Two years ago, Premier League clubs made a collective promise to meet minimum standards for disabled fans by August 2017.

However, an exclusive in the Telegraph has now revealed that many top tier clubs have still failed to meet guidelines set out in the Accessible Stadia Guide.

The commitment made by those Premier League clubs in 2015, including Newcastle United, was made after pressure was exerted by fans, media and government for clubs to meet these minimum standards.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission:

“It is clear a significant number of clubs have failed to meet the Premier League’s own pledge deadline.

“While some have made progress and taken the bit between their teeth, others have shown a worrying lack of interest in taking this seriously, neglecting the needs of their disabled supporters.”

Tony Taylor, Chairman of Level Playing Field:

“When the announcement came we were told August of this year (2017) and we are still waiting.

“We get calls every day from disabled fans who are asking what is going on.”

The Telegraph say that the cost of fulfilling that total pledge made by Premier League clubs would have cost only £7.2m to meet the basic requirements.

Whilst lower league clubs such as Tranmere and Wrexham have been praised for ‘incredible action’ in terms of meeting the needs of disabled fans, many Premier League clubs are being accused of dragging their heels.

The recommended minimum number of places that should be provided for disabled fans at St James Park was 234 but the Telegraph say there are currently only 160 provided.

Newcastle United have now been given a further year to meet that pledge they made in 2015.

Other clubs named in the exclusive are Chelsea and Manchester United.

When this season kicked off, Chelsea had only 108 spaces for disabled fans instead of the recommended 214, whilst Manchester United had only 120 instead of 282.

Watford and Crystal Palace are another two clubs reported to have not met the pledge made two years ago.

  • Alex

    How much would it take to reconfigure such a small area to achieve the requirements? Peanuts!

    The authorities need to stop pussyfooting around when initiatives like these are brought in. Either the job is completed by “X date”, or £1m fine is levied.

    Outrageous that clubs like us, Chelsea and Man Ure haven’t done this, yet the likes of Tranmere have.

  • Davey drape

    one reason could be they changed the process a few years ago so lower rate DLA is no longer good enough to get a discounted ticket only equivalent of middle rate DLA

    • Leazes Ender

      DLA= Disability Living Allowance.

  • Rich Lawson

    There used to be loads of wheel chair punters just off the pitch in front of the Milburn,Is it a health and safety thing that they can’t be there now ? Would make access a lot easier ? I had a right job getting my 95yr old father in law to a higher tier,no help from stewards who just pointed !!