The Rafa Benitez Huddersfield Press Conference has taken place on Friday lunchtime.

The United boss hoping to bounce back from defeat against Spurs and the back luck/judgement that came with it, via injuries to Lejeune & Dummett and Shelvey’s red card.

Asked about the Mike Ashley interview, Rafa said that it doesn’t change anything, as the owner knows what he said to the manager back in May and Ashley knows what Benitez’ opinion is.

Rafa Benitez left six first team players out of the public training session on Thursday as he tries to encourage them to leave, the manager making clear that getting players out of St James Park is an important factor in what he will be able to do in the next 13 days, when it comes to recruiting players he wants.

First quotes from the Rafa Benitez Huddersfield Press Conference:

“It (Mike Ashley interview) hasn’t changed anything….he knows what he told me and what I was thinking.

“We know where we are and the way to move forward, we are trying to do something in the transfer market but we must stay calm.

“The mood is positive and the team has been working very hard.

“I think we know how they play and they know how we play. If we do well, we’ll have more confidence for the next games.

“What I have to do is concentrate on what we can do now, and make sure the players are ready for this game.

Huddersfield did really well the other day, and it will be a tough game, for sure.

“The league is nine months. We compare it with a marathon, and we’re just starting.

“We know the way to move forward is to keep doing our jobs every day.

“The team was doing (against Tottenham) what we were practising during the week and it t was the red card and injuries that changed the game.

“We’ve seen him (Joselu) playing for Stoke – he has played in top leagues and (showed) he can score goals.

“It (more transfers) depends on how many move out.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Doesn`t matter what Fatty told you Rafa he`s left you up schitt creek without a paddle
    in other words, like it or lump it

    • Alex

      Hope Rafa had his phone on voice record mode. Could be another constructive dismissal case in the offing.

  • Jimblag23

    The Mag format these articles so weirdly, they start off describing what he said and then show you what he said in quotes.
    Why? Why not just show the quotes?

    To be fair this particular article is no where near as bad as others, but I still find it pointless.

    • Steve Smith

      Need to keep the website traffic up!

      It’s actually ironic when you think about it. For all the anti Ashley sentiment there’s an air of “stack it high sell it low”

      • Jimblag23

        True statement

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Just add cliches about Ashley being fat, we made £40m in transfers last summer

      • Desree

        My bet is looking good.

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          We’ll see

  • TheFatController

    Rafa must be thinking he can get £10-15m for the 6 first teamers he wants to sell ( or 5 first teamers and Rivière, more accurately)

    He then will hope to land Kenedy, that elusive keeper, and either a quality attacker (maybe selling Mitro to fund that) or a quality MF with what he has left in the pot.

    I wonder if having got Kenedy he’d take money for Aarons also? I suspect between now and the end of the window he’ll be hammering his calculator working out what he can trade off and trade in….

    • Clarko

      It was stated on an Everything Black and White podcast that Benitez would allow Aarons to leave if a specific asking price was met. Although with the recent failings of the local media I don’t hold that information as very credible. I’m sure every player has a price at this current time.

      • Geordiegiants

        Of course they do, every player we have is replaceable.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Probably sold at 10 to 12 on “Transfer Deadline Day” !

      • Kneebotherm8

        Every player has his price at any time.

        • Clarko

          I can see that changing, if not already.

    • Soldier

      Kenedy seems to have disappeared off the radar like so many others

      • TheFatController

        He’s being kept by Conte until chelsea buy some new players, the deal should go through once they’re in – they have offered £63m for a full back from juventus Sandro so presume that stand off is the reason Kenedy is still there …

    • mactoon

      Any money from player sales will be in instalments so even if we sell 6 players at a few million each we will be lucky to muster a couple of million from the first instalments. Kenedy has met with his manager and wants to go abroad while we want to do a loan deal. Can’t see anything coming from this

  • Soldier

    he`ll give it a go but if next January`s a repetition of the last one he`ll be on his bike

  • maginyorkshire

    I’m not sure we need a keeper, would it be to replace Elliot? Plus do people think Woodman has potential to be number one in next few years? Buying a keeper like Adrian would make no sense, he’d want a long contract and block Woodman’s route to the team. Surely makes sense to keep Elliot and Darlow and send Woodman out on loan and bring in an experienced but happy to be second/third choice veteran keeper?

    • Soldier

      Woodman’s probably good enough now

      • maginyorkshire

        Elliot seems decent enough for what I presume our stye of play will be this season too. He’s a decent shot stopper and can throw the ball out quickly for counter attacking down the wing. And then why not give Woodman games in the cups?

        • Soldier

          i hope he stays rather than go out on loan & as you say play him in the cups

        • Leazes Ender

          Average Keeper like Darlow and Krull…. I’d Keep Woodman and give him the understudy job to a top keeper.

          • maginyorkshire

            Average for sure, but the keepers we’re linked to are no better, so I’d stick and give Woodman the number 1 jersey next season

    • Kneebotherm8

      We can’t afford to lose Woodman like we did with Fraser Forster,another young keeper never given a chance at our club,but forced out for a pittance and destined for greater things.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It really doesn’t matter what Rafa says because in the words of Joey Barton : “Ashley Is The Ayatollah.”
    It doesn’t matter whether Rafa is in touch with Charnley or The Maharishi himself he will still get bumped come the end of the window.
    Anyone remember Alan Pardew being invited onto Ashley’s yacht in St Tropez where he was informed by Ashley that he had a plan for the last week of the window.
    He had to go before the media with that fairy story and look what happened when the window slammed shut.
    If the plan was to do absolutely nothing then it worked a treat because Pardew was left short as usual.

    People can sing from the “In Rafa We Trust” hymn sheet until they are blue in the face because it will not make a blind bit of difference.
    Are people not bored of playing this game with Ashley season on season because it is getting boring now ?
    10 year of the same rubbish but people still dare to think that somehow it is all going to change under this clown’s stewardship.

    When the window shuts this club will be no further forward in it’s aims to survive this season and in true Fat Ashley style could be even worse off as players are sold at the last minute without replacements.

    Round and round we go !

    • Kneebotherm8

      If any decent players are sold at the last minute then,surely,that will be the last straw for Benitez.I don’t see that happening because that would definitely be a stonewall constructive dismissal case for Rafa.

      • Jezza

        I don’t think there will be any of our best players sold before the deadline simply because we haven’t got any players of the required calibre anymore. Ashley’s constant weakening of the playing squad for profit has finally left NUFC bereft any players who a better club is going to come in and pay £20 to £30 million for.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          Downsized the whole club on a massive scale, our so called star players, Shelvey, Gayle, Ritchie not one other club interested in them

          • Jezza

            Agreed. I don’t think we’ve got a single player who would fetch £15 million in the transfer market.

        • X,WHY,Y MAN.

          Jezza, He will either sign no where near enough or pull the rug at the 11th hour with another snidey stroke.
          Even if it’s a case of selling a player like Colback, He will do that and leave us short as usual.
          Yes there are now limits to the size of your squad which he will just use as an excuse to trim the number down without replacing.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        We’ll see, Because Ashley will still find a way to make money hook or by crook !
        History again folks dictates because you are talking about a man who was able to sell Sissoko for 30 million and Carroll for 35 million.
        Even if these players are not of the first calibre and on the fringe he will still sell them and recoup cash, No matter what !

  • Alreet

    Can anyone realise that 30 odd into 25 doest go. We need at least 6 or 7 off the books before we can get anyone in and thats just to avoid having players in the squad that arent actually in your 25 league team.

    We cant be paying wages when we cant and dont want them in the squad. Punting them on is harder than buying atm. If anyone wants half a team of halfwits and headless chickens please call charns. The fraggle.