Alan Shearer has been talking about the problems players have, adjusting to life after their playing days are over.

The Newcastle legend believes he is one of the very lucky ones, saying ‘I’m fortunate in that I still get a buzz from doing live TV’.

As Alan Shearer points out, it is well documented just how difficult some former footballers find it and ‘go chasing that buzz in other ways’, which the Match of The Day pundit says ‘can cause them problems’.

It must be a strange feeling after 20 years or more, from being a teenager, of having your life all ordered and arranged for you, with training every day leading up to a match.

A bit like coming out of the armed forces…the only difference being that ex-players have plenty of money, which in a way I suppose can cause problems of its own.

Reflecting back on own career, Alan Shearer says you don’t totally ever get over missing that feeling you got from playing.

The Premier League’s greatest ever striker summing it up: ‘That buzz of walking out in front of a packed St James Park, scoring goals’.

One other thing is for sure, Newcastle fans have never got over missing Alan Shearer in the number nine shirt.

Having spent a whole decade playing for the team he had always supported, fans were spoilt by having Shearer for so long.

Alan Shearer speaking to Coral:

“I’m not sure you ever get over losing the buzz that football, or other sports, gives people.

“That buzz of walking out in front of a packed St James Park, scoring goals.

“Even the training – for 20 years that was part of my life.

“And for many players it’s very, very difficult to come to terms with losing that, they go chasing that buzz in other ways and that can cause them problems.

“I’m fortunate in that I still get a buzz from doing live TV, but I’m one of the lucky ones, there are loads of players that aren’t able to do that.”

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    Simply the best

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    The feeling is mutual Sir…..

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    Ah…. a swipe at Rio Ferdinand.

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      Man lost his wife and becomes a single parent.
      Only a sociopath like you could find a swipe in there you f*cking inbred

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    A privilege to have watched him, seen him get the record in person and be at his testimonial.

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    He should be knighted for his services to football.

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    From his lightning runs, he obviously slowed down a bit and adjusted his game. As a fan I didn’t really understand what folks meant by ‘holding up the ball’ until he was no longer playing for Newcastle. I think most would agree that if a ball came up the field, he would win it and pass it accurately to another Newcastle player. His loss became amazingly obvious when he was no longer there doing that. BTW my son who has live out of UK since he was six (1975) , met him at a party in London 15 years ago and didn’t know who he was. He said they had a nice chat about non-football things. He always seems a real nice fellow.