It is Swansea v Newcastle in a couple of hours time.

Defeat would leave NUFC with only three points from 12 and down amongst the early strugglers.

A win would see Rafa’s team on six points and comfortable mid-table after four matches.

What about the third option though?

On Saturday we asked Newcastle supporters:

‘Would you take a point now ahead of the Swansea match?’

Or would you rather take your chances and fancy Newcastle could be on track to get something more tomorrow?

The Welsh club one of the six or seven clubs that Newcastle fans expected to be competing with towards the bottom end of the Premier League.

Last season the Welsh club finished 15th with 41 points, as they flirted with relegation during the season.

When it comes to likely on the road victories, Swansea away must be one of the more possible/probable but would Newcastle fans vote to take a draw?

Thanks to all who voted and the answer that came back was:

62% Take the draw now

38% Take our chances with the match

The win against West Ham relieved a lot of pressure and a point today would make it a relatively solid start to the season.

We’ll soon find out.

  • Mark Spark

    A point would take us above Everton and Brighton I think.And its away.Hmmm.I would take it and keep the momentum going.Although I do think we have a good chance today for the win

  • Rob Brown

    3 games in and we’re throwing in the towel??

    Bollocks – take the win. Nothing less

    • Mark Spark

      throwing in the towel?A bit harsh I think.i just think that newcastle has had years of,”going for it”,ever since the keegan years.And i dont think on balance it has done us any good

      • Rob Brown

        Swansea? Away?

        And we accuse Ashley of having no ambition!

  • TheNutJob

    The lads will pagger them

  • Mark Spark

    Do you think Rafa will set up with counter attacking in mind.Shelvey and Merino looking for quick ball foward,using pace of gayle and maybe ritchie/aarons?

  • Rob Brown

    The 62% who said they would take the draw should be ashamed of themselves.

    You’re not fans.

    I have no idea what the hell you are.

    But you’re not fans!

    • paul mclaughlan

      Yes they are

      Why do you keep on putting spaces between sentences?

      Doesn’t make sense…

    • paul mclaughlan

      Yes they are.

      Why do you keep on putting spaces between sentences?

      Doesn’t make sense…

    • Albert Stubbins

      Season ticket holder for thirty years and I’d of taken a draw soft lad! Are you on drugs? Serious question.

      • Rob Brown

        So if you’d have taken a draw at Swansea, who do you think we’re actually capable of beating?