There was high praise from Alan Pardew after Newcastle came away from Wales with all three points.

The former United manager saying that Rafa Benitez ‘will have been very very happy’ with what he saw from his sickbed.

The out of work manager couldn’t think of ‘one Newcastle player who didn’t play well’, although he did think that Matt Ritchie’s challenge was ‘worse than Sadio Mane’s’ the previous day, when the Liverpool striker got sent off.

Alan Pardew says that Newcastle comfortably absorbed anything that Swansea offered early on, getting their tactics exactly right, then exerted their own more threatening pressure.

With Jamaal Lascelles adding the winning goal that the performance deserved, Pardew declared ‘As an away blueprint, that was as good as it gets’.

Fancy having to agree with what Alan Pardew is saying!

Alan Pardew speaking on Sky Sports:

“I thought Newcastle were very good.

“If you take into account the early pressure Swansea had, they let them come through the middle but didn’t give them any kind of space in there, nice and compact.

“Then Newcastle started to create more and more threats as that half went on.

“The second-half was almost a carbon copy, then they got the goal.

“You have to say that as an away game blueprint, that was as good as it gets.

“Rafa will have been very very happy, it was a really good, sound performance, and I can’t think of one Newcastle player who didn’t play well.

“(On the goal) Lascelles is as high as the crossbar – thumping header.

“When you zonal mark and you have somebody like Lascelles coming through, given that much space, you have no chance – you cannot compete with that.

“(On the yellow card) I actually think that Ritchie’s is worse than Sadio Mane’s, his standing leg is off the floor.”

  • Alex

    Those that can, manage. Those that can’t, become pundits.

    • Leazes Ender

      Thats put Shearer in his place.

      • Jimblag23

        Anyone that would employ Ian Dowie as their right hand man probably shouldn’t be a manager.

  • Vodkamagpie

    Wasn’t mane’s standing leg off the ground aswel. And they are still debating about the mane red card after he dismantled the keepers face, how could Ritchie be worse.

  • ghostrider

    To make the job fair for the ref’s any foot that connects with a player or is within close proximity of an opposition player, that is higher than chest height, make it a straight red card offence with no arguments for any that commit this, no matter who they play for.
    Ritchie was lucky this time around but I would hazard a guess that nobody will be afforded that luck from now on.

    However…..however….I actually do not think Mane’s was a red card and actually believe the goal keeper should have seen red.
    Crazy eh?
    What did you just say, ghostrider, you loon?
    I said that Mane’s red card should have been a red card for the keeper for stopping a goalscoring opportunity by barging into Mane like a bull in a China shop and taking him out.
    The goalkeeper became an outfield player who’s intentions were to bulldoze Mane off that ball, whilst Mane’s was to take it past.

    They should bring in a rule for goalkeepers, where they cannot play the ball outside of their 18 yard area with any body part and any contact with a player outside of it results in a red card.

    Yeah, of course I’m being full on, but football needs to change and become clear to stop ref’s having to become picky or even biased in situations that create massive grey areas.

    • Paul Busby

      Its a valid point about Mane, but it’s like a game a of top trumps. High studs always trumps player positioning.

      • ghostrider

        Yeah, I suppose you’re right.
        Just think, the simple game that is football has been turned into some kind of complicated science, with the massive amount of grey areas in almost everything..

        • Paul Busby

          Indeed, as with anything competitive, people will always look to exploit any grey areas if it gives them an edge.
          F1 for example, is basically just a technological challenge to see who can exploit the grey areas the best/longest before the rules clamp down on it.

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          The term dangerous play can apply to someone willingly putting themselves in danger.

          • ghostrider

            Yep, it could.

  • David2211

    So bored of hearing about Manè and Ritchie now.

  • Rich Lawson

    And yet you couldn’t do it as a manager,you comment on others,but do you really have such an ego that you don’t feel inferior ?

  • Haitchdee

    What does the touchline thug know. Still nothing on Joshelou ‘s achers then. Just like it never happened .