Ciaran Clark was Newcastle’s best defender throughout the promotion season, once he got his chance, and he has start this Premier League campaign in the same vein.

With Mbemba now out injured, the Irish defender waits to see whether he will play centre-back or move to left-back, but either way, he feels the players have managed to adapt ok so far, with the likes of Lejeune, Dummett and Yedlin already missing this season.

The West Ham match saw an excellent 3-0 win and once again Ciaran Clark was at the heart of the action, saving a goal at one end with a clearance off the line after Elliot’s mistake, then going up the other end to score the crucial second goal.

The defender experienced disappointment with defeat to Serbia and Mitrovic earlier this week but he says on returning to the training ground ‘it feels like a positive vibe’.

Whilst Mike Ashley has shackled Rafa Benitez in his attempts to make the necessary signings this summer, Ciaran Clark acknowledges that Swansea fans are excited to see both Bony and Sanches after their late transfer arrivals, following the arrivals of Clucas, Abraham and Mesa.

However, Clark insists that it won’t ‘faze’ he and his teammates as they prepare to face yet another club who have shown far more ambition in the summer transfer window.

Ciaran Clark talking to NUFC TV:

“We wanted to get points on the board after two tricky games and we managed to do that (against West Ham).”

‘Did it feel like things were starting to come together in the West Ham game?’

“I think so, we played really well and created chances, put them under a lot of pressure and forced them to make mistakes.

“We managed to capitalise and it was something we worked on in training.

“Injuries are frustrating for the manager because he works on players in certain positions and injuries force him to change.

“We have adapted and hopefully we can build on West Ham.

“Swansea will be a tough game and they have made signings in the window.

“We just want to go and give a positive performance.

“Their fans will be excited to see the new lads in action but it won’t faze us. We’ll just go down there and do our jobs.

“We did take confidence from West Ham and it was nice going into the break knowing we had points on the board.

“Coming back in, it feels like a positive vibe.

“We want to get as many points on the board as early as we can, so it’s a good place to go and try to carry on the momentum.”

  • ghostrider

    Anything that mentions positive is very welcome with all the negativity going on lately.

    • Leazes Ender

      No mate ‘positivity’ in journalism feeds an illusion that everything is tickety-boo. Whilst in medical care or sports psychology it can be beneficial to put the recipient into a false frame of mind briefly to some effect.

      The Chronicle is obsessed with giving its readership a daily dose of unreality even in the face of a home thrashing to Liverpool they came up with a ‘good news’ story about Shola being back within a fortnight….

      Are some people totally incapable of a gram of rationality?

      • ghostrider

        Life’s too short to bathe in too much negativity and just about everything reeled off to us in all walks of life, by news media, is generally designed negativity.
        The mere fact that Ciaran Clark has a positive mind and outlook is like a breath of fresh air among the doom and gloom that seems to be orchestrated almost daily about the club .

        • Leazes Ender

          There’s no such thing as ‘negativity and positivity’ …. are you educationally subnormal or what?

          • ghostrider

            Would you like to explain yourself or maybe go into a little rant?

          • Leazes Ender

            I’ve just explained it…. tell me one other sport where journalists feel compelled to going looking for a ‘spin’ on a story in order to give fans a ‘good feeling’ !

          • ghostrider

            When it’s in their interests to do so, which rarely incorporates the less than impressive outsider clubs.

          • Leazes Ender

            Then objectivity is out of the window with you?

          • ghostrider

            Do you actually know what you’re saying?

      • Rich Lawson

        Some on here definitely

  • Leazes Ender

    I give up.

  • MadToonFan&VitalAshleyDroveOut

    One thing I’m thinking is, working under such a experienced respected manager, with a decent pedigree to boot, must be uplifting to one’s spirit. To know Rafa actually wanted you must have a positive major affect on you. Lol, I’ve been headhunted and it sure is a lovely confidence booster 😊

  • Steve Pearce

    I assure you the Chronicle writers are far too interested in Moussa Sissoko’s rear end to ever write anything resembling cogent and positive articles…