Spurs fans have seen their team compete for the title the past two seasons.

In four days time they will be hoping to see their club set out to improve on third and then second, when they kick off against Newcastle United.

So how do the Spurs fans see things panning out at St James Park?

A lot of them are looking for revenge for that 5-1 hammering 15 months ago and fair to say there is a lot of confidence that they will take away the three points.

The odd one points to a poor record for Tottenham at Newcastle in recent times but the majority view is that Newcastle are going to struggle and Spurs have far better players…

Spurs fans comment via their top Fighting Cock message board:

‘Oh dear, I do hope Newcastle are not in turmoil…’

‘I want a high score revenge result. 5-1 was painful.

And I sat among the home fans (the only time I have done it – never again!)’

‘Well I want revenge for the 7-1 defeat under Gerry Francis. I spent a bloody fortune on that trip and haven’t been back to the Sports Direct Arena since.’

‘This was my one & only visit up there to watch football. Great city, rubbish result.’

‘Win this, class will prevail above enthusiasm.

Newcastle United – go up and down like a bride’s nighty.’

‘Quite like the idea of Sissoko as a right wing-back continuing his pre-season form with a solid performance up there.

I can see it being a draw though, our record up there is very patchy even when we’ve had decent teams.’

‘Given that they hate him up there it could be the perfect game to get something out of him.’

‘What “form”? He had an OK-ish 60 minutes against a Juve who slept through most of the first hour.’

‘Unreal that we have put ourselves in a situation where we will be having to start Sissoko as a right wing back(knowing full well Walker was going to leave).’

‘3-0 win for us .

We’ve got a few injury probs but our big guns of Kane, Deli and Eriksen are still loaded.’

‘I want it to be 1-5 going into added time and then Sissoko puts one in to make it a 1-6 final.’

‘I think we’ll make up for the last time we played them and beat them 5-1.’

‘I don’t know what to expect but the way we finished last season off has made me more excited than usual. Three points any way possible would be perfect to be honest. A lovely opening day surprise to get the ball rolling quicker, given the last couple of starts.’

‘The Barcodes will be “reeet” up for it, but if we perform i think it could get rather messy.

(They seem to be struggling to strengthen so we could essentially be facing a championship side.)’

Saw someone picking Newcastle to finish 9th this year. Seems a bit generous – I don’t see them competing with the 8-10 teams. More like a Bournemouth to me, at least this season.’

‘Problem they have is that their best players have already either shown they’re not good enough for the EPL or they’ve left… Can’t see how they won’t struggle unless they bag a little bit of quality to add to the mix.’

‘I’m nervous about the game and don’t think we’re going to leave with all 3 points.’

‘The Geordies haven’t had the greatest pre season either. The quality of their opponents have been pretty average too.’

‘Is it this season that grounds have to have away fans with a terrace by the pitch.

Interesting to see where Toon and Utd will house traveling fans.’

The Barcodes have been given an extension on the ruling until next year as I understand. Safety reasons or something. Away fans still in danger of interfering with air traffic.’

‘I dont want to sound like a scouser, but I really have a feeling about this year. If we can get revenge for Toon’s last match in the PL and then settle into Wembley quickly  I think we will genuinely win silverware this year.’

  • Toonbadger

    Bit of a mix and match there and I think they are a bit nervous. I hope we can cope with Alli and Kane though and I hope Gayle`s fit

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Gayle`s had 35mins on the field of play in pre season, can`t see him starting

  • Lizfoley AkaEsther

    With the ref mitros probably got 15mins before his red so Kane out for the season tackle as you know the reds coming regardless

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Could turn out very nasty indeed if Kane, Ali & Eriksen hit the ground running,
    i`m not convinced by our back 4 & poor old Issac`s going to covering all over the shop

  • Whickhamrobbie

    they have a poor record up here so come on boys BE POSITIVE FFS .
    All this doom and gloom on this site is deein me head in .
    Scrappy game 1-0 win for the toon will do me .

    • Leazes Ender


      • Whickhamrobbie

        its head in Whickham as we are Posh .

        • Tynewalker

          Posh Very true Robbie.

  • Leazes Ender

    Spuds have ten players on their books with a valuation over £20m….. and no that doesn’t include Sissoko.

    • Dave Emmerson

      and the point is

      • Leazes Ender

        Its something to ingest when heading towards to bookies with a head full of hope and a belly full of beer on Sunday

    • JackN

      We are nothing but a small wee club idiot so live on with it

  • Jimblag23

    Probably pretty accurate comments. Except two corrections, a brides nighty only goes up and down once and Spurs will be the team playing in a stadium with a sponsored name (probably).

  • Cuh736

    Newcastle 2-1 Tottenham

  • Andy Mac

    ‘Problem they have is that their best players have already either
    shown they’re not good enough for the EPL or they’ve left… Can’t see how
    they won’t struggle unless they bag a little bit of quality to add to
    the mix.”

    He’s not wrong !

  • Toonrobbybobson

    One thing for sure we will be well drilled. These lads know what Rafa wants. They will be organised and frustrate Spurs. Not usual Newcastle they would face. I think you will have players like Atsu looking to prove something and will be a very interesting game. I think we’ll give Spurs a right battle.