The Premier League have given all 20 clubs new options on the design of name and number printing on their kit this coming season.

There are five new approved designs and these are white with black details and black, navy, red, and yellow – all of them with white details.

With The Mail saying that clubs will be encouraged to choose one that will stand out in contrast to their kit in terms of colour.

This represents the first change in 10 years, with the design in use in the Premier League having been the standard since 1997/98 season.

premier league

Premier League official statement:

‘The Premier League and its official partner Sporting iD, worked closely to develop the modern and vibrant designs, featuring updated lettering which aligns with the Premier League’s visual identity.’

The Mail also say that the Premier League has had to lay down the law to clubs to stay inside UEFA guidelines when it comes to cutting their grass…

This has been promoted by some clubs using creative pitch designs with elaborate patterns – but now clubs will only be able to have the more traditional across the pitch horizontal lines, which also help officials to make offside decisions.

That statement reading:

‘Pitch patterns and designs will no longer be allowed in the Premier League in 2017/18. Rules state that the playing surface must contain no markings other than the traditional horizontal and white lines.’

  • TwinFire

    Im sure some fans/club will make a fuss about their pitch design based on “its our tradition” blah. I for one support the future FIFA rule to install fiber optic pitches by 2020. Imagine that for a second.

    • shortydave

      what? so they’ll have rotating red/green/blue lights flashing all over the pitch like those cheap Christmas decorations you buy? not sure I like the sound of that .. bringing gaudy American razzamatazz to our beautiful game ;)

  • Martin

    I’m sure 1997/1998 was more than 10 years ago…

  • Martin

    I miss our 1995-1997 Number and lettering.

    • Rich Lawson

      Good shirt,still wear one to this day for matches,seems to have got a bit tight tho’,must have shrunk in the wash.

  • Paul Patterson

    I agree that the pitch should have horizontal lines only as it helps the officials make decisions, but they should have better things to discuss than number designs..

    • Rich Lawson

      Pitiful isn’t it ?

  • Rich Lawson

    Still waiting for the announcement on Sports Direct sleave sponsorship ( That will be fine Mr Ashley,how would you like to pay for that ?)

  • Lord

    Horizontal lines to help officials spot offsides eh? Good job we sold Cisse.

    What crazy scheme will they think of next to help the refs, instant video replays?

  • Steve Pearce

    I was so bored reading this that I fell asleep and dreamed that Mike Ashley had turned into a giant pig and was floating in the sky above St James’s Park….