Newcastle United have failed with approaches for two Real Madrid players according to reports from Spain.

Marca report that Rafa Benitez contacted his old club to ask about the availability of both Lucas Vazquez and Kiko Casilla.

The Spanish sports paper says that they understand that both approaches were met with an instant refusal to consider letting them go.

Both are fringe players but Real Madrid see both having a part to play in the season ahead.

Lucas Vazquez is a winger/attacking midfielder and played 33 times in La Liga last season, 12 starts and 21 from the bench.

Real Madrid don’t kick off their league season until Sunday night when they visit Deportivo but Vazquez started in the 2-0 home leg win over Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup (equivalent of Community Shield), then came off the bench in the away leg when Real won 3-1, He also cam off the bench to play a part in the UEFA Super Cup 2-1 win over Manchester United.

Last summer, Lucas Vazquez credited Rafa Benitez (see below) after he played a part in Real Madrid’s 2016 Champions League win, Rafa having been the manager to give him his first chance at the club.

Marca say that the other player Rafa was after was Kiko Casilla, the 30 year old being the kind of experienced number one keeper that the Newcastle boss is desperate to bring in. Casilla started 11 times in La Liga for Real Madrid last season and has been on the bench as reserve keeper in all three of these pre-season Super Cup games against Barcelona and Real Madrid.

With the lack of financial backing for Rafa, it is hard to see the Newcastle offers as being to buy, so little surprise they La Liga club showed no interest in letting two fringe players leave who are regulars on the bench, as well as getting some starts.

The Mag – 16 June 2016:

Whilst the likes of Ronaldo were claimed to have undermined Rafa Benitez at Real Madrid, one up and coming star is full of praise for his former boss.

Lucas Vazquez was given his first chance for Real Madrid by Rafa last season and is now looking at a potential dream double.

After spending a season on loan at Espanyol in 2014/15, the right winger was brought into the Real Madrid first team set-up by Rafa Benitez and ended up making 18 appearance (all competitions) in total.

The season had a spectacular ending for Lucas Vazquez as he replaced Benzema in the Champions League final and played the final 43 minutes, before being one of the successful penalty takers that defeated Atletico Madrid in the penalty shootout.

This helped trigger yet another development, as Vazquez came from nowhere to make the Spain squad for the Euros, making his very first international appearance only last week against Georgia, then sitting on the bench on Monday as Spain defeated the Czech Republic.

Vazquez values the contribution of Rafa Benitez to his success and development, saying that both ‘Zidane and Benitez are great coaches…neither is better than the other’.

Going on to say he is ‘very grateful’ because both Rafa and Zidane ‘trusted’ the winger this season.

Lucas Vazquez reported by AS:

“Winning them both (CL and Euros) in the same season would be amazing, a feat very few have done.

“A month ago I thought at this time I would be on holiday on the beach, but I feel very comfortable and I really want to play. I’m wearing the number nine, which is a number I love.

“Zidane and Benitez are two great coaches. They have different styles and neither is better than the other, each has his methods.

“I am very happy with both because they trusted me and gave me the chance to play. I’m very grateful.

“It is very difficult to get a place (for Real Madrid and Spain) as there are great players on both teams and a deep squad.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Poor old Rafa, can`t get them out can`t get them in.
    How long before frustration turns to anger & it’s Adios Amigos

    • anyobrien

      He also just released a statement that they will spring a couple of surprises by the end of the window d, working on targets the press no nothing about…. The way he has done business in the past….. Also saying they will have to shift players and will be working right up until the end of the window on the 31st.
      Bit to positive that news to put on the mag I guess.

      • Mike

        ha ha yea rite and santa is coming, ill give every penny of promotion to raffa and other fairy tales….mugs

        • anyobrien

          Fairy tail mugs? do the come with saucers and wings?

      • Georgia Peter

        Yeh right, Just managed to get two new horses but someones nicked the F****n cart…!

    • Georgia Peter

      DOOM, doom doom…………………….!

  • Leicester Mag

    Newcastle play swap shop: wanted top class striker on low wages will swap for bundle of tat, some allegedly in working order, including decent Dutch Keeper, Ginger Pirlo and various full backs, hardly used. Serious offers only, no tyre kickers (we do that)

    • Mike

      sports direct sale ends 30th August 2 for one

  • Jezza

    I think it’s pretty much all over bar the shouting as far as this Godawful transfer window is concerned. One more in on loan if we’re lucky. I think the club’s efforts in the remaining week or so will be concentrated on shifting players out.

  • Wor Lass

    I only saw the highlights of Madrid v Barca the other night but Vasquez murdered Barca at times. He looks like a real prospect and I`d be totally gobsmacked if they let him go anywhere.

  • Wor Lass

    Chin up, Jezza – Rafa says there might be a surprise to come. Where the fat Man`s concerned that`s a given, of course!

  • Steve Smith

    We’ve even got Karen Brady sticking the boot in at our transfer activity now!

  • Steve Pearce

    So what’s the point of all this shyte you wrote then if we’ve got knocked back for these players? Its like posting an advert for a car where you go on how good it is, how fast it is and how it will make you look like your’e hung like a stallion and then you say its not for sale….

    • Clarko

      To inform.

      • Steve Pearce

        To inform?

        You mean bore us all to death….

        • Clarko

          This isn’t an out of place article, not only that but the title more than tells you what the subject matter of the article is. You don’t have a reason to complain, your boredom is a result of your own ignorance.

          • Steve Pearce

            Listen mate – its not my fault that you were born without a sense of humour, but fortunately you are in the minority of commenters who don’t mind having a laugh. Our humour lightens the darkness of Ashley’s regime – and any way who the hell are you to call me ignorant?

          • Clarko

            “Its like posting an advert for a car where you go on how good it is, how fast it is and how it will make you look like your’e hung like a stallion and then you say its not for sale….”

            Absolutley hilarious, you should be careful where you post that sort of gold, save it for your Netflix special, this is Bill Burr quality stuff.

          • Steve Pearce

            I exist only to make people happy Clarko – thanks a million for that!

          • Clarko

            Your existence is futile.

          • Georgia Peter

            Beware the Sixth Element……..!

  • TheNutJob

    the only surprise would be a couple of quality recruits, Now that would be a surprise

  • Real won’t sell players they don’t want to sell, because they don’t need to sell.
    If the players want to come to NU, they will force a move, but who in their right mind would switch Real Madrid for Survival battle in the Premier League :)