Newcastle fans are making headlines.

The story goes that after winning three games in a row, we all think that Rafa is going to lead us to Premier League, Champions League, World Cup, glory.

This is of course rubbish.

Newcastle fans believe that winning three matches means it is a bit more likely that we can win the next one but that is about as far as it goes.

Of course it is fair comment to say Newcastle supporters are guilty of becoming very enthusiastic when given encouragement – but isn’t that something that should be seen as admirable, rather than a stick to beat a fanbase with?

This era sees Arsenal fans sitting back and moaning because it is only four months since they last won a trophy and it being the first time in 20 years they aren’t playing in the Champions League, so is it not a good thing when you see fans of another club being full of it when their team/manager puts together a few victories?

Back with the deluded Newcastle fans and there looks to be two main routes whereby the criticism comes along.

Winning these games against West Ham, Swansea and Stoke has been a massive relief and enjoyable, the team proving themselves almost certainly better than most pundits and indeed Newcastle fans believed to be the case.

The fact that other results then led to the win over Stoke taking Newcastle into fourth place, then added a bug extra element to the conversations amongst fans.

Yes, a lot of stuff mentioning Champions League and dusting off the passports etc BUT it is all tongue in cheek.

Just to make that clear to journalists and those who support other clubs, we don’t think Newcastle are going to be in the top four in May BUT we do like having a laugh about it.

Sarcasm, irony, whatever, we are joking, not believing it.

So any talk of trips to Barcelona, Juventus and Inter Milan is just for our amusement, not to be taken as FACT that Newcastle fans think the glory days are back.

Another favoured way of sticking the knife in for journalists and supporters elsewhere, is the route whereby you see, or go and find, the one halfwit Newcastle fan who does actually believe there will be black and white ribbons on the Premier League trophy in May, then use that as proof that this is how all Newcastle supporters think.

We are all guilty of it, using the extremes of other fanbases as a way to stereotype the rest of them.

The likes of Twitter have been a godsend for your modern football journalist, using one dodgy comment on social media as the basis of a whole article, repeating the lies/twisted coverage that has gone before.

Sadly it has become a storyline that sells, journalist/media knowing that an article having a go at Geordies for their latest delusion will get the clicks/sales.

When your team hasn’t won a domestic trophy for over 60 years, you have to wonder how anybody could honestly believe that Newcastle fans think anything silver is just around the corner,  rather than the simple reality of just a little bit of optimism fuelled mainly by the presence of Rafa Benitez.

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  • Albert Stubbins

    what glory days are back? Ive not witnessed any in 42 years- do you mean the inter toto? Tell man yoo and Liverpool fans about our glory days and see what reception they give you. The best chance of glory are ahead of us not behind us as it was relative success not glory- I know it wasnt- I was there. The memories of Getting trounced off man yoo in finals and semi finals doesnt make me fill up- if anything its even more frustrating as we were so close- lets hope Rafa can finally give us all to really glory in one day. NUFC

    • Wor Lass

      Spot on, Albert!

    • Brian Standen

      My sentiments exactly. Def not glory days more wasted opportunities

  • Steve Pearce

    You can say what you like – but at least we are not Scumderland fans who even at this early stage of the season are staring yet another relegation in the face!

    • Paul Smith

      Not many of them are staring relegation in the face.. at least not live on a match day. Their stadium is more than half empty already at this early stage of the season. Our fans didn’t desert after we lost the first 2 games last season.

  • Sean Lynch

    Great article,Dean!
    I believe this ‘deluded Geordies’ phrase dates back to the days of Keegan. When glory was almost within our grasp, but depressingly was thrown away. It may have been accurate after the fact, but at the time all but the most staunch Man U fans thought we’d win the league.
    In the modern era, the decade of the troll, has seen a significant change in the approach of banter. There are those who make a living out of it and there are those keyboard warriors who get off stirring things up.
    They can call us deluded and spout their factually incorrect drivel, all they want. They’ll never stop us being optimistic, nor will they lessen our passion. We are as patriotic about the Geordie Republic as can be and they can’t take that away from us!

    • Leazes Ender

      You can go back to the 74 cup final when the Chronicle did one of those peer reviews, comparing United and Liverpool players man for man and guess which team was the best in the eyes of John Gibson…. yup United….. we would thrash them boasted Supermac….

      …it was said that Shankley pinned the chronicle to the wall of the Liverpool changing room and he didn’t need a team talk.

      • Brian Standen

        I think it was Supermac ( greatest ever NUFC number 9) who said what he was going to do to Liverpool! Alas it did not work out but what an exciting team! If only Tony Green had not been so cruelly injured just a year or 2 earlier!

  • Leazes Ender

    Who set the muppets dancing first….

    ….Lineker, Shearer or Ryder?

    This is one of the major problems at the club….fans thinking the team is better or stronger than it is….. we have the owner we deserve…. a Chelsea fan.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Thought he was a spuds fan? maybe not after the Sissoko deal?

  • Alan Shoulder

    Dean, love the article and the tone. We are sitting back and enjoying the “relative success” to quote Albert Stubbins. Happy days.

  • Lord

    Most of us are old enough to remember 5 wins in a row under Pardew and yet a season that nearly ended in relegation.

  • Grahame Johnson

    If it was like a library at the Stoke game and turned we up expecting to win 3 or 5 nil and got beat and booed the team off we would have took a kicking off the press alas we turned up backed Rafa and the lads and won 2-1 also after the equaliser it got louder,then we scored the winner and yet we still got a bit stick, I for one was disgusted when Pardew and McLaren blamed us for being to loud and allegedly wanting more goals when teams scored late in games to draw or beat us, we have a manager who gets us and knows at games like stoke the fans shout,sing and get animated because we want the team to hang on. Stoke at home does not usually get the blood boiling and passion flowing through us,Saturday was a proper football occasion that reminds us we are UNITED

  • Damon Horner

    You’re doing our lads a dis- service. Of course we can win the league!

    I’ll happily repeat that to the clubs media partner!

  • GToon

    There is only one thing that stands in the way of us doing a Leicester and that’s the shop keeper. If he owned Leicester do any of us imagine he wouldn’t have sold half the team by that January transfer window? We’ve had a handful of games so far and most of us are already discussing how much and to who half of our team are going to be sold to. It’s a different set of rules for us and those rules certainly won’t help us win anything in the foreseeable.

  • Down Under Mag

    I think fans should be allowed to enjoy a period of unexpected success, however brief it proves to be, when everyone (including most of our own fan base) had written us off after the shambolic transfer window. Maybe i’m being a little naive!

  • Wor Lass

    You don`t have to be paranoid to write for the Mag — but it helps!

    • Leazes Ender

      You do have to be deluded to read Ryder and Co,….. they ran a poll after the third win and again asked where fans thought the club would end up….. ten percent said first.

      • Wor Lass

        That would probably have been you, me and Triple M – using all of his monikers!

      • Paul Smith

        And approximately 99.9% of that 10% were probably joking / being sarcastic just as suggested in this article…

        You see even you are doing it… Taking a joke and spinning it to beat the fan base with the old “deluded geordies” thing. Pretty sad when even the clubs own fans start doing it.