Rob Elliot has claimed that people should be looking at all the good things happening at the club.

With it not appearing to be a journalist asking the questions, instead simply quotes sent out by the club, I can’t help but see it as being another small part of the Ashley/NUFC PR campaign to say the fans and Rafa are overdoing the failure by Newcastle United/Mike Ashley to properly back the manager this summer.

Rob Elliot claims ‘I think there’s a lot more positives than previous Premier League years’, well we do have Rafa Benitez but in terms of the quality of the playing staff, I can’t think of one in the Premier League era that has had so few top tier level players.

I wouldn’t criticise the spirit of the team/squad but as Rafa Benitez has said himself this summer, it doesn’t matter who the manager is if you don’t have the ‘tools’ (players) to do the job.

Elliot claims that the team ‘Have done brilliantly and the new signings look good’ – it isn’t a case of everything being a disaster and the players all being rubbish BUT Rafa Benitez and the supporters can clearly see the need for at least two or three better quality players who can lead this fight against what is already looking a pretty certain relegation battle.

Rafa has made clear he is desperate for a new experienced goalkeeper to come in as his number one and this kind  of sums up where Newcastle are at.

Far too many players are in the first team who are ok as squad players, to play every so often and act as cover. but aren’t good enough to be first choice, Rob Elliot a prime example.

There is a reason as to why he has only started 37 Premier League matches in his entire career despite turning 32 this season, he wouldn’t be number one at any other Premier League club.

I look at Sunday’s match and wonder if the result would have been reversed if the keepers had been swapped?

Amongst Huddersfield’s busy summer of signings, they have brought in the Danish international keeper Jonas Lossl.

He looked excellent for Huddersfield in their 3-0 win at Palace and then on Sunday pulled off that brilliant fingertip save to stop Ritchie giving Newcastle the lead.

At the other end, Rob Elliot got nowhere near Aaron Mooy’s goal.

I can’t help wondering whether Elliot would have saved Ritchie’s effort and also, would Lossl have stopped Mooy’s goal?

With keepers you often think ‘he had no chance’ but the best goalkeepers often make saves that you don’t think are that remarkable because of their positioning/agility.

Shay Given spoilt us and he was exceptional, Tim Krul got near that level in 2011/12 but never ever came close afterwards, since that fifth place finish I think the goalkeeping has been pretty second rate and sums up why the team have always been fighting relegation since…or actually managed to get relegated.

That extra bit of quality is missing from Newcastle United at the minute and whilst we do have the likes of Shelvey, Ritchie and Gayle who can be capable of it, they need some help.

Rob Elliot:

“With the stories flying around – (we) haven’t got enough, (we) have got enough – I don’t think it’s very fair on the squad.

“They did such a terrific job last year and we’ve brought in some good players.

“We just wanted it to be about looking forward to the Premier League season, unfortunately it’s not been that.

“As a group we now have to stay strong and take that on board. Playing for Newcastle isn’t like playing for other clubs; the pressure and the expectation that comes with it, you’ve got to be able to handle that to play for Newcastle.

“I think the lads have done and they have done brilliantly and the new signings look good. I think we just need to gel, get settled and push on for ourselves.

“It feels like the joy and the feeling of coming up seems to have gone away very quickly before we kicked a ball.

“I think that’s out of our hands and the manager’s but the only thing we can do is make sure on the pitch we’re doing the right things and working hard in training, which we are.

“With the injuries and the results, we’re not getting the rub of the green but that’s the Premier League, you get punished for anything, that’s the difference between that and the Championship.

“We didn’t want to start off with two defeats but we did that last year and won the league.

“I’m not saying we’re going to win the league this year but I don’t think it means that the world’s coming to an end and we have to look with despair.

“I think there’s a lot more positives than previous Premier League years.”

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  • FatParosite

    Straight from Ashley’s sphincter.

    • Georgia Peter

      I don’t think Cashley has a sphincter as he’s so full of 5hyte.

  • Leazes Ender

    Now this article is simply set up to call the third rate stopper isn’t it!

  • Geordie-7676

    Why so negative? What would you rather? the players come out with quotes along the lines of:

    ‘We are doomed, might aswell not turn up’

    ‘we all hate the manager, playing staff, and those new signings? what a bunch of duds’

    ‘there’s no way we are going to stay up this year’

    ‘we all thrive off the negativity, its what keeps us going. why would we want to sound positive?’

    Not everything is a conspiracy. He has been asked some questions, and he has answered how he feels it. Simple as that.

  • Georgia Peter

    Oh…..! Too much negativity, then proceeds to be Negative …A wonderfull script.

  • Steve Pearce

    So when we have a positive comment from one of our own players you smother it with your negativity. You clearly don’t care about the morale of the team and its fans and all you want to do is show how bitter and twisted you sad people are.

  • Paul Patterson

    Good on him for putting on a United front. Until new signings are made (if any are) then this is the squad we have to go with. We might as well get used to it. Blame Ashley and Charnley, but for heavens sake don’t blame the manager or the players . . .

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    The flying pig running his big gob again .. the same gobsh1te who backed Pardew as a better manager than Keegan and stated that Newcastle should be happy as a lower mid table side now claims everything is just fine .. that the players we have are more than premiership standard and that it’s unfair to keep going on about the need for more quality !!!!
    You Rob are a prime example of a player who under any other ownership would never have written your average name into our history books .. the longer you are between the sticks the more you show your level .. third choice back up at best!
    The reason Rafa Is desperately searching for a new keeper is because he knows Elliot Is a flapper who’s distribution is desperate … hes a short term shot stopper who moves his gob faster than his body

  • foggy

    The good thing is as soon as Rafa gets a proper goalie Elliott the flapping air dancer will be consigned to the bench or better still to the stiffs.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    it`s a championship squad, End of story