With three days of the transfer window remaining, we asked Newcastle fans a simple question.

‘Which of these Newcastle striker options do you want by the end of  the transfer window?

Rafa Benitez has made no secret of the fact that he wants to bring in another striker, despite the recent purchase of Joselu.

Whilst the Telegraph (Luke Edwards) reported on Tuesday morning that the United boss was continuing to work towards landing that new forward, though conditions continue to be challenging – presumably both inside and outside the club.

Edwards says that much depends on getting players out of Newcastle United, and whilst Siem de Jong has followed Emmanuel Riviere out of St James Park, presumably a striker (I’m not counting Riviere!) needs to leave.

The four options we gave supporters on Bank Holiday Monday all presumed having three strikers by the end of it.

The options being the status quo (Joselu, Gayle and Mitro), as well as another three that all involved Joselu and one or two new signings, at the expense of Gayle and/or Mitrovic leaving.

An excellent response saw 2,188 Newcastle fans respond and below are the percentage (It adds up to 101% due to rounding up figures) of supporters who voted for each option and in brackets, the actual number of fans.

45% (974) Joselu, Mitrovic and a new striker

23% (501) Joselu and two new strikers

22% (476) Joselu, Gayle and a new striker

11% (237) Joselu, Gayle and Mitrovic

I wasn’t at all surprised to see keeping what we have got being the least favoured option (11%), as clearly Newcastle need to bring in a better striker who is better than the current options, if at all possible.

However, I was pretty amazed at how much the voting went for Mitrovic over Gayle.

Yes Mitro has scored against Forest and West Ham already this season but it is only a couple of weeks since most of us were sweating on whether Dwight Gayle would be available for the Tottenham game.

The number nine did ok against Spurs considering Newcastle predictably played a very defensive formation that gave the striker little support. Then at Huddersfield it was a very similar story and on top of that he looked far from fully fit.

Dwight Gayle scored 23 times last season despite starting only 26 Championship matches and I think he is a very hot and cold player. When he is good he is very good and looks a real threat but when he is poor he contributes very little.

Looking back at the player ratings from fans last season, they show big highs and very low lows.

Mitrovic is the interesting one, are supporters just simply reacting to a couple of goals or do Newcastle fans generally still think he can do it in the Premier League.

  • Frankly Mr Spanky

    Shocked and pretty depressed at this. I thought Toon fans were supposed to be highly knowledgeable about the game? Never has a #9 with a record for us as good as his been so unappreciated…

    • Paul Patterson

      Agreed. His record is great and I bet his injury record is better than other striker we’ve had. (Bellamy for instance)

      • Guest 2

        His PL record isn’t great. 15 goals in 66 games, though all scored for Palace over 3 seasons.

    • Alex

      Incredible how some have turned against Gayle. He’s a natural scorer, who’s having a bad spell with injuries and, therefore, confidence. Most strikers end up coming out of that tunnel to ‘perform’ again.

  • Steve Pearce

    This is all just wasted words as it doesn’t look that The Fat Fireplace Polluter is going to give us any money for new players…

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    No, they’re reacting to the fact that Mitrovic HAS scored for us in the premier league (10 times in 35 games to be exact) while Gayle has looked miles and miles away from ever finding the net at this level (and has made no bones about how much he doubts himself and his fitness). Mitro has clearly shown to be a perfectly capable backup in the top league and he absolutely loves being here. Of course the fans would embrace him for that. Why is that so hard for some supporters to understand?

  • Rich Lawson

    We’ll finish the window with the 3 options we have now and to get the best out of them we need to start with 2 of them playing.

  • exiledgeordie

    mitro is great fun, but let’s be fair – he’s an idiot, and a totally immobile idiot at that. he’s not cut out for the premier league. assuming we’re going to have less of the ball than the oppo in most games, we need someone who can stretch and occupy their defence. one very simple defender can take care of mitrovic. gayle has more goals in the prem despite never being a regular starter, he has movement, and he has pace. it’s a simple choice.

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      no it isn’t, and your facts are skewed. Mitro has 10 goals in 35 (1 goal every 3.5 appearances) and Gayle has 16 in 66 (1 goal every 4.1 games)..

      • exiledgeordie

        well if you want to really get into it – mitrovic has started most of those 35 games, while gayle barely started at palace so i reckon goals per minute would be in gayle’s favour.

        but that’s just statto daftness. judge them as players. mitro is a big daft lump, no movement, not a cool finisher, no pace, and always at risk of chinning someone and getting sent off. leaving him as our main striker would end up with exactly the same result it did last time – relegation. i am not saying gayle is perfect, but from the two of them it’s not even close.

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          ok. I’ll bite. You’re actually right. Gayle has a goal every 191 minutes in the prem and Mitro one every 213. That’s not really that much of a difference (every three games or so).

      • Mxpx

        Let’s not discount his regular goalscoring for Serbia either

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    with a 4-2-3-1 formation you need an exceptional striker, we haven`t got one. Josleu & Mitro looked good against the Hammers but who wouldn`t, they were appalling

  • Leazes Ender

    Ask them again at the end of the season…

  • Peaky Magpie

    If we don’t,as I suspect, sign another striker we need to recall one of our young uns from loan and have as back up.Everyone has to start somewhere and surely just been with the first team is valuable experience.

    • Rich Lawson

      I don’t think we can get any of them back before January now ?

      • Peaky Magpie

        Thanks Rich for clearing that up,wasn’t 100% sure.

  • wowski13

    While it would be nice to have a higher quality striker on the books Rafa is never going to play two up top so we need a better option at no. 10. That a GK and a proper left back should be our priorities.

  • NUFC9

    The results could be down to the fact that selling Gayle would get us more money to buy a replacement. If we sold Mitro and got back a bit less than we paid it wouldn’t go very far in the current striker/number 10 market.

    A quarter of a Sigurdsson, half an Arnautovic or 75% of an Assombolanga/Jordan Rhodes maybe.

    I agree with the previous comment. Upgrading Diame and/or Perez at no 10 is more important given that Rafa only plays one striker plus a man in behind. I can’t think of any targets that would be in our price range though.

  • Guest 2

    According to a report from Nick Mashiter, Hanley has fee agreed with Norwich.

    If that name is not a wind up then he has to have the most unfortunate name ever for a journalist!

  • Mike

    mitro a liability who just doesnt learn.