Newcastle United away fans take a bow.

The TV bosses, in their wisdom, have decided that the away fans who have to travel the furthest this season, should be rewarded by having every away match moved for Live TV.

Great for the armchair fans but when you consider the closest away matches this season are 240+ miles (Burnley and Huddersfield) round trips, it does present certain obstacles for your average away traveller.

That then gets even worse when you factor in that the first four away games have all been moved to a Sunday and all have sold out (for away fans):

Sunday 20 August (1.30pm) Huddersfield v Newcastle – 2,340 away fans sell-out (246 miles round trip)

Sunday 10 September (4pm) Swansea v Newcastle – 2,000 away fans sell-out (684 miles round trip)

Sunday 24 September (4pm) Brighton v Newcastle – 2,500 away fans sell-out (700 miles round trip)

Sunday 15 October (4pm) Southampton v Newcastle – 3,200 away fans sell-out (664 miles round trip)

The Southampton match has just sold out today for Newcastle fans, 3,200 tickets for a game live on TV that will finish around 6pm on a Sunday night, at a venue 332 miles away from Tyneside.

This will mean the first four away games were all moved to an inconvenient Sunday kick-off and Newcastle fans having to travel a total of 2,294 miles if they went to all four.

Thankfully there is some respite with the fifth away game of the season, the trip to Burnley moved to 8pm on a Monday (30 October)!

After Burnley you then have the match at Old Trafford moved to a 5.30pm kick-off for TV on Saturday 18 November.

Then, you just couldn’t make it up, the first away match that is not on the TV is West Brom BUT that is scheduled for a Tuesday night (28 November) anyway!

Credit to everybody who makes the effort to travel away and I do still have the opinion, that as a small token of gratitude for the away supporters that help create so much of the atmosphere, any PL game that is moved for TV should see the away fans getting half price tickets to help compensate for the inconvenience.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    For those on this site who do not like Mike Ashley times it by one hundred that’ s how much I hate Sky. If I ever met the man who picks the fixtures Swansea, Brighton, Southampton all away on a Sunday afternoon at four with the following away game at Burnley on a Monday night I would not be attending these games but serving a sentence in Durham. It only happens to Newcastle no other team has three games away in a row at four on a Sunday the longest trips at that. Something needs to be brought in by the Premier League to stop this it’s a disgrace. Six away games on sky one home . A disgrace .

    • Rich Lawson

      All they care about is the money,I was brought up on all teams playing 3pm Saturday,level playing field !

  • Steve Pearce

    We are the best fans!

    I admire the dedication and hardship our away fans put up with to follow our beloved team on the road whilst the rest of us watch the games at home on the telly. They are the heart and soul of Newcastle United and I am proud of them.

  • Haitchdee

    They only want to see us get beat live so they can tell everyone they new it was coming. We all know that!!We just hope not yet. I also dislike Sky Try not to watch anything they put out

  • Sadman

    You have to take your hat off to the fans who travel to these games. Wouldnt it be great if the club did something to reward them.

    • Andy Mac

      No wonder you’re sad Sadman ? This club gives less than two fks about its fans

  • Andy Mac

    As “a small token of gratitude for the away supporters that help create so
    much of the atmosphere” the greedy grasping PL should give the away fans a full refund to help compensate for the inconvenience of a long journey.

  • Sadman

    Nevermind the PL the club could give free travel, free tickets for cup games, or vouchers to spend in the club shop – its not difficult!!!

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      All league cup games will be free this season, there, done.