Nottingham Forest fans have been having their say after beating Newcastle United in the League Cup second round.

Wednesday night’s game saw Newcastle take a 3rd minute lead through Mitrovic, before going 2-1 down, only for Aarons to equalise just before half-time.

A goalless second-half was then followed by a Forest winner in extra time.

The mood was buoyant at the end for the visitors and sympathy for their hosts in very short supply…

Comments from Nottingham Forest fans via their top Forest Forum message board:

‘Oh dear.

Losing to Forest reserves at home doesn’t bode well for Newcastle.’

‘Reading through some of the press reports I think they must’ve been watching another match.

All about how creative Newcastle were and how Forest simply pounced on a few defensive errors.

We completely bossed that first half after they scored and, but for a sustained period of misplaced passes in the second half, didn’t really look troubled.

We looked very composed on the ball and you could tell the home crowd were getting frustrated.

Even with what was really a second string side we produced some beautiful football.’

‘Coming from a goal behind against a Premier League side, winning despite resting a number of players and a winning goal from a lad out of our academy. Think that went rather well myself.’

‘They can’t complain about the ref or Henri Lansbury this time.’

‘Isn’t it nice to have a competently run Football Club that are exciting to watch and doing well?’

‘Don’t worry about tiredness chaps. Winning momentum energises people. There won’t be one man who doesn’t want to be in the 11 against Leeds.

Just beat the Geordies and now we’re going to beat the dirty Leeds scum.

We’ve got our Forest back!!’

‘Toon are in big big trouble, They looked awful at Huddersfield and couldn’t beat us with a half second team out.

5 or 6 of our starting team tonight will be on the bench on Saturday.’

‘The Fat Waiter is being loaded in the cannon directed toward Spain as we speak.’

‘Great win – just shows we have some strength in depth. Despite all RB’s whingeing about having no money, let’s not underestimate the fact we’ve beaten a premiership club away from home.

Revenge is sweet for 74 but they still owe us for the 2 replays.’

‘Booos at the final whistle. Newcastle’s fabulous dugout seats proving no consolation to their fans this evening.’

‘Geordies booing, best fans in the world.’

“Mitrovic £13m

“J. Murphy £12m

Forest’s whole team tonight £5m.

In the words of the old Norwegian commentator:

“Mike Ashley! Can you hear me? Mike Ashley? Can you hear me?


‘Oh no, the result has been recinded. REPLAY”

‘Fantastic win!

Couldn’t ask for a better end to a Wednesday.’

‘There will be some horses punched tonight.’

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 2 Nottingham Forest 3 (AET)


Newcastle: Mitrovic 3, Aarons 45+1

Forest: Cummings 29, 31 Walker 97

Possession was Forest 51% Newcastle 49%

Total shots were  Forest 16 Newcastle 29

Shots on target were Forest  7 Newcastle 7

Corners were  Forest 9 Newcastle 11

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Sterry (Lazaar 58), Mbemba, Hanley, Gamez, Aarons (Ritchie 77), Saivet, Barlaser (Hayden 70), Murphy, Diame, Mitrovic (Joselu 105)

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Lascelles, Manquillo

Crowd: 27,709 (approx 1,000 Forest)

Referee: Darren England

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  • Kumzynufc

    They’re so perfectly run, how long has it been since they were in the PL? Let them enjoy their historic win

  • Little Pedro

    Is there any point to this post?, To know what a perennial championship clubs fans think of us, not really informed and to be honest a bit tedious, we know what we are and probably don’t need told by ‘ one of our own’ , peddling their dross

  • anyobrien

    Brilliantly run? … Time will tell come May…. Enjoy there day in the sun.

  • TheNutJob

    and they call us delusional, it`s Jabba`s policy to exit the cups Asap & all the managers seem to comply

    • Kneebotherm8

      To be fair,every Premier league club and most championship clubs play weakened teams at this stage of the competition.

  • Paul Patterson

    Sadly the club is set up for this sort of ridicule. Not the fans fault though..

  • Jezza

    “‘There will be some horses punched tonight.’”

    Yes and not so long ago there were a load of Notts Forest fans punched by their own club manager after a League Cup victory.

  • Trevor Reaveley

    And all perfectly valid comments. However, they neglect the fact that our team was a second-string team also.
    We still should have won though.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Totally agree,they’ve neglected to mention,whether that be ignorance or whatever,that we’ll be making about 9 changes for our important premier league game at the weekend. Of that starting eleven I can only see a couple starting against West Ham.

  • HappyToons

    How come Everton, Forest and a few other club’s fans are just like the muckems; can’t they read or evaluate what they see in the media. Liverpool are a massive club and if you talk to their fans they understand what is going on with Ashley.
    Is this not one of the thickest muppet comments: ‘In the words of the old Norwegian commentator:
    “Mike Ashley! Can you hear me? Mike Ashley? Can you hear me?

    As though Fat Mike gives a Friar Tuck that Robin Hood and his merry men have just stuffed us, I am sure he is in the ‘Maid Marion’ pub and doesn’t even know we have played those merry men of Nottingham.

    ‘We hate Nottingham Forest, we hate Sunderland too….we hate Mike ashley’ :)

    • Paul Patterson

      Like I said after Huddersfield, some opposition fans need to show some respect . .

    • Jezza

      You’ve got to remember you are dealing with the type of supporters who make a grovelling apology to their club’s manager for involuntarily hitting his fist with their faces. That’s how stupid Notts fans are.

  • TheFatController

    The last thing any championship fans should want is us relegated .

    They couldn’t stop moaning about the £50m we spent las summer. The same that Villa spent and now Boro have spent.

    If we’re relegated again we’d probably get new Chinese owners who’d spend £100m to get us back up ….