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Guess which club?

3 years ago

Take a read through the following piece. Fill in the blanks and then relate it to our position (again).

“Imagine for a moment you are transported a century into the future. You are a historian studying football culture from a bygone age and poring over antique blogs and pages of social media messages. You come across a fascinating story from the history of ………………. Football Club.

It’s a story of resistance and protest and of distant owners with scant regard for the concerns of supporters. The club had been taken over by ……………… who had “come to win” and who spoke of how they understood the dreams and aspirations of its devoted followers.

At first they were welcomed with open arms. However, the lessons of history had taught these supporters to judge others by their actions, not their words.

Initial attempts to engage with …………….. were positive, but soon went awry. It would eventually become clear that money and profit was their overriding concern.

The supporters began to protest, but they never realised the hurdles and barriers they would face before ultimately securing victory. They would face fierce criticism, derision and insults, not from the owners, or the media, but from some of their own.

A barrage of ridicule came their way. They were accused of not doing enough, then of going too far. They were called fools for thinking they could take on such a powerful foe, or condemned for damaging the very thing they were fighting to protect.

Imagine your confusion as you follow this story. Eventually though you would rejoice in the ultimate victory of the supporters. You would smile as you learn that the villains of the piece, …………….. were eventually driven from the club, cursing the band of “internet terrorists” who defeated them as they left.

What a story this is, a modern day David and Goliath. It is a victory for the common supporter over big business. Surely these people became heroes, revered by ………………… supporters everywhere.

Not only did they fight off the clubs owner’s, who were armed with expensive lawyers and deep pockets, but they also proved the doubters in their own ranks completely wrong. Victory had been possible all along.

They had set a benchmark for supporter campaigns. They’d created a model for all supporters looking to have a say in the clubs they love. Surely nobody would ever doubt them again. Nor would they question the validity of protest as means of winning concessions from the owners.

Now imagine how incredulous you’d be to find out that before the decade was out, history would repeat itself. Those same supporters would again find themselves having to stand up for their right not to be exploited for the profit of others. Even more incredibly they would once again face fierce criticism from within their own ranks.

Sadly this is exactly the position we find ourselves in today.”

Sound familiar? Sure does. This is reproduced from a piece written for by Jeff Goulding.

No one called the Kop / Liverpool supporters delusional – except some of their own. They got rid of Gillett and Hicks and their protests ensured that ticket prices didn’t rise under the current owner.

Liverpool have in Klopp a Manager known to share an affinity with the supporters just as he did at Dortmund. We have Rafa Benitez, whose connection with the fans at LFC is well known and it appears his affection for the Geordies continues to grow along the same lines.

It is not delusional to want to remove a greedy owner from decimating our club further. The actions at LFC by their supporters (or segments of it) have proven that affirmative action does work in many areas of a club’s decision making and operations.

If that was successful and also good enough for LFC and its fans, then there can be no more worthy cause than our own because of Mike Ashley.

Enough has to be enough. Doing nothing results in nothing changing. ‘Support the team but not the regime’ is a futile response which only ensures the status quo and allows the owner leeway to keep on running down the club.

How many more times do we really need to experience the behavior which Ashley has shown again this Summer? His ‘apologies’ to Sam, KK, Hughton and Shearer may have played well with Sky’s wider audience, yet he’s repeating the same ridiculous behavior towards Rafa.

So, forget the ridicule heaped on us by so called ‘experts’, pseudo accountants and the duplicitous Sky. It’s time to grow some and take the fight, a real and sustained fight, to Ashley.

Liverpool fans showed the way. We can do it. I suggest we come together and start organising.

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