Aleksandar Mitrovic says he still can’t believe what has happened.

The Newcastle striker is banned from club football until October but retains the belief that the incident with Lanzini ‘wasn’t even a foul’.

Mitrovic thinks that in every match there are ’10 clashes like that with a defender’.

None of know what is going on in his head but when you saw the TV pictures, the big thing was that he appears to suddenly change direction to ensure he makes contact with the West Ham player.

It looked very intentional, even if the Serbian forward didn’t mean any harm.

He pleaded guilty and didn’t challenge the three match ban, no doubt advised by NUFC that if he/they had done so, there was every chance he could get an extra game added to his suspension for making a frivolous appeal.

After helping to put his country on the brink of World Cup qualification with a win against the Republic of Ireland, Mitrovic now has only one club game at home to Liverpool before he and his international teammates have the opportunity to finish that job off.

During his suspension, Mitro turns 23 and has to now concentrate his energies on making a go of his club career and show his desire on the pitch to score goals and help the team, rather than being a liability at times.

Maybe this will be the season when everything finally clicks..

Aleksandar Mitrovic:

“It is very frustrating for me but I can’t change anything now.

“These are the rules, but I didn’t mean to do this, the things they have accused me of. It wasn’t even a foul in the game but I have to accept the rules and respect the decision that has been made.

“I didn’t mean it, it wasn’t even a foul, I have three or four incidents like this every match so I don’t understand it, I was really surprised.

“It has been really tough to get my head around. It was an accident. I spoke to Lanzini after the game and he was fine.

“You maybe get 10 clashes like that with a defender in a game. It was not even a foul, it was not even a yellow card, but I have to accept my punishment. If I say something more they can punish me even more.

“I haven’t spoken to Rafa (about the incident) yet but I will do. I’m not sure what he can say.

“I’ve been banned for three games and I was really surprised.

“It is going to be very hard to miss these games, I had a good pre-season, I’ve scored two goals already, it is very hard for my head to stay focused and strong.

“But that’s life. That’s football, I just have to try and stay fit and sharp so that I can help the team when I return.”

  • Steve Smith

    Get rid. If he doesn’t even think he’s doing anything wrong then how is he supposed to reign it in?

  • Steve Pearce

    Don Reevey would have loved to have Mitro in his Leeds team…..

    • Rich Lawson

      Revie,and yes he would,although he’s an angel by comparison to most of them.

  • 55degreesnorth

    Confirmation of the IQ for the average professional footballer.

  • Wor Lass

    He`s a bit of a throwback, really. Lots of fans on here scream out for players to get stuck in and show some passion – they detest namby pamby players and people who tackle like they`re doing the Tetley tea-bag dance – then turn on one who does. The problem Mitro has now is that he`s a marked man. Refs are on the look-out for him, opposition players foul him for fun to get a reaction and the sky/MoTD pundits can`t wait to show off their interactive whiteboard skills to highlight his misdemeanors and tip the FA the wink. This really all comes down to those first 4 games two seasons ago. He made his bed then and has to lie in it, I suppose, but he has to come through it because he`s going to be needed this season. Gayle`s head and hamstrings aren`t right and , although willing and technically good, I don`t think Joselu will be up to leading the line all season. The thing is, Mitro is showing for Serbia that he can get through games without losing it and that he can stick the ball in the net. I think his international manager`s right – he needs to feel that the club has confidence in him then he can relax and just play the football. If selected!

    • ghostrider

      I think that basically answers most of the issues with him and about him.
      Good post.

    • Tony Mann

      As you said, we scream for players with passion and to get stuck in but his transgressions are mindless. He’s not tackling or getting stuck in. he’s assaulting players. He will be singled out for past misdemeanours but he is not doing himself any favours with the elbow thrown at Lanzini.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    What has he done that Harry Kane didn’t do to Lejeune, or the Hud defender kicking Mbemba in the head? The FA and the merry go round cash cow (Premier League) are only interested in clubs making money in the far east as per usual, one rule for the rest, one rule for the others that just make up the numbers!

  • molend

    Did anybody see Mitrovic as he went off when he was substituted against Ireland? Handshakes with irish players and with the referee. Didn’t look like a nutter to me.

  • Mxpx

    i’m not sure about this one i can’t find a replay on youtube but mitrovic naturally has his elbows up whenever he goes into a challenge (much like shearer infact) I’d love to see where his eyes are I think thats the key indicator of whether the ban is just or not

  • hetonmag

    I’m not his biggest fan but for me it wasn’t malicious and his supposed reputation was enough for the FA to ban him, but the likes of that horrible Phil Neville crucified him on MOTD saying there was no place for that on a football pitch,he got the same ban as the kid from Watford who was very lucky not to break an opposing player’s leg. All Mitro did was brush Lanzini’s ear hardly a career threatening injury.