Jurgen Klopp is looking forward to the Newcastle match and meeting up with Rafa Benitez once again.

The Liverpool manager says that his NUFC counterpart is ‘a very, very interesting person’.

Jurgen Klopp knows Rafa Benitez really well and pre-season they met up for talks.

The Liverpool boss saying ‘I know him better than most of the other colleagues in the Premier League…”

Whilst the preparations for this match were always going to be full of respect between the two managers and clubs, Jurgen Klopp knows that his side have to put behind them the month of September, where they managed only one win from six matches.

Jurgen Klopp:

“I met Rafa once when he was manager of Liverpool, we beat him 5-0 with Mainz, hopefully he remembers that!

“The rest is history, the big success. We met meanwhile for sure 10 or 15 times on different occasions and it was always really nice, to be honest.

“He’s a very, very interesting person, so we always had a good time.

“I know he’s still connected, not only because he lives around here (north west) still, he’s really connected to the club still, wishes the club all the best and all that stuff – it’s how it should be after this fantastic time that he had here.

“Even in pre-season and the summer break, we had talks. I know him better than most of the other colleagues in the Premier League, to be honest, and it’s nice but it has not the biggest impact, I think, on the game.

“It (the start to the season) is the foundation, it’s our basis, it’s how it is and that’s what we want to use. Actually it says nothing about the Newcastle game.

“So we have to go there and we have to sort our smaller or bigger problems, whatever, we have to go there and make a line-up and to respect Newcastle.

“I had the opportunity to see the full game against Brighton last week – good team, well organised, unlucky with the goal I would say, it was a wonderful goal at the end but there was a lot of discussion about whether it was a foul or not, so of course that’s a little bit unlucky.

“It doesn’t sound too well but everything is possible for us. 11 points ( from 18 in the Premier League) sounds not perfect but on the other hand, it’s not that we cannot see the other teams any more. But it’s only the basis, which we have to use.”

  • Steve Pearce

    Thank you Herr Klopp.

    Its a refreshing change when a top class manger is honest and open and treats his counterpart with respect. Before we got Rafa I would have loved Jurgen Klopp as manager but we ended up with Coco The Clown Carver and Auld Minge Heed. I hope he’s well stocked up with spare pairs of glasses as he’ll be hoying them off the dugout walls when we start dismantling his defence,,,,,

  • TheNutJob

    Klopp`s a good manager, he plays attacking football no matter what.
    he`ll come good at Liverpool, i just hope it`s after Sunday

    • Andy Mac

      Actually I think Klopp has a flaw NJ. His ego ?

  • Peaky Magpie

    Quite like klippety Klopp but i wouldn’t be 100% surprised if he ends up at Bayern.

  • Andy Mac

    I could be reading this wrong but it seems like Klopp is happy to bask in the afterglow of another ! Klopp is OK but would I want him at NUFC in place of Rafa 😴

    • Andy Mac

      That was a shaking head emoji