Wolfsburg 1 Newcastle 3 – Wednesday 2 August 3pm (UK time)

Elliott 7 – I don’t think he touched the ball once in the first half, not a save made! Distribution was poor though!

Manquillo 7 – Same again, defensively we look very solid. Doesn’t look as if he is going to offer the same options going forward as Yedlin, so maybe expect to see him more away from home.

Lejeune 7 – Said this after every game in pre-season so far, very good on the ball but yet to be tested. I think we will know more after Spurs and Huddersfield as he looks a guaranteed starter at the moment. Hopefully alongside Clark.

Clark 7 – Safe as houses as usual, I know Shelvey has the armband but he would be my captain because he should be first name on the team sheet.

Dummett 6 – Hard to give the defence much of a write up because they had very little to do in the first half – but he did gave away a penalty.

Shelvey 6 – Did ok but a lot of stray passes and missed a few good chances. Still always looks a different class to most players on the pitch even when he plays bad. Great assist for Atsu.

Hayden 7 – Broke up the play well and looks set to start with Shelvey on the opening day

Ritchie 7 – Scored a great free kick but still doesn’t look up to fitness.

Atsu 8 – Lots of promising runs and caused havoc at times. Scored a goal.

Perez 8 – A good performance, might be staking a claim to start at Spurs over Diame.

Mitrovic 7 – Scored a goal but was poor all round and could have had two more – but a goal is all you can ask of really.

Diame 6 – Didn’t do much! Again, pre-season so it’s hard to rate the second half performances.

Darlow 6 – Made a good save, although was almost caught out from a long distance shot from the halfway line.

Mbemba 7 – Slotted in at right back again! Could be the back up right back and centre back this year.

Lascelles 7 – In a rush to make the squad for the first game, I fancy Lejeune and Clark.

Gamez 6 – Caught out a few times, a left back to compete with Dummett is badly needed.

Aarons 6 – Didn’t impress and usually doesn’t for me (except at Bradford).

Merino 7 – A couple of good passes and looked confident in what was a cameo.

Murphy 7 – Looks like he has a lot of potential! Not afraid to have a shot and should be pushing Ritchie and Atsu for a starting slot on the first day.

De Jong 6 – Didn’t impress again for me, can’t see him being at SJP come September.

Toon Army in Germany 10/10.

A shout out to the woman who needed to catch a flight to the airport so bought a ticket for her Iraqi taxi driver so he could stay and watch the game, while keeping the suitcases in the taxi, and being ready to go straight to the airport!

And a final mention to the Aston Villa fan wearing a ‘5 Lansbury shirt’ – you’ve got bloody big balls!

Wolfsburg 1 Newcastle 3


Newcastle: Mitrovic 38, Ritchie 43, Atsu 68

Wolfsburg: Malli 52

Newcastle United:

Elliot (Darlow 70), Manquillo (Mbemba 70), Lejeune (Lascelles 70), Clark, Dummett (Gamez 70), Ritchie (Aarons 70), Shelvey (c), Hayden (Merino 70), Atsu (Murphy 70), Pérez (De Jong 70), Mitrović (Diame 46)

Crowd: 3,011 (Approx 300 Newcastle)

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  • Soldier

    Bit worried that Gayle didn`t play, hope he isn`t carrying a knock because he needs game time before the Spurs match

    • Andy Mac

      You kinda think Mitro’s getting game time in order to tempt Lyon into shelling out for him ?

      • Soldier

        most likely but even so they played with no main striker after Mitro went off. strange

        • Jezza

          Well I think we all need to get used to seeing a Newecastle team with no main striker.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            i think Rafa`s worried that Gayle can`t play 2 games in a short space of time with his hamstring, if that`s the case we are in big big trouble

          • Wor Lass

            I think you`ve got that right! (both bits!!)

          • Andy Mac

            There’s always Riviere if we can persuade him to turn down the Turks ?

            Thats how bad this is. We have three recognised strikers at the club now that Arma and Toney have gone on loan, and one of them has trouble with finding barn doors or cows backsides.

          • Jimblag23

            Maybe if we offer Rivierre a 5 year contract on double wages we can turn his head.

          • Martin Williams

            Why not sign Gavin cogden of south Shields? He could do a job.

          • Jimblag23


          • Jimblag23

            I don’t reckon Rafa would waste valuable preseason games putting strikers in shop windows.
            If Lyon were going to bid for Mitro, an hour in a preseason friendly isn’t going to be the clincher.

          • Jezza

            I genuinely believe the player has been put in the shop window in these pre season games. Putting him in these games will increase the chances of a club coming in for him. Put it this way, there’s not going to be much interest in a player who can’t get a game in pre season. Mitrovic does not seem to be part of Rafa’s plans and if they can’t sell him I’m sure he will be loaned out somewhere at the last minute.

          • steve

            If he’d played 1 or 2 games I might agree but the facts are that he’s played every game,the seasons a week away and Gayle isn’t fit, it has nothing to do with the shop window and everything to do with Rafa expecting him to start against Spurs.

          • Jezza

            I remain convinced that Mitrovic isn’t in Rafa’s plans and that the club are actively trying to sell him. If he does start against Spurs, it will be precisely because Gayle isn’t fit and no other reason.

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            0% chance Mitro is sold before bringing in another striker. If he leaves we are left with one injury prone striker and one can of corn to lead the line

      • Jezza

        Yes, definite shop window job.

  • Andy Mac

    Highlights all over YT atm including one from World Football. Sorry cant link on this site

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Not a bad game after the dross of the 1st 25mins, poor old Dummy, kid was going past him like Usain Bolt till he got the tug, if only he was up against SloMo every week he`d be quids in.
    Fatso will be pleased, Shop is closed we’re going with what we’ve got

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    I suppose the burning question is, as always, why is this result actually terrible?? I need to know why I should feel bad (and possibly be in need of a good flogging) for enjoying this win as much as I did? How else am I going to purge myself of all these delusions of a 2018 mid-table finish and success in the future??

    • Jimblag23

      What a happy clapper you are.
      It’s fans like you that caused Brexit and Trump.
      We should have won by at least 7 goals.
      It’s Ashley’s fault the half time pies cost so much and Penfolds fault we gave away a penalty.
      Rafa out, Pardew in.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        it is Fatso`s fault the pies are to expensive

        • Jimblag23

          Your not wrong, but I meant today in Germany.

          • Jezza

            That’s Fatso’s fault too. The price of pies has gone up worldwide because he’s created a shortage by scoffing so many.

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          You’ve never been to the match, how would you know?

    • Andy Mac

      I would say to help keep your feet on the ground that both Mainz and Wolsburg avoided the drop to the second tier by fractions last season. Wolsburg surviving a relegation play off against a second tier club.

      Maybe the thinking behind these fixtures was to gain some insight into our chances of beating WBA, Watford, Bournemouth or Palace ? Let’s face it they are the teams we have to beat next season in order to stay up along with Burnley, Stoke, Swansea as well as the two promoted teams. There’s 54 points to play for !

  • Jimblag23

    Why would anyone own a Lansbury shirt, Villa or Forest? He looks rubbish.

    • Andy Mac

      It’s a bit like having a Boumsong shirt or even a Saylor shirt ?

      • Jimblag23

        I sleep in my Cort shirt still.

        • Andy Mac

          In case you get Cort short ? 😂😂😂

  • Kazie

    Where was Woodman?????

  • Andy Mac

    Soz should have said Kudos to JDC and the other hardy souls who made the trip. It’s at times like this that we remember Liam and John who were planning on a trip halfway around the world to watch their beloved Toon.