The final 2017/18 Premier League table has been predicted by over 56,000 visitors to the BBC Sport site.

Asked to pick where all 20 clubs would finish, the collective vote gave up some very interesting conclusions.

The two positions that the English football public were most sure of, was who would end up champions and who would be rock bottom.

Over 60% went for Manchester United as champions, whilst over 55% had Brighton down to finish bottom.

Despite Huddersfield having picked up seven from the first nine points and not conceding a goal, the football public still have them going down in 18th position.

As for the other relegation spot, Crystal Palace are currently in last place and neutrals see them climbing only one place higher after the 38th match of the season.

And Newcastle?

Neutrals believe Rafa and his team will finish in a comfortable 17th!

BBC Sport visitors (over 56,000 voting) predict 2017/18 Premier League table:

Manchester United

Manchester City



Tottenham Hotspur



Leicester City      


West Bromwich Albion    

Stoke City





West Ham

Newcastle United              

Huddersfield Town           

Crystal Palace

Brighton & Hove Albion   

Interesting to look at last season’s BBC Sport predictions.

This is how the football public predicted the bottom seven and with Hull and Sunderland they got two of the relegation spots correct – but Burnley survived and it was Middlesbrough (predicted to end up fifth bottom) who made the drop.

2016/17 Premier League prediction (bottom 7)


Stoke City



Hull City



  • Soldier

    near enough to where the owner wants us, one thing worries me why on earth did Rafa let Newcastle put a penalty clause in his contract when it’s widely acknowledged the owner is known liar

    • Steve Smith

      Probably because Rafa knows that he is a top class manager and the £5m clause is inconsequential to land a manager of his quality.

      • Soldier

        very true but it still doesn`t make sense

  • Steve Smith

    That looks about right!

  • Doug Dacre

    anything above that is success….

  • Vodkamagpie

    The table could really be anything besides the top 7 in which ever order, everyone else will be eyeing 8th spot

    • Leazes Ender

      Well financially Ashley has positioned Rafas squad at 16th that’s about where we will finish providing there are no injuries or suspensions.

  • ghostrider

    I’d accept 17th but I genuinely believe we are better than that.
    I think (barring horrendous injuries) we have as much chance of finishing closer to 12th than 17th or closer to 17th.
    What do I base it on though?
    No more than what all of that opinion is based on. Basically a best guess.

    • Leazes Ender

      I would guess it correlates well with the squad value table, but influenced by supporter numbers for the respective clubs.

  • Steve Pearce

    Are these visitors from an alien planet who have developed time travel? If they are can I borrow their time machine and wipe out all of Mike Ashley’s ancestors so the fat stinking bag of southern pus would never have existed…