Crystal Palace fans woke up to headlines at the weekend claiming their club would approach Rafa Benitez if the dire start to the season under Frank de Boer doesn’t pick up.

Palace have lost all three Premier League matches and haven’t even scored a goal so far.

Interesting to see the comments from Crystal Palace fans below, as to whether they think would be a good move to pay the reported £6m release figure for the Newcastle manager.

There are those who see a manager of Rafa’s calibre not looking twice at a club like Palace, whilst others think he would be a really poor choice.

I also detect remaining dislike of Newcastle United overall, due in the main to the friction/comments going back and forth over our old friends Alan Pardew and Sam Allardyce…

Crystal Palace fans comments via their top message board:

‘Just read Palace interested in making a 6 million move for Rafa Benitez. Worth it or not? What do you think?’

‘Possibly but he would insist on backing in the transfer market.’

‘6 million for Rafa ?

Compared to LOSING 200 Million if we go down

Its a no brainer.

Of course we should get him if available.’

‘Not sure why people think Palace don’t spend money. We can easily show that we spend lots of money each window.

Net spend this window was twice West Ham’s…

Parish had no issue backing big Sam and I doubt we’d have a problem backing Benitez.

IF Frank goes then £6m on Benitez would in my view be money better spent than on the failed bid for Niasse.’

‘£6m for a 57 year old defender seems quite expensive.’

‘1st choice should be Dyche, if he’s not interested which I doubt he would, then go for Hodgson or Hiddink a safe pair of Hands.

Leave Rafa at Newcastle, forever moaning about transfers, never gonna work at Palace.’

‘I think the fact we spent £50 mil last season and £30 mil last season might make backing Rafa a bit difficult. It would have to wait until next summer. If we do anything more than a £10mil – £15mil signing in January it’ll be because we’ve sold a player or two.’

‘Can’t see Rafa wanting to come to us.

He’s been at a lot of big clubs and Newcastle fall into that category (stadium, facilities etc). West Ham seems like a good shout.

I’d be fully in favour if it continues to go down the pan with Frank.’

‘I don’t like Rafa Benitez at all.

I don’t like the way he manipulates the press to get his point across to the board .

That is definitely not the palace way.’

‘We are way too small for someone like Benitez. He’d have to stifle his shock and guffawing if he was shown around the place properly.’

‘He spent 36m and brought in 6 players on top of last season being huge spenders. Nothing but making the excuses early.

No lover of Mike Ashley but it’s the owner that has to pick up the bill and needs to fund the club responsibility.

If your that good Rafa do your job keep them in the PL and kick on year by year or head off to an Arab funded dream team.’

‘Rafa wont come here and SP won’t spend £6m releasing him.

West Ham say they would be interested but Benitez is a difficult animal to work with.

Not even sure he would want to go to the Hammers either.’

‘I’d pay the money for Rafa the gaffa before West ham beat us to it.’

  • More clubs will be looking for Rafa especially if we are in the top 10 come January. Rafa is not moaning about transfers, he just wants to always challenge for the TOP, that’s his nature.

    • mentalman

      there’s very few clubs in the top 10 would look at rafa

      • hetonmag

        Wonder why Chelsea turned to him then, you my friend seems to have a downer on Rafa for some reason.

        • mentalman

          its 5 years ago in november since rafa joined chelsea, a lot of the managers in the premier league that season are no longer managing teams or are managing teams at a low level now, a lot can happen in 5 years.

          As for my comment about very few of the top ten looking at him out of last season’s top ten the only 2 you would think would definately go for him are Bournemouth and WBA.

          I don’t have a downer on Rafa, i’m just a realist and can see that he is not above criticism, he is partly to blame for our current position and he has his failings.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    More shyte from the idiots who proclaimed Pardspew as their saviour.
    They haven`t got a clue

  • Steve Smith

    Tin pot club with deluded fans. Don’t know why they get article space? They have zero connection to us. They don’t even have our unwanted sloppy seconds managing them anymore.

    • mentalman

      Perhaps its something to do with them discussing NUFC’s current manager

      • Steve Smith

        Most of the country is discussing our manager. Do we need an article on each of the 150 odd EFL clubs?

  • Alex

    “Compared to losing £200m if we go down.”

    Love that comment. Ashley just doesn’t seem to understand the loss, AGAIN, of not supporting transfers and potential relegation.

  • Grahame Johnson

    We play Liverpool on the 1st of October there was only 3 seats left in block v and u gallowgate and single seats every where else, Rafa is the only reason this is happening.

  • Alan Pardew

    It will be for me about the project. If I think the project is going to be a chance of promotion, a good finish in the Premier League or a cup run then I will be interested.

    Us managers we wait by the phone and see what happens.

  • Leazes Ender

    ‘£6m for a 57 year old defender seems quite expensive.’

    • HappyToons

      Remember that is just for his leg. Could play him up front instead and he’d be worth double at least.

  • Big Hairy Man

    I can see him leaving but I can’t see him going to Palace. Why would he want to leave one relegation battle to join another?

  • Peter

    ‘Leave Rafa at Newcastle, forever moaning about transfers, never gonna work at Palace.’

    I wonder if this Palace fan has even the first idea of what working under Mike Ashley is like?

  • Steve Pearce

    Dream on – If you give me £6 million I’ll come down and manage you though, that is if I’ve got any money left after opening my own distillery and bringing the brewing of Broon Ale back to the Toon….

  • Phil K

    They’re no worse than fans of other clubs re: Newcastle. And better than many.
    But I note after they were proved wrong about Pardew they denied they’d praised him to the heavens and even said they’d be in the Champions League with him – I remember a couple of them saying just that

  • MadMag83

    Ashley would love to bite their hand off for the £6m, shove it in his fat back pocket and install one of his cronies/yes man.

    Bobby Moncur or Beardsley next NUFC manager.

  • Georgia Peter

    And you can see Rafa at “Croydon Boys Club” eh…! Deam on boys ,Its a load of Cockney trash… usual.