuses in defeat. It’ll annoy me on Sunday if we beat them and he comes out with this line,but who’ll be bothered if we can get the 3 points.

          • Rich Lawson

            Your right,I’d settle for that.