Jamaal Lascelles is the man of the moment.

Saved one and scored the winner at Swansea, then put away the decider against Stoke City, no wonder he is full of it.

The Newcastle captain says  ‘We show so much energy, I don’t think teams can deal with that’.

Certainly the team are playing for Rafa Benitez and Newcastle have suggested in the past three matches that they can give anybody a game.

Whether that ‘energy’ will be enough when playing the better teams remains to be seen but this season was always going to be about how Newcastle fared against the likes of Huddersfield, West Ham, Swansea and Stoke, so nine points out of 12 so far is good going.

With it not looking like Newcastle carried a striker who could get an outstanding amount of goals, it was essential that other players chipped in. As well as Mitrovic and Joselu, we have now seen goals from Atsu, Clark and Lascelles (2).

Jamaal Lascelles summing up Saturday’s performance: ‘Collectively it was a brilliant team performance and it’s always nice to get on the scoresheet as well’.

The United captain perceives it as Newcastle having certain advantages and especially the level of commitment: ‘We’ve got the right mentality, we’ve got the talent. The opposition will not be up for it like we will be’.

Jamaal Lascelles talking to the official site:

“It just goes to show how much character we have – a couple of seasons back we would go a goal down or concede a goal and heads would drop. We’d be looking at each other like ‘who’s going to step up?’

“But everyone steps up, the 11 of us. This group of boys are excellent and we just keep going.

“We are an ambitious bunch of players, a really tight group of lads, and we’re friends. We work hard for each other on the pitch.

“We have set our standards now and in the West Ham game we set our benchmark, now we need to maintain and improve from that, I think we have.

“I thought ‘just attack it (Matt Ritchie’s corner)’ – I think I should have scored in the first half, which I was pretty disappointed with, so I felt like I needed to make up for that.

“Matt Ritchie’s deliveries are unbelievable, I feel like I can get a few goals this season with his crosses, especially when teams are marking zonal as well.

“I’m pleased, but what pleased me the most, is the opportunities we had. It just goes to show against tough opposition, a big Premier League team, we can really compete and create a lot of chances.

“There are a lot of positives to take from that game and I feel like we probably should have scored a few more goals than we did.

“I think if we had drawn that game, it would have felt like a loss, because of the amount of chances we had.

“But collectively it was a brilliant team performance and it’s always nice to get on the scoresheet as well.

“It goes with the way the team is playing as well, everyone is doing well. When you’re playing in a good team, you do well yourself, and fortunately I’ve managed to get a couple of goals.

“Down the other end, we’ve been really hard to score against.

“I think we were unlucky to concede today, a shot from outside the box went through a few bodies and we’ll definitely look at that and try and fix it.

“But overall it was a great performance and I’m glad we could give the fans what they wanted.

“We’ve got the right mentality, we’ve got the talent. The opposition will not be up for it like we will be.

“We have got a young team and in 90 minutes we show so much energy, I don’t think teams can deal with that.

“We are constantly pressing, we’re on the front foot, and we’re always sprinting, filling in for each other, tackling.”

  • TheNutJob

    I watched a lot of football last season & by January i was convinced the Premier league wasn`t as good as in previous years
    I’m not taking anything away from the lads but I think they’re proving me right.
    a striker & a number 10 in January and we could finish top 8

    • East Durham Mag

      It might be the world’s best league (allegedly) but the money in the elite group of six or seven really is apparent and teams us included are doing it on a tight budget. As you say taking nothing away from the lads imagine what Rafa could have done with a bit more quality. It will definitely need a fresh face or two in January.

  • Geordiegiants

    With a quality number 9 we could be a top ten side. Watching Everton and Liverpool etc doesn’t worry me, but the true test will come when we face a Manc side or Chelsea.

  • Christopher Edwards

    I like Lascelles as a captain and a leader and he is playing well at the moment but I think he needs to be careful what he says. Saying things like ‘the opposition will not be up for it like we are’ and on Match of the Day ‘their defence were ball watching’ could rile up opposition teams to make sure, and prove, that they are up for it as much as we are and give us a harder game.

    • Jimblag23

      Yeah I was thinking the same, we want to slip under the radar to a degree.
      Not draw attention to things.

  • Steve Pearce

    If we finish in the top four there will be a shock wave rippling around every club in Europe as we will have got there on a fraction of their combined transfer fees. Yes, we have in my opinion the best manager in our history in place and a dedicated and talented young squad but to have achieved what we could well achieve on these limited funds could cause the usual big spenders to question the hideous transfer fees they have shelled out on what would prove to be inferior players – especially those who are below us at the end of the season.

  • Andy Mac

    Finding the right gameplan for the players at your disposal is something the previous numpties never ever got to grips with. Rafa makes it look easy and maybe it is if you’re not so full of your own self importance ?