Francisco de Míguel Moreno has reassured fans ahead of Sunday’s match at Swansea.

The man also known as ‘Paco’, says that whilst Rafa Benitez isn’t well enough to take the pre-match press conference on Friday afternoon, ‘he is in good spirits’ and ‘feeling better each day’.

Not many people will know the United boss better than Francisco de Míguel Moreno, as he has been part of Rafa’s backroom staff at Liverpool, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid, before joining up once again at St James Park in March 2016.

Rafa Benitez is still recovering from surgery during the international break and his assistant manager has been taking training and will conduct the press duties this afternoon.

It will be interesting seeing how somebody else handles the press responsibilities but it has ensured that any questions regarding what did or didn’t happen in the transfer market, will no doubt be politely knocked back.

Francisco de Míguel Moreno/Paco says that the backroom staff ‘are looking forward to seeing him (Rafa) back shortly’ but it looks as though that will be after this game on Sunday.

Thursday saw reports that the manager had been given advice by medical staff to give Swansea a miss as he recuperates, so Paco is set to be in charge on the touchline.

Obviously a big ‘get well soon’ to Rafa.

Francisco de Míguel Moreno (AKA Paco) speaking to the official club site:

“We are a very close team behind the scenes so everyone is always happy to step in and help out wherever it’s needed.

“We have all been in constant contact with Rafa as always and while he is very keen to be back on the training pitch, he is in good spirits.

“He is feeling better each day and we are looking forward to seeing him back shortly.”

  • Peaky Magpie

    Good luck Paco and don’t forget when you leave football behind you will have a second career as a Robert Downey Jr lookalike.All the best.

  • MadToonFan&VitalAshleyDroveOut

    As they say, get well soon, Mr Benitez, very soon. Any surgery can knock you sideways, regardless of how strong you are, so good luck.

  • morryJR

    Get well soon Mr.Benitez and for once… look after yourself first! We know that the team will play their best football for you on Sunday…and the fans will send and probably sing out their best wishes during the game…and remember we will all still be here and happy to see you return when you are ready to come back!

  • Steve Pearce

    Our players will probably the game of their careers and dedicate their victory to Rafa if he doesn’t make the match. Get well soon dear friend for you are the beating heart and soul of our club.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    If Sanchez was on fire Bayern wouldnt have let him go. Bony pulled up no trees for a while at city and then on loan at stoke. The one the fear is Abrahams strangely with a point to prove. They have lost Sigurdson who was basically their best player. Signings or no signings its 11 players on the pitch against another 11 and we have to be hungrier and out work Swansea. I actually expect we’ll see Jonjo come in for Merino whos played a fair few games lately (u21s) and its Jonjos old club with him too having a point to prove and owing his team/fans. Some interesting sub plots.

  • Mrkgw

    Get well soon Rafa.