Brighton 1 Newcastle 0 – Sunday 24 September 4pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle:

Ben Cooper:

“We were slightly off for the whole game even though we had the best chances in the first half.

“It was a different sort of NUFC we saw today – players out of position, some not knowing what to do and looking unconvincing.

“It was disappointing that their goal was such a soft one given that the back five hoyed everything they could in the way of every Brighton attack but realistically they had very little in front of them for 90 minutes.

“The defence will no doubt take the blame but with our best chances falling to the ghosts of Rafferty and Shinton up front, 0-0 was the best we could hope for.”

Jamie Smith:

“Very disappointing as an underwhelming performance saw recent momentum shudder to a halt.

“This is the way we approach away games though and at times we’ll get caught like this when it’s the other lot, not us, that nicks the one goal in a tight match.

“Next time out at Southampton it may go our way.

“The Joselu miss proved costly this week, unlike his three against Stoke, but if we are continually counting the cost of this profligacy then it may be time to give Dwight Gayle a run.

“Again, the underfunded areas of the team the issue, as Perez was anonymous at number ten, but this is what we have to work with.

“A second disappointing loss to our fellow promotes, perhaps a dose of reality after a week in the top four.”

George Stainsby:

“I would have taken three wins from six during the dark days of pre-season worry but maybe this will show them upstairs we still need loans and investment.

“But I doubt it. I doubt the Liverpool match will have one goal in it.”

Jamie Swan:

“Didn’t play well enough to get anything today. Just seemed off the boil, which is disappointing.

“Brighton will probably feel they deserved it but in truth it was a game on low quality in the final third.

“We were scrappy and average – 5 and 6 out of tens all over the park. Shame, as 3 points were very much for the taking.

“Don’t think we were terrible, but Perez was his usual anonymous self, or when he did actually appear and get involved was pure powder puff guff.

“Even though we weren’t great, Joselu spurned the type of chance that comes back to haunt you, and no matter how much we huffed and puffed at the end – it did.

“3 won, 3 lost. Like the Championship, we might not draw many this season.”

David Punton:

“Brighton edging it today and for banter purposes that will make up for them bottling the run in for the Championship back in the Spring.

“This game was a bit of a missed opportunity. Joselu’s exploits in front of goal proving more than a bit costly.

“We got away with it last week but not this time out. He has to score from six yards when the chance came by in the first half.

“Rafa needs to look at his selection. Perez and Joselu both under scrutiny ahead of a very hard game against Liverpool.

“The scramble to 40 points goes on, but for all those panicking after today, you would surely have taken 9 points from 6 games at this stage. It had been a good few weeks up until today.

“Two trips to our promotion pals from last season have yielded zero points, which has the feel of Sod’s law about it.

“Respect to all fans making the long trip down there and back on a Sunday for a 4pm kick off.

“Does a possible Hemed stamp on Yedlin need to be looked at by the FA? Yes, but we will see.”

Toon Bano:

“Poor result, against a poor team.

“I think Joselu has used up his ‘trying too hard’ card and needs to be replaced by Mitrovic or Gayle.

“There really is no point working your t*ts off to keep the other team out if you can’t score the few chances you make.

“The goal was a soft one to concede. Criminal to fall asleep at a set-piece. This game should have been 0-0 at worst.

“Try to forget this result and move on.”

Anthony Stafford:

“I hope Mr Hemed is going to get a multi match ban …stamping on Yedlin ala Shelvey.

“Don’t believe the sky commentators…he fell over, slipped, yada yada.

“The same Hemed dived for the free kick that caused the goal.

“We missed chance after chance and have to start hitting the net or it will be a long season.

“Didn’t think much of either team.

“Over to you FA but think they will be deaf, dumb and blind.If it was Mr Shelvey well you know what would happen.”

Paul Patterson:

“This should be the death knell of the 4-5-1 stupidity.

“After 20 minutes, this farce was crying out for two up front.

“Take the praise from good results but this was utter rubbish.”

Paul Lyon:

“A sobering result after a decent run of results.

“Chances were few and far between which had we have taken would have given us the initiative in the game.

“Brighton made the most of a rare defensive lapse from us and took a lot of heart from that.

“Would have been nice to nick a point at the end but it wasn’t to be.

“Back at hyem next weekend where hopefully we can get another run started.”


“I’m not going too get to hung up over this result. We will have more good days than bad under Rafa.

“Brighton plastic brigade going on like they have won a cup final.

“One thing got me on Twitter today, is some of our so called fans tagging players in on Twitter calling them rubbish…BANG OUT OF ORDER.

“Yeah have a moan like all of us but don’t personally get at our players.”

Nat Seaton:

“Not much between the teams but we didn’t offer much up front with Joselu and Perez.

“Ritchie, and especially Atsu, had quiet games and we didn’t make the most of the set plays that we won.

“Not a bad performance but more needed to win points away from home in the Premier League against a fellow promoted team.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Brighton 1 Newcastle 0


Brighton: Hemed 51

Possession was Brighton 49% Newcastle 51%

Total shots were  Brighton 7 Newcastle 17

Shots on target were Brighton 3 Newcastle 5

Corners were  Brighton 2 Newcastle 8

Referee: Andre Marriner

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, Mbemba (Gamez 83), Ritchie, Hayden (Shelvey 68), Merino, Atsu, Perez, Joselu (Gayle 71)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Murphy, Diame

Crowd: 30,468 (approx 2,500 Newcastle)

  • Jezza

    Very disappointing. I would have been perfectly happy with a draw today. Not for the first time this season and certainly not for the last we came out of a match pointless and goalless as a direct result of Fatso’s refusal to give Rafa adequate funds to buy a half decent striker in the summer.

    • Tom page

      Hang on. We got ‘a half-decent striker’. He’s called Joselu, a Stoke squad player that can’t score goals. What’s more we have another called Perez – but not the one that Arsenal wanted rid of.

  • Marveauxless

    Joselu and Jacob Murphy cost us £17.5 million and their combined contribution so far is one deflected goal; that money plus their combined salary should have been put towards signing a quality, proven striker (Javier Hernandez cost £16 million).
    Right now Murphy is not good enough to play in the Premier League, it doesn’t matter if he goes on to become a £50 million England International it means nothing if we get relegated this season.
    Our focus has to be short-term; in a few years when we’re an established Premier League side we can afford to spend money on young players with potential but right now we aren’t in a position to carry inadequate players.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Spot on

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    How many times & how many windows have passed by without buying the most important player in a team and that`s a goal scorer.

    • Jezza

      Every rotten transfer window since Fatso pocketed the £35 million he got for Andy Carroll.

    • Jimblag23

      I have to give it to you after our convo earlier, you may have been right. 😏
      I’m sure you’re as unhappy about that as me.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Hopefully Mitrovich will now be given an opportunity. He would have made the difference today – shame he wasn’t playing.

    • molend

      And why? Because if he came on and just stood and watched the grass growing, he’d probably still be sent off. I agree, he’s done some daft things, but he’s also been targeted. How was the stamp on Yedlin today better than Shelvey’s on Pissquick? And unfortunately, the club’s totally supine. Never a challenge, never any support for the player. ‘Newcarsell? No problem there, old bean. Utterly docile’.

  • Andy Mac

    “It was a different sort of NUFC we saw today – players out of position, some not knowing what to do and looking unconvincing”

    Didnt see the game but did that really happen ? We had the same personnel as last week and more or less the same gameplan ? So why were players “out of position” and “not knowing what to do” ?

    • Marveauxless

      Everyone was played in their correct position on the team sheet but on the actual pitch there was little structure or organisation. The usual defensive solidness wasn’t there and Brighton kept hitting Newcastle on the counter-attack. Almost all of our corners were taken short despite us scoring twice in two games from corners into the penalty area

  • Peaky Magpie

    Well at least Merson,Owen,Nicholas etc will be pleased tonight,morons.Drinks on Merson.Game’s over,move on,nowt we can do about result but for goodness sake Lardy even your fat pie chomping heed must realise we need two strikers in January.

  • HarryHype59

    The lack of investment in the striker and no 10 positions was shown today. I do think Rafa should have changed the tactics in the last 30 mins, as it was obvious we weren’t going to score playing 4-2-3-1

    • Jezza

      “The lack of investment in the striker and no 10 positions was shown today.”

      Precisely and that’s going to be our downfall this season.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        It’s a shame daft Ashley never learns anything from season to season !

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Shelvey and Mitro need to start next week. Joselu and Perez just don’t have it right now.

    • Cuh

      Shelvey is hardly a 10. It’ll be worse than playing Diame there

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    If there is one team I don’t mind losing against it is Brighton, just because Chris is their manager and he was treated abominably by Ashley.

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    If Ashley had allowed Rafa to invest in a proven striker games like this could have been won?! Never mind Liverpool beckons with copious amounts of alcohol. Think positive & forget Ashley & today’s loss?!

  • Steve Pearce

    This was the first proper test we has inasmuch it was the first proper opposition we had who could actually play a proper game of football. Chris Houghton set his team up to play wide to frustrate our narrow defence and deserved win. A well deserved wake up call before we take on Liverpool and in my opinion the result was actually better than a win as its given us something to work on and has burst the early bubble.

    Cast your mind back to Chris’s finest ever match as manager when we stuffed the Makems 5-0. In the second half there was a hastily written sign held up that said Houghton Is A Geordie and he really gave us a match of football. He deserved the three points and let it rest

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Newcastle did their thing which will work some weeks and others it will not.
    Your basically going to get the same level of performance week in week out and Rafa was right to try and quell a section of the fan base’s ambitions for the season.
    We will be struggling all the way through and if we are still on the gravy train at the end then that is all that matters this season.

    Ashley has left them high and dry and it is up to the likes of Perez, Joselu, Gayle to try and secure us which will be difficult in the extreme.
    I just hope that there is some real interest behind the scenes in buying the club and that is why Ashley hasn’t sanctioned a lot of spending !

  • Down Under Mag

    We are never going to win every week and this was in all honesty a tricky away game at a ground we have have had trouble with in the past. The telling thing for me was our dominance of posession. We seem to do better the way Rafa has us set up when the opposition has the ball, Brighton played well, we created chances and on a different day we could have had a result…it’s going to be like that all season I fear, we aren’t going to win all the games but i’ve seen enough to suggest we may have enough to avoid relegation and this season unfortunately that is all we can hope for.

    West Ham and Swansea are not good teams and so we can’t judge our ability and our chances this season on those two games…but nor should we write ourselves off for losing this game either. We are still top half and we move on to the next game and see how we do then.

  • Cuh

    When does Mitrovic return?

  • Mike