Joselu was the only Newcastle United signing in the final 34 days of the summer transfer window.

Rafa Benitez had made clear he wanted a new first choice centre-forward but with Mike Ashley refusing to back him, he was forced to go for a more bargain basement signing that brought Joselu to St James Park for £5m.

Newcastle fans were generally underwhelmed with the signing but after seeing him in the flesh,, fair to say supporters have been impressed with his workrate and all round game, but is he someone who can deliver goals?

Scoring on his first start against West Ham, then only denied by a world class save from his header at Swansea, Joselu looked as though he was in the mood for adding the goals to his overall game, only to then have a bit of a horror show against Stoke, failing to convert and of three golden chances.

It is far too small a sample of matches to judge him on but what does Joselu’s past tell us about him?

Well, at the age of 27 he isn’t a kid and this is his sixth season of playing in the top division of a major league (Spain, Germany, England).

2012/13 – 25 league appearances (17 starts 8 as a sub) and 5 goals and 2 assists for Hoffenheim

2013/14 – 24 league appearances (18 starts 6 as a sub) and 9 goals and 2 assists for Eintracht Frankfurt

2014/15 – 30 league appearances (28 starts 2 as a sub) and 8 goals and 3 assists for Hannover

2015/16 – 22 league appearances (10 starts 12 as a sub) and 4 goals and 1 assist for Stoke

2016/17 – 20 league appearances (9 starts 11 as a sub) and 5 goals and 1 assist for Deportivo

2017/18 –  4 league appearances (3 starts 1 as a sub) and 1 goal and 0 assists for Newcastle United

So overall in these past six seasons of top flight football, Joselu has scored 32 league goals in 125 appearances (85 starts, 40 off the bench) and got 9 assists.

A few things strike you, the main negative being that the Spanish striker has never scored double figures in any league season (Spanish Shola..?).

In mitigation though, he has rarely been given the chance at any club to be an automatic first choice, apart from maybe at Hannover.

The other stand out thing is that this season is his sixth season in a row at a different club – six clubs in six years is hardly a recipe for success and building a rapport/relationship with teammates.

It isn’t a case of writing Joselu off but you have to think it is going to take a major improvement in front of goal, if the Spaniard is going to be a 15 goals a season forward for Newcastle.

You have to go back to his time at Real Madrid for impressive goalscoring statistics, Joselu scoring 41 goals in 73 appearances (53 starts and 20 from bench), although all but one of those goals and appearances was for the Real Madrid reserve side, who at the time were playing in the third tier of Spanish football – getting promoted to the second tier as champions in Joselu’s second and final season at the club.

As for the situation now at Newcastle, I think Joselu can play his part and be a decent player and score a few goals as well as being pretty dominant in the air and some good link-up play BUT I think we may well need Dwight Gayle (or Mitrovic if you think Rafa will give him a chance) to step up and show he can be a regular goalscorer in the top tier, or failing that look for an out and out goalscorer to be signed in January…

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He’s a regular Goal Machine, isn’t he.
    bought to make up the number’s no more no less, lacks the composure to be a regular scorer.
    I’d put money on him leaving next summer

    • Andy Mac

      Except we’ve given him a three year contract and he’ll be on a good wedge. Which means we’ve got him for the duration like Riviere before him.

      • wheyayeman

        Joselu can hardly be compared to Riviere ! In any case his was a 5 year contract. Joselu has done more on the pitch to contribute than Riviere already in a few weeks. Granted that’s not hard to do.

  • Mxpx

    I think his build up play has looked ok but his finishing has been suspect personally I’d give him a go in the number 10 role instead of Perez

    • Soldier

      i think he`d be ok playing 4-4-2

    • Mike Adam

      That works, and maybe Mitro will finally get his run of games at striker!!!

  • Steve Pearce

    Give him time – until January when we get Adam Armstrong back off loan….

    • mentalman

      AA is hardly the answer, he’s another who is going to slip in to lower league obscurity

      • Steve Pearce

        Unfortunately you may be right. So let’s see how Hos does until January when we may get another striker. Andy Carroll come home perhaps……

        • Peter Stabler

          Andy Carrol at WHU – 112 games 30 goals in 5 complete seasons plus this one so far – similar scoring record to Joselu and only fit for half the games – love to see him here doing well but wishful thinking doesn’t cut it.

          • Steve Pearce

            Yes he joined the long list of ex-Newcastle players who were struck down by the injury jinx. At least Hoselu seems fit enough and he just needs a couple of goals hopefully to start knocking them in on a regular basis.

  • Leazes Ender

    Maybe its something simple that the coaches can fix like a new pair of contact lenses.

    • Andy Mac

      or Crutches ?

      • Jimmy_toons

        Perhaps provide him with two left boots to correctly match his feet?

  • Mike

    cheap as chips striker

  • fistsofsteel2

    Mitrovic is the man. It is evident that he is now ready to begin fulfilling his potential and will score goals.

    • Jimmy_toons

      Are you on drugs? If not, you ought to be.

    • Mike Adam

      Yes he is!!! It is about time that he gets his chance. And to you Jimmy, disagree but don’t insult. I am not on drugs either! Maybe I will have to wait until the World Cup this summer to watch Mitro score plenty of goals, but he will!

  • gallowgate26

    If we are defending from the front, creating chances and winning games, to be honest I don’t care how many goals he scores. He got into the positions to miss them against Stoke, hopefully he just didn’t have his shooting boots on and it was trying too hard against Mr Angry (Hughes). Mitrovic isn’t mobile enough or positionally aware to get on the end of that many chances. Rafa will sort Joselu’s finishing, they’ve turned Atsu from an inconsistent player into a real asset in the space of 12 months!

  • Mayor Vaughn

    He’ll be fine

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    i have nothing against the guy but at 27 & with his previous record he`s not the answer to our problems up front & you can`t coach a striker to score goals, he`s either got it or he hasn`t and Joselu hasn`t

    • Leazes Ender

      The latter.

  • Danimal

    Decent squad man. If we give him three good chances like that every match, he can’t fail to convert a few…can he? I think we have four, in Joselu, Mitrovic, Gayle and Perez, who will each contribute. But no magical 20 goal striker. To be fair, they are hard to come by. Look at 1 goal in 3 or 4 games players like Andre Gray changing hands for £18m.

  • Mal

    ‘It is far too small a sample,of matches to judge him on……’

    But let’s do it anyway. i give up on this website.

    • The Nut Job

      it isn`t a few matches its the last 7 years, the guy just isn`t a goal getter

      • Mal

        Oh well, let’s not give him a chance here. Hopefully he doesn’t read the so called supporters website looking for encouragement. Quite a few on here must be gutted that we’ve won 3 on the trot so articles like this give them a good chance to post some negativity, which they take the chance to do so. Still, if it doesn’t last, and this guy doesn’t come good you can all say ‘told you so’.

  • Lord

    Doubt he’ll hit double figures but we have goals from all over the pitch right now; try predicting our first goal scorer in each match for us vs, say, the Manchester clubs.

    Still, we’d all feel better with a proven Premier League goal machine in the club. Next year maybe?

  • wheyayeman

    Your guess is as good as mine – he won’t be prolific but with a consistent run he can get 10-15 goals this season. His all round game, link up play etc makes him a more valuable addition to the team than simply his goals scored. As long as we are winning games with him playing well on the pitch who really cares who is banging them in ?

  • Leazes Ender

    He’s a five million quid striker and you want goals as well?

  • fistsofsteel2

    Lascelles could end up being our top scorer this season if we get enough corners ;)