Paul Merson has given his verdict on where Newcastle United will finish in the Premier League this season.

Going down through his predictions as he selected from Champions downwards, I was curious to see just how low he would be going with NUFC…

As it happens, Merson has predicted Newcastle to stay up, but only just!

He says ‘I worry for them (Newcastle)’ and has accused Mike Ashley of ‘cutting corners’ when it comes to the transfer budget this summer.

The net result is that Paul Merson believes that United have been left with ‘A Championship team’ and says ‘I worry about Benitez getting frustrated’.

Whilst it is through gritted teeth, difficult not to argue with what Merson is saying this time, especially as after Sunday’s friendly win against Hellas Verona, Rafa Benitez himself made clear that transfers he expected hadn’t happened as yet.

Paul Merson has actually predicted the same three clubs to get relegated, and in the same order, as Matt le Tissier did the other day. A bit predictably going  for promoted clubs Huddersfield and Brighton to finish bottom and second bottom, then last season’s fourth from bottom club, Watford, to fill the other relegation spot.

Merson says that with Rafa as manager and the backing of 50,000 fans every home match, Newcastle should ‘Go out and sign two £30m players!’.

Paul Merson predicting the Premier League positions for Sky Sports (his write up on Newcastle below):

Man City



Man Utd






West Ham


Crystal Palace

West Brom








Paul Merson:

“Newcastle 17th.

“They won’t be happy with this, but they haven’t really recruited yet.

“I worry for them, and I think the fans will keep them up.

“This is a Championship team, and they haven’t really added much top-flight quality.

“They get 50,000 every week, they have Rafa Benitez as manager, go out and sign two £30m players!

“They haven’t done that, and I think they’re cutting corners.

“I worry about Benitez getting frustrated.”

  • Peter Stabler

    Is Paul Merson doing predictions a real thing?

    • Soldier

      the point is, is he wrong ?

      • Jezza

        Usually but not on this occasion I fear.

      • Peter Stabler

        We don’t get 50,000 every week – it is every other week. Shouting numbers like £30m is ridiculous, it isn’t the amount of money you spend it is who you spend it on, expensive mistakes are bit harder to make than cheap ones that’s all.
        Don’t get me wrong we need more attacking quality in the middle of the pitch but the window hasn’t shut yet. Until it’s shut we have has beens shouting the odds for money.

  • Leazes Ender

    Quite a sober reflection.

  • HarryHype59

    I have been saying for months, that 17th is as good as it gets under Ashley.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Ashley would gladly take 17th this season,or any season.

  • Leazes Ender

    Chronicle quotes today, they had to go searching and selecting, in contrast to their own poll….. they needed a fix on ‘positives’…….

    NUFC 360 tweeted: “Thoroughly convincing display by #NUFC. Took only a few minutes for the “2nd team” to adjust before they put Verona under pressure again.”

    Ryan added: “We’ve had a class pre-season, bring on the Premier League!

  • Toonbadger

    I`m glad I don`t have Sky Sports. I would hate to think my subscription was going to pay his wages. Merton knows nothing, is arrogant and a drunkard

  • Toonbadger

    I`m glad I don`t have Sky Sports. I would hate to think my subscription was going to pay his wages. Merson knows nothing, is arrogant and a drunkard

    • Phildene

      Sorry to say but I tend to think Mers is rather right about our situation and we know it. He’s stating a fact rather than sort of name calling when he’s saying ‘Championship’ team. And yes, we should be able to go out and buy players of that price, but we all know who’s holding the purse strings, don’t we…..Rafa does look stressed in most of the latest photos and it’s veery worrying. There’s more the Mers taking our Sky sports money too-over paid Lineka for one and our Alan doesn’t do so badly either….

  • Steve Pearce

    Your choice of header photo shows the amount of respect you have for this walking alcohol receptacle – well done The Mag!

  • Rich Lawson

    Broken record (man ?) Sky like other media outlets thrive on controversy.He has obviously never liked us.Nobody,particularly here cares what he thinks,why does he not just go for broke and slag off one of last seasons top 6 clubs/managers,and what a poor job of recruitment they are doing instead,better headlines but then Sky might upset them,easy targets much better for a hopeless pundit.

  • Antenociticus

    Stop feeding the troll.
    He’ll soon go back under the bridge, with a few cans of Ace lager. . . .

  • SH.ER

    Bournemouth & Burnley finished higher on much weaker squads last season & the season before, he need to shut the fuc* up, drink some lemon & relax …..

    • HenrySlade

      The current Bournemouth squad is stronger than the Newcastle squad. Defoe and Ake are top signings, and a good friend of mine who’s a Cherries fan tells me there’s more to come.

      • SH.ER

        I am talking about the season before that

  • Phildene

    it seems very much like poor Rafa’s been sticked up yet again by Ashley. Ashley promises the earth then never produces the goods-its been the same scenario for over 10 bloody years now. Something has to give after telling Rafa, what looks like, a pack of lies! I sincerely hope I’m very wrong, but………

    • Lhc

      It’s going to go horribly wrong I fear , can see it happening

  • Taz

    Merson couldn’t predict which toilet pub floor he will wake up on any night of the week never mind predict that far ahead…..