Newcastle United have confirmed that they have sold under forty thousand season tickets for the upcoming Premier League season.

Only a handful of other English top tier clubs will beat that figure but a surprise that it isn’t higher.

Back in November (2016), the EFL released news of impressive sales of season tickets by Championship clubs, with Newcastle top and Derby second, with amusingly (considering the grans claims of their fans) Aston Villa only six highest.

The EFL revealed that the 24 second tier clubs had sold 326,000 season tickets between them for the 2016/17 season, with Newcastle the highest on 37,000.

No exact figure given by Newcastle for this coming season but they say under the 40,000 mark and so at the most, only marginally higher than sales last summer.

The lack of big signings won’t have helped but with the momentum at the end of last season, it would have been realistic to think Newcastle could have sold out of season tickets this summer.

With half season tickets always selling well, especially last December no doubt with Newcastle doing so well in the Championship and everything on the up, pretty safe to say that by January Newcastle must have had 40,000+ season ticket holders to take them up to the end of last season.

Newcastle have got brilliant support, as evidenced last season in the Championship. However, all the signs are that the fans who stuck with the team in the second tier have overwhelmingly signed up again for this time, in the Premier League, but maybe others still remain to be convinced that the club is going to maintain their momentum – even with Rafa Benitez in charge.

Newcastle United Official Announcement – 4 August 2017:

‘More than 52,000 fans will pack out St. James’ Park for next Sunday’s match (v Tottenham), including almost 40,000 season ticket holders.’

The Mag – 14 November 2016:

The EFL have revealed the clubs to have sold the most season tickets in the Championship.

They state that altogether, the 24 clubs have sold 326,000 between them.

On the announcement of the EFL table, Newcastle United have stated that 37,000 of that total have been bought by Newcastle fans.

No club by club figures for the rest of the top ten but they confirm that Newcastle are indeed top when it comes to season tickets being sold.

Next best were Derby County and then Brighton.

Fellow relegated Norwich City are a respectable fourth but amusingly Aston Villa are way down in sixth.

With fifth place Sheffield Wednesday having crowds as low as twenty four thousand, if you take into account away fans and home supporters buying match by match, they must have less than twenty thousand season ticket holders.

Which means Aston Villa have surely sold less than half as many as Newcastle have, making it all the more amusing the claims from many Villa fans that they would be the biggest club in the Championship this season…



  1. Newcastle United
  2. Derby County
  3. Brighton & Hove Albion
  4. Norwich City
  5. Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Aston Villa
  7. Huddersfield Town
  8. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  9. Leeds United
  10. Bristol City

  • Jezza

    It’s not too surprising. I think a lot of fans fear we will struggle in the Premiership this season while last season the expectation was that we would do well in the Championship. The prospect of seeing a winning team will always boost ticket sales which is why we sold so many last season.

    • Billy Ellwood

      Ironically, most home games I went to last season we didn’t win.

  • Paul Patterson


  • Billy Ellwood

    If we’d acquired a proven good striker and maybe a number 10, tickets would fly.
    But we’ve not bought to have a real go at the Premiership. I don’t blame us for not paying the prices presently doing the rounds, but hopefully the market will realise that only the most wealthy teams will entertain crazy prices. There’s time.

    • Jezza

      Yes any fan paying those exhorbitant season ticket prices to watch a team inadequately prepared for the season ahead due to a shoestring transfer budget is being short changed.

      • Mark Davies

        Or those on a ten year deal are having canny value. And we arent that pricey you know?

        • nevfur

          Yeah I moved to the family enclose to take the bairn and still paying more than £100 per season less for the two than I was for mine at the back row of the Gallowgate

        • Jezza

          The last season ticket I had for St James’s Park cost 75 quid and it wasn’t that long ago either.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    some fans have twigged on to the Fat Liar knowing full well the snides promises to Rafa were pie in the sky

    • Mark Davies

      Oooh snides. Another mackem term kidda. Letting the mask slip once again

  • rickyd

    TITLE: Newcastle United reveal haven’t sold more season tickets in Premier League than Championship

    ARTICLE: No exact figure given by Newcastle for this coming season but they say under the 40,000 mark and so at the most, only MARGINALLY HIGHER THAN SALES LAST SUMMER.

    Why does this site hate NUFC so much?

    • Leazes Ender

      Hate the regime not the team….. just feel sorry for the cannon fodder.

    • Mark Davies

      Exactly mate. I think you will find most of the negativiy comes feom those who dont actually go or have a second team of real madrid (you know who you are haha).

      As for leazes god only knows his agenda

  • hetonmag

    After the hype of winning the championship lots of fans would love to keep the momentum going but sadly the fat lad and his sidekicks have other ideas.

  • Leazes Ender

    The boys at the chronicle have just made a counter argument to this saying the sales figures are fantastic…….

    • Mark Davies

      They are dafty

  • Steve Pearce

    Stuff the chronicle – they actually know what Mike Ashley has for breakfast every morning as they are clinging on to the appropriate orifice….

  • Mrkgw

    Without marquee signings, it’s no surprise that season ticket sales are lagging.