Swansea fans have had plenty to say ahead of the visit of Newcastle United.

Going through their comments, it is fair to say they are looking forward to ‘welcoming’ Jonjo Shelvey back to the Liberty Stadium.

It will be his first time back at Swansea since joining Newcastle in January 2016 but a lot of resentment remains, we wait to see whether Rafa brings him straight back in after suspension.

Swansea fans are keen to give Shelvey grief and also believe that they now have far better quality in their midfield.

Indeed the general belief appears to be that after the transfer window they have a far better team overall, despite losing talisman Sigurdsson.

As for Newcastle though, they tend to see sub-standard players/team and point to Mike Ashley’s failure to back the manager – the ‘Fat Spanish Waiter’ though does get grudging respect, with some Swansea fans seeing a tricky game against a well organised Rafa Benitez team – though others are predicting five and six goal hammerings for Newcastle…

Swansea fans commenting via their top ‘The Jack Army’ message board:

‘Another 3 points for the mighty Swans.

The bar codes are our bunnies.

Go get em boys!!!!’

‘Will kojak be back? Might have a cheeky chant…

“Get into him…’

‘Really hoping he (Shelvey) will be back for our game. Would love to see him struggling against the quality midfield we’re putting together.’

‘Another must win game, this is where we need to get our points, any points gained against the top teams is a bonus.’

‘Watched MOTD and they played a good game (v West Ham).

One bonus a retrospective ban for Mitrovic, dirty snide…, elbowed the West Ham lad off the ball when the ref wasn’t looking.’

‘Shame… They may put someone good on instead of him!’

‘3-1 to Swansea; Newcastle are awful and West Ham are playing like we did under Bobo so they make anyone look good.’

‘I will take a 1-0.

The fat Spanish waiter rarely puts out an under-prepared side, and you can bet he will have done a thorough job in analysing our strengths and weaknesses in the two weeks he has to prepare.’

‘Huge 3 points for the Swans. Echoing above, these are the points the boys can’t afford to drop.’

‘We better turn up coz I live up in Newcastle now but they really r rubbish.

Watched them play Forest in Carabao Cup and as soon as they took the lead after 3 mins they just fell apart and Forest could have finished them easily.

Still it’s a crunch game for both clubs and why not, we’ve got that first win and it’s a good start to season even if it’s not looked pretty.’

‘So glad we didn’t go in for Mitrovic, after Shelvey’s red card you’d think they’d keep their heads but that elbow was just madness and he’s too dumb to realise he’s being filmed from 10 angles.’

‘The international break has come at the wrong time. A week of solid and uninterrupted training after the Palace win would have put us in a good position for another three points. Instead it perhaps gives Newcastle an opportunity to regroup in terms of team morale, transfers and general squad unity.’

‘One chorus of jeers and Jonjo’s head will be completely gone. Let’s hope he starts.’

‘With Fabianski, Olsson, Abraham, Ayew & new boy Sanches away until the middle of next week it doesn’t help our cause, not sure how many Newcastle players are involved with their country but doubt there will be that many so will give Benitez some time to work on things with his squad.

However with the return of our prodigal son & the prospect of seeing some if not all of our summer signings the Liberty fans will be relishing this game which is being shown live worldwide.’

‘Newcastle had a chance to regroup last year under a quality manager and come back stronger than ever but their owner has completely done them over.

They bought no one who is proven at this level and no big name either to help them stay up.

The fact they are relying on Gayle & Mitrovic to score goals and Jonjo as their captain is insane.

If their owner had spent some money they might have just squeaked 17th but I don’t see anything above 19th for them at this rate.’

‘Ashley should just put the club up for sale, let someone else have a go but it’s going to take a lot to rebuild that team up to PL standard again.’

‘6 – 0 swans win

Bony x 3, Sanches, Ayew, Abraham.’

‘It’s been a while since we were flush with midfield strength (depth) so I for one am terribly excited by the prospect. Clucas, Mesa, sanches, bony, ayew & tams. My goodness.’

‘I may even put a cheeky tenner on +5 goals…’

‘Newcastle is ripe for picking right now but this could give us a false sense of security. The Swans need to get on the front foot right away and go to goal in the first 10-15 minutes, that would be great. With the additions and Newcastle on being in a little bit of disarray, I will go 3-1 to the Swans.’

‘Newcastle fans always travel in good numbers, luckily for them they have a great view from our Liberty away end unlike us at St James Park where you need an oxygen mask just to reach your seat & a telescope to view the game.

Can see this being a tight affair, we are yet to be firing on all cylinders particularly as an attacking force whilst the visitors boast a decent defensive record.

Whatever happens am sure there will be a good atmosphere prior to kick off, with the Toon in good voice & Swans fans keen to welcome our latest exciting loanee signing from Portugal.’

  • ghostrider

    I wouldn’t expect anything else from Swansea fans or fans of any other team where the fans believe they’re elevated in stature over a few so called superstar additions.

    When the ref blows the whistle on Sunday for the kick off and then blows it after 90 plus minutes…only then will we see what the truth of the game is.

    Swansea have indeed signed some good players but also lost some good players.
    Bony coming back cap in hand after leaving for super stardom could be a revelation again for them. Equally he could end up the damp squib he ended up like at Man City, as he didn’t seem to be good enough for them.
    Fitness? Attitude? Ability?
    Only Swansea will get to find out if any of it impacts them in terms of forward positive.

    Yep, Swansea do possess potential and do have a good manager. All the ingredients to battle it out somewhere in the premier league.
    The issue is in, where?

    Obviously a certain amount of their fans already have us down as do many pundits and other teams fans.
    No pressure on us and no expectation on us to do anything other than to show what we are capable of.

  • Rich Lawson

    I really hope Shelvey plays and they boo his every touch,it could just inspire him and he has a point to prove after the idiocy of the Spurs game ?

    • Clarko

      Or it could inspire his idiocy.

      • Rich Lawson

        Well it could,but I’d like to think he would try and control his petulancy and atone for Spurs by proving a point to the Swansea faithful

        • Clarko

          Because he is known for that, controlling his petulancy. Time will tell.

          • Rich Lawson

            Indeed,6pm tomorrow.

  • Mrkgw

    Remarkable. If this represents the views of genuine Swansea fans then what a bunch of deluded morons.

    • Danimal

      Well we’d certainly be hearing the ‘d’ word if any of our fans were spouting off like that.

  • Paul Shiels

    I honestly think these Swansea fans are suffering from over confidence they just scraped servival last year nd quality midfield they have just lost sigurdson ffs Sanchez quality but only on loan

  • Steve Pearce

    What’s Welsh for shut up you bunch of sheep-lovers?

    • Georgia Peter

      Keep yer wellies on boys cos yr gonna need em.

      • Steve Pearce

        You know why they are always completely knackered? It’s because the sheep always ask for maaaaaaaaaa…..

  • The Betpet

    Swans fan here. i think the general feeling from this side is confidence after singing some quality players on deadline day. We have our fair share of overconfident idiots who get upset when we haven’t won each game 4-0 and predict such results. We also have the more realistic ones who try and look objectively. I think it’ll be something like 2-1 to Swansea but hand-picked outrageous tweets posted in this article in no way reflect how the majority of supporters feel and seem designed to provoke comments and visits to the site. I have always had a respect for Newcastle and feel sorry for the tens of thousands who go to all the games and have been let down by the owner time and again. Newcastle should be pushing the top 6 in terms of support but the board/owner hasn’t backed your manager with the signings that reflect that. I wish you luck for the rest of the season but not for tomorrow or the 13th January next year. :)

    • Leazes Ender


      • The Betpet

        Thanks for pointing out my typo. It was an important typo to point out and I’m very glad you did. People wouldn’t have got what I was talking about without your help. Great job!

        • Leazes Ender

          I know that the Welsh are always singing.

          • The Betpet

            We certainly are :)

  • Clarko

    ‘Ashley should just put the club up for sale, let someone else have a go but it’s going to take a lot to rebuild that team up to PL standard again.’

    Never heard such tripe in my life.
    What a moron.

    • Sean Lynch

      It is a fair comment, which part do you think isn’t?
      Considering we are effectively a Championship level squad, with a couple of additions.
      1) Ashley should put us up for sale and let someone else have a go. – He should, but he won’t, because he’s saving £millions each year on SD advertising alone and that advertising isn’t just national, it’s global.
      2) It is going to take a lot to build us back up to PL standard. – The PL we left isn’t the PL we’ve returned to. The amount of money average players are going for now is daft and the amount true class players are going for dwarfs anything we’d even contemplate.

      Maybe you think you’ll get a load of thumbs up for your comment as they’re pro Toon, whilst in actual fact what you are showing is either naivety, ignorance, or simply a lack of just how far we have fallen.
      We have a few players who are PL quality, a few who may prove to be so, but we don’t have a PL quality team and we certainly don’t have a PL quality squad.

      • Clarko

        I just can’t see why people think Ashley is doing a bad job.

        • Brian Standen

          Clarko! Do you hand on heart honestly think Ashley has done/is doing/will do a good job?
          I can’t see any substance to that at all!

          • Clarko

            Financial stability and brought dignity and respect back to the club.

          • Brian Standen

            Ok let’s go with that for a minute

            Can you explain the dignity and respect – we are often a laughing stock

          • Andy Mac

            I think someone is just winding you up Brian. Dignity is not a word you’d ever associate with our fireplace spewing, heavy drinking, cheating, lying owner? ( I had loads more adjectives but was running out of space)

          • Brian Standen

            I was rather hoping he would humour me back – never mind

          • Clarko

            He runs the club the way I like.
            I don’t want us paying silly wages to players.
            He employs decent people who work hard for the club, people insult Charnley all day everyday but do they know what he actually does?
            Well I do, and it’s a ruddy good job.

          • Tom Page

            Of course you do – you are an employee of the fat useless article. What else could you say without getting the sack on Monday.
            You do spout some rubbish, don’t you.

          • Clarko


          • Ram Kishore

            I do support your words on Charley and financial stability aspect.. I think Ashley backed us for the last few years nicely but the signings didn’t work out.. We keep forgetting about the fact that we really don’t have any idea about what’s going on behind the screens..

          • Brian Standen

            Well it’s not the way I like, for sure we don’t want to be Leeds or Portsmouth but our club has far more potential for growth than most!
            Your ‘friend’ instead of enhancing that potential does the polar opposite, it’s ludicrous!
            A successful NUFC would mean a better return for Ashley, overseas interest would increase and bring in revenue from shirt sales etc – 20 year ago the.NUFC shirt was just about the most popular shirt on the planet!. I could detail so much more but what’s the point?

          • Jezza

            You must have hated the mid 90’s Keegan era. When Philip Albert’s chip floated over Schmeicel’s head and dropped into the Manchester net to put us 5-0 up and top of the Premiership table, I can just see you sitting there with your head in your hands agonising over the club’s bank balance and wage bill.

          • Clarko

            That game was fine, clean sheet.
            But you’re right, I found those days irritating.
            Stupid money being spent and rarely a clean sheet.
            What is there to like about that?

          • Jezza

            Well you would certainly know all about Pathetic attention seeking, I’ll give you that. Just slope off to your play room where you can keep pretending the mid 90’s was a bad time to be a Newcastle supporter like you keep pretending you don’t want a girlfriend anyway.

          • Jezza

            Where’s the dignity in getting stuffed by the likes of Huddersfield and Notts Forest?

        • justchampion

          Perhaps you could counter the argument and tell us why you think he is doing such a good job.

    • Iain Elrick

      I can only but agree

  • Georgia Peter

    And you mugs think that the team we put out against Forest is what you’ll get 2morrow. …dream on taffy boy.

  • steve

    Please don’t associate that embarrassment of a forum with the majority of swans fans. jack army it is NOT

    • Leazes Ender

      We all have them, in our case its bonkers Clarko and his brother who think Ashley is great, we tried rat poison to no avail…. the ignorant are always with us.

      • Clarko


      • Mark Davies

        Going tomorrow settee ender or boosting the true evil of sky? Some of us are already here.

    • anyobrien

      Aye they seem very very confident
      Good luck.

    • Mark Davies

      Fair play.

  • Andy Mac

    F F S anyone would think we’re playing Barca tomorrow ? Did Swansea narrowly miss out on the drop last season or were they Champions and Cup winners as I must have missed it ?

    • anyobrien

      Exactly mate

    • Helen Greaves


    • Jezza

      Fair comment but Swansea had a very good transfer window. I would swap our summer signings for theirs in a heartbeat, especially Abraham, Bony and Sanches. It’s particularly galling that we would have signed Abraham in the summer but for Ashley’s penny pinching. In fact we would also have signed Bony back in 2014 but for the exact same reason.

  • Jezza

    “‘Newcastle had a chance to regroup last year under a quality
    manager and come back stronger than ever but their owner has completely
    done them over.
    They bought no one who is proven at this level and no big name either to help them stay up.
    The fact they are relying on Gayle & Mitrovic to score goals and Jonjo as their captain is insane.
    If their owner had spent some money they might have just
    squeaked 17th but I don’t see anything above 19th for them at this

    I can’t argue with any of that.

  • anyobrien

    How do I get on that forum…. One nil to the Championship…. Eh big head grtz

  • Fire Stick

    Egg on your face sheep shaggers hahahaha