Sunderland fans are not happy.

Only four months ago the Mackems and Sheffield United were separated by two divisions, this afternoon though the Blades came and outclassed the Wearsiders.

Sheffield United were dominant throughout the game and went 2-0 up with a goal in each half, Sunderland not having an effort on target until the 94th minute when Jack Rodwell scored a goal that was no consolation.

The Stadium of Light was half empty yet again, only one win from six Championship games, in 20th place only a point above relegation, the Sunderland fans hate the owner, think the new manager is totally clueless, believe the entire squad of players are useless, Sunderland fans disgracing themselves as objects thrown at visiting players with one hit in the head by a bottle, Sunderland fans hit by coins thrown by other Mackems, plus grown men fighting each other in the family enclosure.

Can it get any better?

Sunderland fans comment on their ‘Ready to go’ (down again) message board after losing at home to promoted Sheffield United:

‘I don’t dislike Grayson but he hasn’t a clue what to do.’

‘Some Sunderland fans last season said relegation would be good…’

‘They were silly.’

‘The players are poor but our tactics and set up were awful today. How Grayson thought we’d manage with Galloway and Honeyman as wing backs is beyond me.

No width, no creativity and N’Dong basically playing in the middle by himself, what is worse is that we stuck with it.’

‘I wasted a tenner on us for promotion an aal.’

‘I recall a few people saying they hope we are relegated because it will be good to see us get a few wins…

I’ve literally never had less confidence in a team or manager and I honestly cannot see where our next win is coming from unfortunately.’

‘I called out Vaughan as useless early on, knew he wouldn’t score in a month of Sundays. Got told he works really hard and that the goals will fly in once he gets his first.

Grayson’s hopeless as well, team selection is beyond shocking.’

‘Not sure I have seen a worse side than this.’

‘I’ve got better things to do.

A season or two away from this will do me good.’

‘This is going to become a Blackburn/Leeds/Boltonesque slide into League 1 at this rate.’

‘That was utterly pathetic.’

‘Missed the match, did we win?’

‘Of course, 5-0 Rodwell hat-trick’

‘This is a tough league where you must be prepared to graft. Far too many lazy players with a low skill factor in this squad.

The whole club is a shambles from top top to bottom and this has been coming for the last 5 seasons.’

‘A totally empty stadium is what is deserved

This is simply not acceptable any longer. The press have to hammer the club, as obviously the fans are never listened to.

I am truly ashamed at how safc are slowly drifting to oblivion

We are not drifting slowly anymore.

The fans have turned massively against the club. Will only get worse.’

‘NOW HIS TACTICS HAVE BEEN SUSSED three defeats in a row tell the story. Tried, tried, failed, out!.

‘Grayson couldn’t get himself down the tunnel any faster there.’

‘Needs to find a baseball bat for his after match team “talk”.’

‘We were outplayed for most of the game, how many games including pre season?

St Johnstone, Celtic, come on, we have no chance with him, even given the mitigating circumstances, it is not bad luck.’

‘Grayson is massively to blame with this rubbish today.’

‘Weren’t people the other week saying that we would win the league, after them two flukey results which both opponents outplayed us. Grayson needs to go, no excuse.’

‘The man is absolutely clueless, way out of his depth. Even poor players can be organised.’

‘Grayson has to go, if he can’t motivate this shower get someone else in who can. Simple as that.’

‘We have a better squad than Barnsley and probably this lot today and we’ve not even been competitive. Yes I would blame the manager for that.’

‘I opted to pull old fitted wardrobes out of the bairns room and let the boy go with his mate.

I’m having a better time tidying up the mess than that poor little sod is at the match.’

‘This goes all the way back to pre- season, Grayson hasn’t had one decent game out of whichever players he has picked.

Tactically illiterate, obviously no player knows what he is supposed to be doing. I would give him three more games, then out.’

‘We are going down like, no doubt in my mind.’

‘Another relegation battle, no doubt about it.’

‘Crying shame, through mismanagement they’ve already lost a lot of fans. This should be a wake up call….’

‘We are having more wake up calls than the bloke from that Groundhog Day film.’

‘Fans have turned on the team big time.

Fans have turned on each other.’

‘I’m numb, this isn’t good.’

‘I am past caring, wont spend a penny supporting this club until the Grayson has moved on.’

‘I’m done getting upset about it. Our players don’t care. Owner doesn’t care. Why should we.’

‘Joke from top to bottom, the club is rotten.’

‘Very bizarre selection and no tactics or any discernible pattern of play today. The players don’t look motivated at all.

We all know that these players are useless but we can’t get rid of a full squad of players.

The results are bad and overall performances even worse. We simply have to beat Forest on Tuesday.’

‘Hearing one of their players got hit by a bottle from the crowd.’

‘Yes the goalscorer Donaldson.’

‘Looked like an orange lucozade bottle or summit like that.’

‘Some get hit me on the backside with a coin from the back of the south stand. It was hard enough to sting.

Frustration is one thing but hoying coins from row 30 or behind is a disgrace.’

‘If the ground was anywhere near full the bloke behind would have taken it in the head.’

‘There’s some right little scrotes in the South these days. It’s becoming charver central. Hoying coins and bottles is cringeworthy behaviour.’

‘How many more defeats before Grayson sacked?

Disgrace today, I can’t even tell you what formation we were playing.’

  • Steve Pearce

    So what’s this I hear that they are officially renaming their ground The Stadium Of Shyte?….

    • Georgia Peter

      Or mebbies back to “Joker Park”

      • GToon

        Why do all of your comments start with porciestreet? They have done for years. What does it mean?

        • Geordiegiants

          I assume he used to be porciest street, but has had to change his account for some reason?

        • Rich Lawson

          Maybe he has some affinity to Percy St ?

          • Georgia Peter

            Did… Used to visit The GoGo a number of nights a week, then there was the Percy Arms, Robertsons for me rag worms for the Sunday Etc Etc,

          • Rich Lawson

            1st proper job I had was in the Hi-Fi shop in Handyside Arcade (where the Go-Go used to be,although I missed it by a couple of years) loved the Percy when Big George had it mid 70’s early 80’s ,great juke box,only bettered by The Haymarket,and yes just when you say that I remember there was a proper fishing tackle shop there for years

          • Georgia Peter

            The entrance to the GoGo was the entrance to the PTE canteen on the ground floor which was next door to the Arcade. The club rooms were upstairs with a billy stampa to get the late beers if you were over 18. It was the ‘Animals’ home club and the best blace in the word for live Motown bands before the rest of the world had heard of them.

          • Rich Lawson

            Love The Animals,Eric Burdon can’t be beat for a white man singing the blues. Incredibly my mother in law who is now 95 used to baby sit him in Silver Lonnen !

          • Rich Lawson

            Did you see Cream and Hendrix then ?

          • Georgia Peter

            Still a massive Cream fan. Hendrix was awsome the night he stuffed his guitar through the ceiling in the “Young Set” , then did the whole set again in “The Jazz Lounge”.
            Sam n Dave, The Four Tops an many more …..Then there was Long John Baldry…Nuf said

          • Rich Lawson

            Marcus Price,spent a huge wack there to buy a silk shirt,seen Clapton since but that night I saw Purple ,was 15 and had to walk 8 miles home (1am finish) was grounded the next week when Derek and the Dominoes were on !!!

          • Georgia Peter

            Got me first pair of shrink fit Levi’s there and sat in the bath for nearly 2 bloody hours till they fit properly, but hey, had them Levi’s for years after, Not like the 5hyte you pay for today… proper Yanky Levi,s… 14Oz denim that didnt wear out.
            Ben Sherman Tailor fitted shirts, button down collar and elephant chord strides eh…! dapper or wat..?
            Desert boots and a fleecy lined donkey jacket with nee vynil shoulders…Smart like us mods ya naa.

          • Georgia Peter

            Used to get me suits from Willerby’s , oh yes, nice bit of “Super kid Mohair”….cost what I couldnt afford workin in the shipyard. Used to shine like a tanner on a sheeps 4r5e.

          • Rich Lawson

            I’m not stalking you, but I love this old Newcastle stuff,did you see any of the old blusas like Sonny Boy Williamson ? It’s a huge regret of mine that I wasn’t old enuff to attend The Go-Go I didn’t get started until Deep Purple at the Mayfair in 1970.

        • Georgia Peter

          I’m posting on my Mrs login. Porciestreet is my own name so as to distinguish. I used to get the bus there back from the match when I lived in Gosforth. Been waiting for ages to explain that one.
          When I got to alcohol age , it was into the Labour club first, then stumble down to Bowers (is it still there) down at the Central and catch any number of busses home .
          Happy days eh…!

          • GToon


      • Steve Pearce

        Thanks mate – my heed has fallen off laughing at this…

  • Waxi

    That pub league is not what they thought it was then.

  • Steve Smith

    Hilarious to see them struggling but it’s another stick to beat us with.

    How long before people start saying we should be thankful to not have ended up like pink seat afc?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Pardspews next job

    • Jimblag23

      Hopefully, it’s in our best interest if he’s employed 🤞

      • Geordiegiants

        Your not kidding.

  • Get Pardew, he’s available :D

  • Geordiegiants

    Imbreds disjointed 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣At least they can relax in that vile deckchair they wear, it couldn’t happen to nicer people.
    We could quite easily be in the same boat though if we didn’t have Rafa.

  • Grahame Johnson

    The season Houghton won promotion we had that do we or don’t we moment after drawing to Bristol and QPR then losing to scunny and Forest, our future was bleak and the fans would turn,well that’s what the media said, we got nearly 44000 v Doncaster and kicked on to win the league, no matter what is said our mentality is different to the makems

    • Georgia Peter

      Hell aye.. by a country mile.

    • Jezza


  • Leazes Ender

    Where did you get that picture of Fleckman and Clarko from?

    • NUFCLX

      Disappointed, I thought that was u on the left

    • Clarko

      Shut up.

      • Danimal


    • grantham mag

      Love it, I truly love it.


    What they complaining about, they said we had a poor season last year because we did not win the Championship by 20 points. Come on you mugs, this is an easy league get on with it. You have the most loyal supporters in the N.E. they will help u win the league. I know all them empty seats are just because the supporters have been on holiday for the last couple of months. It may take a couple of months to get a full house as obviously the supporters on holiday are busy walking back from Spain. Thank God u have a worse owner than us (just).

    • Georgia Peter

      Howay man, would yee sit in a pink seat..? a thowt not.

  • anyobrien

    Happy days….. 😂

    • Jezza

      …..but for how much longer?

      • anyobrien


        • Jezza

          What I mean is that our club could very well be struggling before long and we won’t be laughing.

          • anyobrien

            True but take it while you can they do…. Great win today

          • Georgia Peter

            Mags on the march…..Great performance overall though I have reservations about giving the ball away so much .
            In a couple of weeks time we should be a lot more cohesive unit and drilled to perfection (hopes)

  • Georgia Peter

    “Fans dont care, club dont care so why should we” Hmmmmmm ! And theres the difference between your shower and the real fans at “The Toon” Nowt stops the Mags. Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  • Georgia Peter

    Slightly off track, Thanks for the memories.. Bless you Mike Neville.

  • MadToonFan&VitalAshleyDroveOut

    Lol, this truly brings such a wide smile 2 one’s face. Sadly tho, I see parallels with both Toon & that scum’s owners, etc blaa blaa Tv monies etc & the likes, that keep on, keep on rolling on in.

    Never the less, gota laugh, dance & rejoice, lol.

    Wise words & likewise; RIP Mr Neville, many a pint we’ve downed ❤️

  • Andy Mac

    I dont like the makems and they probably dont like me. However with this owner I am very reluctant to take the plss out of the unwashed knowing full well that we are just a sacking of a manager away from a similar fate. Which is why we should rid ourselves of Fatso while we still have potential for buyers.

    • Jimblag23

      T’is true.

    • Georgia Peter

      Not very easy to drain the ocean..!

  • Mrkgw

    Deservedly mocked this lot but until we see how things pan out for us, I won’t join in laughing in their direction just yet.

    • Georgia Peter

      Oh I would, Grab it while you can cos you may not see them again…!

  • Jimblag23

    ‘We are having more wake up calls than the bloke from that Groundhog Day film.’

    • Danimal

      Or as our glorious leader likes to say, each time the same sh*t brings the same outcome, “with the benefit of hindsight”.

      • Georgia Peter

        And……..Expecting a different outcome….a sign of madness methinks…!

  • Steve Smith

    Allegedly half their fans are actually condoning their behaviour!

    • Georgia Peter

      Would you pay for a season ticket for a pink seat….Errrrr, I thought not.

  • DubaiExpat

    1. These weekly articles about what they’re saying on RTG are getting embarrassing.

    2. I wouldn’t be reveling in their misfortune quite so readily when we stand in a pretty precarious ourselves. Right now we’re up but we all know how quickly that can change.

  • ghostrider

    Don’t forget that not too many years ago, their owner, Ellis Short was even revered by our very own fans for wanting the best for Sunderland Whilst Ashley was supposedly systematically destroying ours.
    Anyone remember this?

    When you buy in a bunch of mercenaries and past their sell by date players to try and pacify the fans on transfer days, then you get 10 minutes worth of harmony and dreams, until you realise once decent players do not always stay at the top of their game, even when you afford those players a wage that pretends that they are.

    Ellis Short did what some of our fans are asking Ashley to do, which is dip into his own pocket and not run the club from within…carefully.

    Ellis Short’s vision for Sunderland was far from this disaster. He actually had a vision of them playing up in the dizzy heights of the premier league, just like Ashley did for us when he first came… Only Ashley realised very quickly that it’s not as simple as 1 2 3.

    Whenever a Newcastle fan feels down about Newcastle United and thinks the club is in any dire straits, just have a fleeting thought about the absolute state that the do gooders have left Sunderland in.
    Mr Ellis Short is now the devil and the poison of their club.
    Does this ring any bells?

    Makes you wonder if our poison was actually just placebo.

    • Georgia Peter

      Are you on the board….?
      your’e such an apologist and I think your’e better than that.

      • ghostrider

        Nothing to do with being an apologist.
        I know Ashley’s messed up and lied and many other things.
        I also know he’s done a hell of a lot of good.
        I’m not going to waste too much energy sticking pins in an Ashley doll like some people seem to want to do.

        • Georgia Peter

          If you can get to Thesaloniki, I will buy your beer all night and we’ll have a good chat. BFN.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    A rather arrogant article, we mock them for being obsessed with NUFC but can’t see how this are any different? Trawling through their chat rooms is the sign of a sad, sad person. Anyway if we lose today you can guarantee this site will be full of comments whinging, to be fair probably still will be even if we win

    • Georgia Peter

      From time to time, I visit Newsnow 5under1and and read their blogs for a giggle, and if you get stuck into them , you can have a great night on the keyboard ripping them to pieces. Bit sad I know but a bit of good fun.

  • Mark Spark

    just thought i would post this again for anybody who really thinks that we should be thankful to The Parasite for not being like sunderland.
    net transfer spend last 11 years.sunderland 100m+ Newcastle 36m

    • ghostrider

      And look where both clubs are.
      11 years ago someone I knew bought a house, not too much different than mine.
      He chose to furnish it with pretty looking shiny things and also old paintings that he believed would give the place a sort of richer feel to it for any guests who viewed it.
      Many of the pictures crumbled or ended up in distressed states and ended up worthless but he kept paying to have them preserved.
      He still lives in the house but is now having to re-furnish it with much cheaper flea market additions in order to not end up homeless.

      I went for a mixture of value for money items and also items that could enable me to keep a steady home as well as making the upkeep of those items, manageable.
      I do get the odd broken item and some items do not wear well, but overall I do not end up badly out of pocket whilst also keeping a well kept and well funded home that all guests can view.

      It’s not what you spend that gives you success whilst working from realistic housekeeping, it’s HOW you spend what your budget allows.

      • Georgia Peter

        And all Rafa is saying is, He didnt get the quality he wanted….. All the fans are saying to our illustrious Chair is, We NEED some quality. He refuses to speculate and theres the rub. We dont want the Sheiks funding, we just want something decent to watch, but it comes at a price which is what he can’t and won’t attempt to grasp.
        We are desparate for a Jack Walker type of leader who understand football. Socks and trainers can stand in a warehouse for years on end and don’t depreciate. Clubs and players do, and very quickly.. The man understnds the finance and the contents of his back pocket…..He knows absolutely NOTHING about football and has stated as such. and that is what we’re stuck with , God Forbid.

        • ghostrider

          You do know how Jack Walker operated, don’t you?
          He was the Sheikh of the time in a way down the scale sort of way.
          He personally bankrolled Blackburn to a title.
          He cheated to get there.
          He more or less gave Dalglish a blank cheque to get the players required to win the league.
          Then he died and look what happened.
          And this is the point I’m making.
          With Ashley we are not operating above our means.
          We are not going all out gung ho to win something and then suffer the after effects of the come down to the point of no return.
          Look at Blackburn.
          Look at Leeds.
          Leeds tried the exact same thing. They went for it and suffered so badly that they’re finding it hard to this very day to recover enough to get back among the premier league teams.
          A club as big as Leeds.
          We aren’t as badly off as people think…seriously.

          • Georgia Peter

            The point is my friend, he totally wanted it and Ashley is all lip service and lies to the camera.
            You’ll never win your argument as there are far too many fans that actually understand the way the devious one works.

          • Georgia Peter

            Yes , Leeds threw the bank at it and went t*t* up. Thats not what Im asking for. All we as fans require is 100% commitment and it isnt there.

        • Andy Mac

          Aye a quality No 10 would make a real difference to this team and cost around about the same as Fatman’s monthly wine bar bills

          • Georgia Peter

            Or what the cleaner would charge for mopping out the fireplace.

    • Andy Mac

      I’ve always maintained that the makems start from way behind the goal line when trying to bring in players. It’s not only the land that time forgot but most of their foreign imports demand top wages to go there yet often live in or around Toon. In my opinion the best route out of the clarts for them is to develop young local talent who know what its like to live in the City of the Damned ?

  • Mark Spark

    can anybody tell me why twice I have replied to a poster completely debunking his post with facts yet it got deleted by mods?Do the mods post on here under pseudonyms and delete any post that they dont like?

    • Andy Mac

      Not sure what the problem is Mark but this site doesnt like links or images or anything really apart from plain text.

  • HarryHype59

    Sunderland generated nigh on £140m last season via TV income and player sales. Where has all that money gone? As much as I loath Ashley, Short is even worse.

    • Jezza

      There are a lot of similarities in the way both clubs are being run.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Definitely Jezza, And it is not good for the whole area if both clubs are in the doldrums !

  • MadMag83

    At least we won’t have to face them in the Championship next year if they’re relegated to League One.

  • Andy Mac

    To make matters worse “Even Whabi Khazri scored” a classy backheel opening goal against Marseille