Mike Ashley has made a mockery of this great club, having little or no respect for the fans and its magnificent manager.

Fans renewed season tickets and Rafa committed himself to Newcastle after being told there would be money available for transfers.

We were subsequently told by Ashley in ‘that interview’, that there was NO money to spend unless we move players on.

So 16 players out and 6 in, yet still NO money to spend.

Premiership status bringing in fortunes for each club this season but still NO money to spend beyond the bare minimum.

Clubs with relatively low fanbases in comparison to the Toon Army spending big, yet we are told there is No money to spend.

Sadly, we have an owner who speaks with forked tongue and who has a management team who are clearly unable/incapable of getting a deal done, whilst we sit back and see Brighton, Huddersfield, Swansea and others, make a commitment towards their Premier League survivals.

Since Mike Ashley took over, Newcastle United appear to have gone from crisis to crisis, making the news for all the wrong reasons.

This must surely have a significant influence on players and managers who may be enticed to Newcastle. Why would anyone want to join a club in perpetual crisis?

The fact that many of the summers targets have selected to go to lesser clubs than Newcastle, must clearly be evidence of this, and it should be a wake up call for everyone associated with the club.

There is absolutely no doubt of the fantastic loyalty the fans of Newcastle United show. When Kevin Keegan was forced out of Toon, there was a call for a boycott of the game that followed (Hull City at St James Park). As a season ticket holder I decided to answer that call, sadly the crowd that day exceeded 50,000.

I was asked on BBC radio after that game whether I thought by missing the game I had made my point.

My answer was; “Obviously not – because the call for a boycott had not been supported.”

I also said that it demonstrated that Mike Ashley could walk all over these fans, do what he wanted, and still feel comfortable that the fans would turn up – come what may!

I for one would not be surprised if Rafa did walk after being giving false promises.

If this does happen then I hope that it will be the start of a revolution to oust this clown. There is only one way to do that – hit him in the pocket and show him that he cannot walk over people.

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  • Leicester Mag

    There can be no doubt left regards Ashleys intent and no doubt the only option left for fans. Every way possible has to be found to hurt him. This needs organisation, a figure head to front a concerted campaign in the same way John Hall did.

  • TubbyMunky

    Mike Ashley wants to win silverware…he didn’t say which…Checkatrade trophy here we come..

  • Carlson Leung

    I totally agree with you. I been a loyal Newcastle fans for over 15 years. I can’t imagine that how Rafa’s feeling now. If Rafa walk, there should be a consequence. Shame on you, Mike Ashley!!

  • Peaky Magpie

    Yes hang your head,from the nearest tree or lamppost !

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    Rafa will leave when a club offers to pay Newcastle the compensation, there`s no way he`ll be here at Christmas

  • Stephen

    Must be getting ready to sell up.

    • Carlo Ancelotti

      nobody will touch us with a barge pole

    • Alex

      Who’d buy a poor EPL squad that needs zillions thrown at it, with a manager who could well be gone any day now.

      Ashley never grasps that while he saves a bit of money today, the value of NUFC plummets tomorrow.

      • Leazes Ender

        I think Ashley knows exactly what he’s doing…. this isn’t accident after accident.

        • Alex

          I know what you’re saying , and agree. It’s all very planned and deliberate.

          But, what I just don’t get is how he can’t see the value of his NUFC asset, with a few quid spent on it and with a happy Rafa, versus the value of what it is now, virtually on a knife edge, and where Rafa will be elsewhere by the start of 18/19 season.

          It’s nonsensical.

          • Leazes Ender

            It sort of only makes sense if Ashley has malevolent intent towards his own club…. but that doesn’t make any sense.

      • Guest 2

        When two players are traded and they cost almost as much as fatso allegedly wants for our entire club – then there is hope out there.

    • Guest 2

      Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

      How many times has he done this now though!

      • Jezza

        Some people never learn though do they, even after this latest uteerly predictable dabacle. There are already people on this forum coming out with the usual “we”ll be spending in January” claptrap.

        • Guest 2

          Indeed, mate. Waiting on Fleckman and Clarko appearing to tell us what a marvelous job fatty has done in making sure the books are balanced.

        • Jimblag23

          The only thing we’ll be spending in Jan is our time in the relegation zone.

        • 1cc

          the only thing well be spending in January is time seeing how we got knocked out of the cup to help against the relegation fight, .

          • Jezza

            Oh we’ll be out of the cup alright. Pardew will follow his master’s orders and put out a youth team for our third round tie.

  • Leazes Ender

    Absolutely Trevor!

    When it comes down to it fans sit on their hands…. what can you do? We’ve tried protest and they wouldn’t join in, all they had to do was raise a white hankie for goodness sake!

    Our fans are cannon fodder and we have the club we deserve….. or should I say they have the club they deserve.

    • Damon Horner

      The man sat in front of the government to discuss his business practices. Do you think he’ll be bothered about seeing a few people wave white hankies in honesty? Any protests would need to be bigger than that for it to get close to bothering him.

  • StevieB

    As soon as someone pays his release compensation he will be gone .

  • 1cc

    Same old Geordies always shafted and while we sit and take it we always will be. Crikey we couldn’t even get a mass walk out with only 20 mins to go in the relegation season, maybe we should have one with 5 mins to go half the ground leaves then anyway.

    The lower wage bill must make it more attractive to potential buyers lets hope things are happening behind the scenes to give us the players and rafa some hope. I doubt it though.

    When reality checks in though the fact is we were told there was money to spend just before the season ticket deadline and once sold there was no need to spend much and we have been shafted once again.
    we haven’t even spent the sissoko money and what we have generated.

    It will never be any different while this man owns the club, or his mute assistant charnley is in charge of admin.

    lets buckle in its going to be a hard season

  • TheFatController

    Why do supporters turn up still? Well, that’s answered in the ‘codependency needs’ of football supporters
    “Codependency is a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.”
    Yes, supporting and enabling someone’s irresponsibility and under achievement at the expense of your own happiness would seem to fit for us…

    Codependent relationships exist in huge numbers due to the need in many people to gain something externally to fulfill their lives. People need belonging, pride, value that and seek them from external sources – often from totally dysfunctional people who know how to manipulate the relationship through lies, deceit, exploitation of characteristics like sense of loyalty and a sense of duty etc

    It often takes an external third party to help the victim out of the relationship, but in this case a third party can’t really help you leave one club and join another (Sunderland anyone?) so it’s not a similar situation to you leaving your partner/job etc and finding someone / something new to have a more fulfilling, functional relationship.

    So until the FA intervene, or a new owner comes along, the exploitation of the codependent nature of football supporters will continue to be abused by the lies and deceit, manipulation of the need for pride, loyalty and community, by Ashley.

    And he found in Newcastle a major club where many would agree that pride, loyalty and community are at the forefront of its DNA, making it easier to exploit and manipulate supporters without losing their attendance at matches.

    Always remember, he’s not leaving til we’ve won something … so his heart is in the right place. (Other lies and disingenuous sound bites are available)

    • Yas

      Totally this!! Well said mate!

  • Taz

    Or a better heading could read…. Ashley, hang yourself ya fat [email protected]

  • Mxpx

    It doesn’t actually need a walk out it needs nobody to buy tickets in the first place and to not show up leaving the stadium empty from minute 1 and for nobody to buy ANYTHING from the club this would send a message that’s understood a financial message

    • 1cc

      Rangers did it, our problem is there is nobody in the wings wanting to take over control of the club

  • Guest 2

    Having made retro ‘apologies’ live on Sky to KK, Houghton and Shearer – the great fat one continues to do exactly the same things again to Rafa. Just goes to prove how completely stage managed and false that ‘interview’ was (again).

    There’s no changing Ashley and lord knows the support has had ample opportunity to recognise that.

  • Rev

    so thats the one positive thing to come out of this then … we know now that no matter what the owner or press say and no matter who the manager/coach is we are the Sports Direct of football … buy cheap, sell for more and if it doesnt sell, dont worry, it didnt cost you much anyway. 4th bottom and out of the cups at the first attempt is our ‘silverware’ and good luck trying to attract prem league standard players with a sell on value or promising youngsters. Its not like any of this is new … you know exactly what you are signing ip for next time around, pays your money, takes your choice. Dont want to buy a ticket, no problem, next customer please. Annoying thing is 52000 turning up screaming Rafa wont change a bloody thing .. in fact it would make his day knowing he had the last laugh

  • Geordiegiants

    Hang the fat b astard!

  • David Edward Jeffs

    Unfortunately, I don’t see the benefit of a protest / boycott. To demonstrate our unhappiness to the community outside of the NUFC bubble, maybe. But it won’t impact Ashley financially which is the point I believe you’re making. He already has the revenue from 40,000+ season tickets (and gate revenue possibly amasses to approx 10% of the clubs revenue, if that) then it really won’t have much effect on him at all.
    I for one am massively upset this morning though. This club has been nothing short of a disaster since Ashley took the reigns. It’s a sad state off affairs, but it’s clear as day what’s happened here. Ashley loaned the club another £30M+ last season due to reduced revenue due to relegation, and he’s now taking that money back this season with the club effectively being for sale.
    Utter lack of ambition from the owner, but it’s understandable why – he doesn’t want it anymore and just wants his money back.

    • Jimblag23

      IF he loaned the club anything he made it back from Sissoko.

      • David Edward Jeffs

        Unfortunately if you look into the real revenues of the club, and not just transfer revenues, relegation actually hit the club very hard financially. The sissoko deal wouldn’t come close to covering the losses incurred.

        • PeteFD1986 .

          An empty stadium being the backdrop for his sports direct graffiti I think would have an affect on him. It’s SD we need to target and in a way boycotting the stadium does that. Maybe some banners calling out names of SD shareholders

    • Toonrobbybobson

      The club would never owe him anything if SD didnt get a free ride

      • David Edward Jeffs

        Agreed! He said in his “interview” on sky that we don’t have a 40m a year stadium naming rights. Yet in fact he uses St james park as a canvas for sports direct for free. Go and sell the stadium rights, we would welcome it if it generated funds! But don’t rename the stadium for your own benefit for free.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Cancel the DDs show him that the cashflow for future forecasts are gone. Reduce club value. Hit him from all financial corners. It WILL start taking an effect but it has to set in.

      • David Edward Jeffs

        I wouldn’t recommend anyone cancel a DDI and be slapped with a default and ruin their credit eligibility for 6 years to spite Ashley.

    • mactoon

      you’re quoting the Telegraph which states “It is feared Ashley will take the money back” it is speculation

      • David Edward Jeffs

        I’m not quoting anyone, I’m sharing my opinion on running of the club. My opinion isn’t fact though, I don’t have the balance sheets. It wouldn’t make sense though

        • mactoon

          Fair point I should have asked if you were quoting the Telegraph. Lets just hope this austerity is his way of balancing the books in prep for a sale :)

  • MadToonFan&VitalFattysDriveOut

    The Pieman giveth and the Pieman taketh away!?!
    Ashley has done ‘exactly’ what he has wanted to!
    Hopeful Rafa stays as he’s more than able to turn this into something beautiful, one can only dream.
    It’s a real shame they can’t bring back the good old hung drawn and quartered 😉

  • Jimblag23

    If Ashley was genuinely trying his hardest Rafa could view it as a challenge, instead it’s obvious that he’s being taken the pi$$ out of so he’ll leave at the 1st opportunity.

  • Mike Crosley

    Ashley knows you won’t walk away . Yet it is your only weapon. Sky won’t risk televising an empty stadium, and that folks, is the only way you will hurt fatso !

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Sky will if NUFC fans all watch on tv instead. If they boycotted that as well soon see appearance fees hit as well.

    • Rev

      Dead right, give it up for a few games or even a season and he will notice. No he doesnt need the money or the club but he is a bisinrss man and seeing something sitting empty when it could be earning money goes against his nature. Be worth it in the long run surely because this isnt going to change if the stadium is full. Imagine that Toon at home nobody there.. it would make the backpagrs around the world. Might even get a new buyer interested!!!

      • mactoon

        I don’t understand. Why would an empty stadium get a new buyer interested

  • Steve Pearce

    Wanted – ex-service personnel who have seen active service. They should have firearms experience and be certified marksmen. A sniper. and two spotters are required for sanitation duty at St Jame’s Park Newcastle upon Tyne. The mission is to eliminate the current owner when he next attends a home game,,,,,

  • cmrowley

    I doubt anyone is surprised? Angry perhaps but even anger seems a little contrived at this point.

    There is no chance of the man changing, I don’t think there is any real chance he’ll sell unless someone offers a significant profit on his investment. Why would he? Money for old rope.

    The call for Ashley to suddenly realise that with a bit of proactive investment he could make so much more is misguided, he’s making enough from NUFC with absolute minimal outlay. There is no need at all spend more with a chance of making more. He’s on a gravy train, folks will turn up and keep lining his pockets.

    He’s not a fan, he doesn’t care one jot about the club. He’s interested in money and what the club can generate for him, without further expenditure. I do think he’d like us to stay in the premier league, but if a relegation every 4, 5 or 6 years is the price paid for making money without risk then so be it. He won’t lose a penny.

    The leach is here for the long term, he’s laughing at everyone of you who put money in his pocket via NUFC or SD. The idea that he already has season ticket money so he won’t lose if there is a boycott is nonsense. If you don’t send a message to the leach, he knows you’re a mug and will continue to mug you.

    We may stay up this year, next year, the year after. But supporting NUFC under this leach is akin to clinging onto to a broken spiteful marriage because of the kids, pointless and ultimately harmful.

  • fenhammag

    i was one of the few optimists who thought MA had turned a corner and realised we could become great again with some major investment, he realised we could be but just wasn’t willing to invest his own money, as people have said….hit him in the pocket although it’ll just e a drop in the ocean and selling a few shares he’ll still laugh all the way to the bank, if rafa walks then nobody could blame him , a job offer built on false promises, I for 1 would be cancelling my season ticket as soon as he walks, lucky if he is still here by the Swansea game

    • Malcolm Fisher

      Why wait,I cancelled mine eight years ago and won’t go back till he is gone

  • East Durham Mag

    Instead of his face can you please have a 💩.

  • jack

    when the transfer window first opened I was moaning about lack of transfers , and people were having a go at me , saying there was plenty of time , and that we had to get rid of a lot of dead wood first , I disagreed with them , argued with them , said that players could still be signed early and the dead wood would go near the end , I was shot down , has nobody learned yet about Ashley , he’s a liar , arrogant , and doesn’t want anyone popular with the fans, he’s in charge two hundred percent , it’s happened over and over , every transfer window , and still you all blindly carry on , some even giving him support , I even said at the time that the lack of transfers was a way to force Rafa out underhandedly , because he’s became too popular and only wants success for Newcastle , success and Ashley are alien to him , twice we’ve suffered relegation in his tenure , surely now people will boycott St James , Rafa will go soon , fact , not if but when , why would he stay ?

  • Toonrobbybobson

    I tried wherever possible to give Mike Ashley the benefit of the doubt at times however hard that would be. After all this time he brought in Rafa – an extremely good move and step in the right direction. However hes made a fool once again of the manager, players and fans.

    No more.

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    If as suspected this forces Rafa out its absolutely the last straw and will not support the club in any financial capacity until hes gone once and for all.

    He is not interested in football. He is not interested in even competing at any level of the Premier League. The man is a lying gambler and is doing it with out club time after time after time.

    Its now looking like its time to deal the financial pains onto him. Hitting him the only place he reads messages from – the books.

    Hes used Rafa as a smokescreen and if he walks he goes with my blessing for everything he done to turn the club around. Shame his time has been wasted by a fool.

  • Desree

    Where is the Fleckmeister?

  • Toonrobbybobson

    One thing it absolutely has removed is any doubt to Mike Ashleys motives. Imagine the message sent to any managers who are to replace Rafa? We will end up with John Carver.

    Its clear as day now Mike Ashleys motives and now fans can start to act on that. His lies wont wash anymore even with those giving benefit of the doubt.

    We werent even talking spending much just to support Rafa in trying to keep the club up. Instead hes gambled… again!

    • fenhammag

      apparently southgate was in the stands at west ham, now there must be some real english talent for west ham kicking about or he is looking to split his time between NUFC and England …another yes man

  • 501ninedarter

    He isn’t the worst owner we have had and this constant whining about him is frankly embarrassing. So much of this article is based on conjecture and speculation to what end may I ask?

    Ashley will leave when a buyer comes along and offers what he wants until then he is here to stay so let’s just support the team.

    Your point about players not wanting to join, its articles like this that makes us a club in crisis. Not ashley but fans like you who think they are so self important and clever that writing articles not based on fact but only to perpetuate their view of the world causes us to be seen as a club in crisis. Stop simply blaming the owner and take a look in the mirror and please just stop all this pointless Ashley bashing or stomp up £400 million.

    • TheFatController

      Some of what you say may be valid, but you are very close, if not actually suggesting, that his ownership of the club means he can do what he likes – go back on his word to Keegan and Rafa, treat Shearer with indignity?

      Disrespect of a 125 year old institution and its revered players/managers can’t be excused because you have enough money to own that club. That belief would make you not for and proper to own a club existing within the FA’s structured league.

      For example, what would happen if he said he was going to buy the leazes terrace behind the East stand and plaster Sports Direct on it? He’d be told just because he owns it doesn’t mean he isn’t beholden to a legal duty of care given the heritage status of the building. What is the difference between the heritage of that building and that of st James park, and NUFC as an institution of the community ?

    • Leazes Ender

      Actually Yes he is the worst, by a mile…..

  • Desree

    There is one thing that Mike Ashley hates almost as much as he loves money.

    Bad press for sports direct. We say that the protests made no difference – yet a month later he sanctioned a 90m spending spree.

    Maybe if fans stayed away only for televised it could have a similar impact?

    As much as I wish we could make voices heard and still support the lads and Rafa, I am not sure it is possible?

    Pieman does care what Skysports think. If not why has he given two exclusive interviews.

    The fans have more power than they possibly imagine.

    Good luck to Rafa and the team. And hats off if you decide to turn up to the games.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Stay at home and watch the televised games,that’s what I’m gonna do from now on. Let’s all do it,it’s the only way to affect him.

  • magpiefifer

    Ashley has no shame.He seems to get a kick out of kicking us Toon supporters.
    We need to see him disappear asap!

  • Alan Bentham

    Get ashley out he does not care about the club he only cares about money time to go #ashley #asap

  • Yas

    Man, I thought I had lost my passion for football but this latest humiliation for NUFC has got me spitting blood!!

    I cannot, CANNOT, believe what Fat Ash has done. I honestly can’t. Even if the idea is to use NUFC as a channel to foreign football markets to peddle his Sports Direct tat, surely it makes sense to stay in the top league in the UK and make high profile signings? Surely that is the positive PR you generate so Sports Direct can ride on it’s coattails?

    Sad to say, nothing will change until Fat Ash is gone. In this corporate-dominated world, money and profit rule over all. Although his decisions make no business sense, I bet NUFC have an immaculate balance sheet and generate a healthy profit. I would not be surprised if Fat Ash borrows from banks against the value of NUFC.

    Now, we weren’t expecting Mbappe. We weren’t expecting £200m on new players. But, when you’re talking about having £30m from Summer 2016, £100m in TV broadcasting, £50m in operating profit, then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to spend £70 on new players.

    Rafa is going, we all know it. I don’t know who on Earth we bring in then. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hire Chris Kamara and Paul Merson as a dream team.

    One final point, why are NUFC ignored as a good investment opportunity? Why aren’t foreign investors tempted by us? I assume it’s due to a ridiculous asking price, but I’d like o here the forum’s thoughts. Is Newcastle seen as not metropolitan enough? Is Newcastle too far North?

    I ask as I’ve lived around the world and the UK. Aside from some cultural and ethnic ignorance, it is the nicest and friendliest place I’ve lived. Modern Newcastle has a thriving city, beautiful beaches down the coast and the stunning countryside of Northumberland. WHY OH WHY are we not being snapped up?

    Man, I thought I’d given up on football!!!!

  • LA Toon

    The past suggestions of match boycotts were, in my opinion, a way forward. However many fans highlighted that we must support the team. However the team consists of football players on vast salaries who would leave Newcastle in a heart beat for an extra 5 to 10 grand a week and kiss the new club crest and claim it’s a great club and has the best fans in the league.

  • Steg Maguire

    He tried the same thing at ibrox by placing yes men in the boardroom an fleecing X amount out of the club but by boycotting matches an club merchandise fan power prevailed an we ousted this charlatan an his puppets, the toon army should step up an go for it, good luck #RFC 🇬🇧

  • John Palmer

    Do it the Glasgow Rangers way boycott the merchandise and hit his pocket hard. WATP

  • Johnny99

    Wasn’t there a scheme a few years ago to get fans to buy the club?
    Does that still exist?
    Instead of sitting around and ‘waiting for a takeover’ (which might never happen) can’t we take things into our own hands and buy our club and then we can have our own elected people (from all backgrounds) to make decisions for the best and keep a great manager when we have one.