Nottingham Forest fans have been having their say about playing Newcastle United.

Whether they are talking 1974 or 2016, not many/any of them have a good word to say about NUFC.

Some amusing comments amongst them as it is pleasing to see such a reaction, the worst thing of all is when you are simply ignored…

After three wins from four Championship games and Newcastle losing their first two in the Premier League, also fair to say that the vast majority are very confident that they can win.

There are even some claiming that Rafa Benitez will be happy to be out of it to concentrate on the league/survival.

We’ll see.

Comments from Nottingham Forest fans via their top Forest Forum message board:

‘Dislike the Geordies nearly as much as I dislike Liverpool. Never forgiven them for the 1974 pitch invasion. I would love to get a result.’

‘They’ll put their U21’s out.

We’ll beat ’em.’

‘I think we’ll make a number of changes with the players coming in not really weakening the side. Guessing Newcastle will have a fair few changes too so should be a close game.’

‘Perhaps oddly, I get more excited about the League Cup than the FA cup, Prem teams don’t take it quite as seriously, so if you get a decent draw and are up for it, you can find yourself in the later rounds and getting a bit giddy.’

‘Newcastle’s priority is staying in the Prem, if we can get an early goal I can’t see them bothering to fight back too hard.’

‘At least we won’t have to worry about Shelvey, after he stamped on someone else who wound him up.

He’ll be watching the game from the naughty step. Petulant child.’

‘Aren’t they still complaing to the ref about lansbury diving?

‘I’d love it if we beat these. I don’t care if it’s the Carabou Cup or the Egg Cup. Let’s just beat them.’

‘Don’t have any feelings for the Toon one way or another. Just another Premier League team who haven’t won anything in the same vein as Bournemouth and Stoke.’

‘Its hard to dislike someone when you can’t understand what they are talking about. But I’ll give it my best shot.’

‘Newcastle are bound to put out their reserves; they have only just finished a hard game against Huddersfield. And they need their first team to stay fit and stay in the Prem.

An intriguing contest which will be close, but, of course, NFFC to triumph in our usual nail-biting style.’

‘If you don’t hate Geordies, you’re just not old enough.’

‘They played shocking against Huddersfield , I think they will put a young team out and try and focus on the league.’

‘I’m old enough to remember the last time Newcastle did win something though – the Inter Cities Fairs Cup in 1969.

I’m also old enough to remember when they had rubbish support, before they created that myth of best fans in the world.’

‘I suspect that Beneitez will put out a good side for this game to try and get a win under the belt and give them a bit of confidence.

If we can go at them from the start, like we did against Boro, we can crowbar their weakness into our advantage. But we have to get them on the back foot early doors.’

‘The clouds are gathering over the Tyne – again! Even if they do they’ll have to play up a darn sight better than the plodding display against ‘udderfield. Lots of lumping it long, lots of lost possession.’

‘He will have no pressure on him, every loss will increase pressure on the board to start spending. If he gets sacked he will have plenty of clubs lined up for him, the manager is more powerful than the club, really.’

‘These Geordie boys are here for the taking. Dynamic front three with a point to prove, they’ll stick a few past Darlow.’

‘Let’s have these whinging Geordies, dump ’em out the cup.’

Benitez and Ashley have fallen out

Benitez claims he was promised funds to bring in Premier standard players.

Ashley say “Not so – I don’t have money to burn”.

Shocking start to their Premier League season: played 2 and lost 2 with some really tough fixtures coming up.

Shelvey suspended – should be banned!

A Club in disarray.

We should beat them but I don’t think we will.’

The fat Spanish waiter is chucking his toys out the pram because he’s limited to what he can spend, he was happy enough to take the plaudits last season when he could outspend everyone else in the league with his relegation compo.’

  • Jimblag23

    ‘so if you get a decent draw and are up for it, you can find yourself in the later rounds and getting a bit giddy.’

    He imagined.

    • Jezza

      He’s probably still giddy from the time his club’s most celebrated manager punched him in the head.

  • Rich Lawson

    Yeah I was there when we won the Fairs Cup too and we have NEVER had ”rubbish support”,quite the reverse.I just pray that we will put out a strong enough team to beat you out of sight.

    • Jezza

      Yes even at our lowest ebb when we were facing relegation to the third division we were pulling in bigger crowds than Notts were getting when they won the European Cup twice on the trot.

    • Damon Horner

      I’m not old enough to relate really but a lot gets said about us having fans who only showed up when Keegan came in, could that be what they mean when they say “rubbish support”?

      • Rich Lawson

        No,considering our position then the numbers were excellent,keegan totally got the city and the club and beaten people re-united behind him,One city,one club,I have never forgotten driving through Gateshead and seeing a poster outside a church that said ”Jesus saves” and some one had written underneath ”But Keegan scores”

      • Jezza

        They are just regurgitating that well worn footballing urban myth about Newcastle United being one of the worst supported clubs in the country before the Kevin Keegan inspired glory years of the mid 90’s. Historical statistics will show that we have always been one of the best supported clubs in the country. People will bang on about us getting average crowds of 22,000 in the 80’s but what they won’t say is that the average crowd for a top division football match in those days was only 19,000.

        • Damon Horner

          other than the average crowd which I didn’t know it’s pretty much what I thought too.

  • Jezza

    “‘The fat Spanish waiter…..”

    I’d rather have a “fat Spanish waiter” as club manager than a violent drunken thug who beats up his own supporters.

  • kumzynufc

    who cares what they think. Forest and they’re petty fans mean nothing to us

  • Whitehurst

    I see there’s the standard “they spent their way out the Champioship” line…coupled with “they never used to have big crowds”yet again!! Always a sign of football fans with limited knowledge!! Akin to lazy Southern journos. Even in the old 2nd div (1980’s)…SJP was always filled to 35,000 capacity. Remember going to a FA 5th round tie at Spurs (1985/86??)…and we took 14,000 away fans. Great days….crap football!! Some things never change?

    • Albert Stubbins

      we averaged 17,000 in 90/91- I know I was there!! I was at Spurs as well- yes we had some poor crowds but by and large we stayed with our team in great numbers- now let’s talk about forests crowds when things wern’t so great- ha ha ha Micky Mouse club

      • Jezza

        Yes apart from the two seasons Kevin Keegan was playing for us, 35,000 crowds at St James’s Park in the 80’s were not that common to be fair. We usually only got that many for FA Cup ties or league games against the top teams. Nevertheless throughout that decade, as throughout our history, our crowds were always comfortably above the national average for the top division at the time We were always among the top 6 or 7 best supported clubs in the country.

        • Albert Stubbins


        • Whitehurst

          Granted crowds did suffer somewhat during the Ardiles era…also there was a lot resentment / protests against the then McKeag run board. A lot of stay-away fans. Like I said something’s don’t change?!

      • Whitehurst

        Yeah you forget the main reason for having lower crowds was mainly due to SJP redevelopment (circa during the late 80’s & early 90’s). I know because I was also there too. Forest haven’t got that excuse tho!!

        • Albert Stubbins

          Lol.there were no developments between 88 and 92. It was because the team was s****. let’s have some honesty here ffs Billy.

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          • Whitehurst

            So does 1987 not constitute as late 80’s Mr. Stubbins then?! Can you not remember the old West Stand being torn down following the Bradford fire and replaced. It took 18 months to build…so 1988 all the way fella. I had a season ticket there…and found it hard to renew due to the dramatic reduction of capacity. Then the Leazes end corners got sorted around late 1992 did they not? Soz mate just sharing some honesty!! 😉Agreed tho this was also coupled with having to watch s**** footie!!

          • Albert Stubbins

            Aye it does Billy. Milburn went up in 87-8 season. Think we finished seventh and went down season later I had my first season ticket  may have affected crowas in 87-8  bur not a year later or next two years.  The ground then got developed  afree promotion season of 92-3. In between we were c r a p  and crowds were poor by our standards reaching a low in 90-1 of 17k.  We can’t blame redevelopment for that Billy. It was our low point. It would have been a high for most clubs even then though  Leeds averaged under 13k one season in 80 s I’m certain as well.

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          • Whitehurst

            Agreed fella. My point was always that despite the crap…there’s always been a myth that the crowds were consistently low around that time…albeit a few seasons that is. Explains why that period should always remain a blur!! Ha ha

          • Jezza

            I wasn’t a season ticket holder at the time as I always used to stand in the Crazy Corner. I do remember a lot of anger because fans who had bought season tickets for the old main stand were relocated to temporary uncovered seats at the Leazes End. They were sat on a rickety scaffolding like structure that never looked very safe to me. The ground capacity was reduced significantly, not only because the main stand had gone but also because two thirds of the standing at the Leazes was out of comission due to the temporary seats.

            To be fair St James’s Park wasn’t always full that season even with the reduced capacity but our averge crowd was still significantly higer than the national average for a top division game at the time. We were comfortably pulling in bigger crowds than the likes of Spurs and Everton who were both considered part of the Big Five in those days,

            I remember an FA Cup tie with Swindon Town that season, a pay at the turnstiles match, where the ground was full, the gates closed an hour before kick off and 6,000 fans locked outside.

            The new stand took 12 months to complete, it was fully open for the first game of the 1988/89 season against Spurs with Gazza playing against us for the first time since his move in the summer. There was a capacity crowd at that game too.

            Crowds certainly did dip in the following years but a significant factor was a series official fans boycotts organised by the United Supporters for Change group.

  • Lofty


    • Benmagpie

      Hahaha that’s right

  • Steve Pearce

    Why don’t you go down the pink triangle to one of the less salubrious bars with some of their supporters and get your back door burst in you great big steaming Chris Brunt because you don’t give a toss about Newcastle!

  • Logan

    I live in Nottingham and I can tell you their football knowledge is challenging , they are an insulated lot as well, banjo anyone

  • Steven05

    For a small club, who has never won anything, who apparently smell like skunky barcodes and have terrible ‘glory hunting’ fans with silly accents and are extremely insignificant in the world of football – an awful lot of people outside the North East seem to have a lot to say about us, don’t ya think!!! 🤔