A list of the 25 most expensive squads in Europe has been published and it includes Newcastle United.

The CIES Football Observatory monitor the big 5 leagues in Europe (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A) and publish all kinds of data to do with the game, particularly on the financial side.

After this latest transfer window, they have put together this list below of the European squads that have cost most to put together (They actually published the top 98 most expensive squads and we have shown the top 30 below – plus all of the English PL clubs outside the top 30 – there are only 7 of them!).

The most obvious thing is the ever growing dominance of Premier League clubs.

Three of the top four and seven of the top 12, are English clubs.

After spending €242m this summer, Manchester City are at the very top with a squad that has cost €853m to assemble.

Despite spending an incredible/ridiculous €395 in this most recent transfer window, PSG have just failed to reach that top spot, their squad costing €850m.

Next up you have €784m Man Utd and €644m Chelsea.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are down in fifth and sixth, with then Juventus and Liverpool.

As well as these usual suspects, you now have Spurs and Everton sandwiching Bayern Munich, the scousers spending €136m this summer, whilst the German elite club actually made a profit of €7m.

As the Premier League gets ever more lucrative you have the likes here of Crystal Palace and Southampton in equal 20th place, with squads that have cost €223m each.

Whilst of more local interest, despite Mike Ashley blocking realistic investment this summer, Newcastle are still the 25th most expensive squad in the big five leagues, the current squad costing €162m – which is the equivalent of around £147m at today’s exchange rates.

Much of that spending of course came before Rafa Benitez’ arrival, with Mitrovic, Mbemba and Shelvey all costing £10m ore more, then Rafa Benitez adding the likes of Ritchie, Gayle and Murphy who also cost double figures.

CIES Football Observatory most expensively assembled squads in big 5 European leagues (values in euros):

€853m Man City

€850m PSG

€784m Man Utd

€644m Chelsea

€628m Barcelona

€497m Real Madrid

€470m Juventus

€437m Liverpool

€416m Arsenal

€361m Tottenham

€350m Bayern Munich

€348m Everton

€316m AC Milan

€293m Monaco

€276m Roma

€275m Borussia Dortmund

€268m Inter Milan

€240m Napoli

€231m Atletico Madrid

€223m Crystal Palace

€223m Southampton

€213m Crystal Palace

€200m West Ham

€165m Bayer Leverkusen

€162m Newcastle United (25th)

€161m Wolfsburg

€160m Valencia

€156m Watford (28th)

€154m Sevilla

€144m Lazio

The other English clubs had values of:

€126m West Brom (32nd)

€126m Stoke (32nd)

€124m Swansea (34th)

€112m Bournemouth (40th)

€101m Burnley (42nd)

€77m Brighton (49th)

€62m Huddersfield (53rd)


  • Leazes Ender

    Squad Value is a better guide…. we are SIXTEENTH in the Premiership…. Ashley is gambling that the Rafa effect will lift us to mid table…..

    …. Lets see…..

    as for Europe, we may have a squad which inhabits a top 25 position by cost but…we aren’t going to see any European football under Ashleys tenure.

    • hetonmag

      10th at the moment and rising Rafalution back on track we live in hope.

      • Leazes Ender

        Four games in

        • Paul Busby

          You’re allowed to enjoy it while it lasts…

        • hetonmag

          Tongue in cheek bud, in response to your post it’s impossible to position any club to where you want it to finish football is too unpredictable for that to happen.

          • Leazes Ender

            Ashley does position the club because if you listen to his comments he equates spending with success.

            He is playing moneyball. Since his take-over he positions the club at tenth every season financially, with the provision ‘do not get as high as seventh’ and achieve European place and while you are on throw the cup games to make sure you don’t get injuries and sucked into relegation.

            This season is a departure from the norm…. he’s positioned the club at sixteenth financially with the hope of Rafa holding the squad in this league….

            … It won’t work….it has never worked, because you are running a club on the edge of an almighty catastrophe.

          • hetonmag

            I agree with you about Ashley I also hate this regime with a vengeance but my reasoning was you can’t just position the club where you want to, yes he’s tried to but with catastrophic outcomes and Rafa wouldn’t sign up to that sort of scenario.

    • Clarko

      Do you think Colback (£4.50m) is more valuable than Hayden (£3.60m)?

      Do you think Diame (£5.40m) is more valuable than Merino (£2.25m)?

      Do you think Gamez (£2.25m) is more valuable than Aarons (£0.68m)?

      Are any of the following valuations true?
      Gayle £9.00m
      Shelvey £9.90m
      Lejeune £4.50m
      Lascelles £4.50m
      Woodman £0.45m
      Atsu £4.50m
      Merino £2.25m
      Aarons £0.68m
      Hayden £3.60m
      Mitrovic £9.00m

      • hetonmag

        Don’t knock his Transfermakt he won’t sleep tonight.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          I just wish Scotty would beam him up

    • Ram Kishore

      I think we saw one european season already so stop crying..

  • hetonmag

    Let’s just see who wins the Champions League this time round.

  • S.G.M.

    You could put us in the top ten of that lot and you would still have the likes of Loosers Ender complaining. 16th?

    • Leazes Ender

      Watford are in that list muggins! Just think for a second before you type.

      • Ram Kishore

        You missed out on crystal palace Leazes

    • Ram Kishore

      You are absolutely right about loser’s ender mate